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We are Utahs # 1 UFO Investigation Team

Updated: 11/30/2004
1.   Organization / Publication Name :
      The Utah UFO Hunters -Investigative Team - The New Search Group
2.    Address : Salt Lake City, Utah
3.   Telephone / Fax Number : - 801-583-0471  - fax: 801-588 5177
4.    Email : -
      Web Site Address :
5.    Year Founded / Established : - 1996
6.    Number of Members: to date:
  SEE UUFOH MEMBERS for information about our members
     Some of our top members
      Dave Rosenfeld - Founder, Director, Investigator
      Mark Woody - Asst. Director, Investigator
      Ryan Layton - Investigator, public relations /specialist
      Troy Jackson - Investigator, researcher
      Richard Nielsen - Investigator
      Alan Limb - Information gatherer
      Don Rogers- Asst. Director


7.    Area of Concentration / Focus : Utah, Utahs hotspots, surrounding areas/
      UFOs, Aliens, Cropcircles, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Chemtrails, All Phenomenon in Utah

      We offer Free investigations, Follow-ups, Analysis, Reporting, etc. into any Paranormal events, UFO activities, Bigfoot sightings or tracking, Cropcircle activity, etc. in Utah and surrounding areas.

8.    Significant / Noteworthy Findings: see UUFOH Articles
Teton City Cropcircle
Investigated the Teton/Parker cropcircle.In which we recieved alot of media attention.
Wolf Creek UFO Photo,
Investigated by the National Institute of Discovery Science.Analysis of the negative, CD and photo Photo analysis deemed "Inconclusive"
The Wolf CreeK UFO photo taken by Dave Rosenfeld. Member of UUFOH .Nov 4, 1999  at around 2:30 am, using a tripod mounted Canon EOS Ellan II, with a 28-80mm lens. Kodak 400 sp film at f~5.6Wolf Creek Canyon, at the edge of the Uinta Basin, Utah - sighting details were also told on GROUND ZERO with Clyde Lewis
Rose Park UFO video,
Investigated by the National Institute of Discovery Science.,
Analysis deemed "Inconclusive" Video Taken on Jan. 27th 1998 at Around 4:30 pm. by Dave Rosenfeld. Member of UUFOH
Dugway Report
Recon/ area watch, and investigations into the Dugway / Micheals AAF base - Photographed and mapped the area
NIDS Ranch Recon 2002    2003
Recon/ area watches, and investigations into the Bigelow Ranch -
Utahs UFO Ranch or Sherman Ranch
Investigated, Photographed and mapped the area

Listed in UFO Magazine June / July 2003 Issue
Listed in UFO Magazine Feb./March 2002 Issue - Webwatch
Winners of the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award
Soon to be listed in the new International UFO Directory

- BLT Research 1998 Cove Cropcircle Report
Investigated.Traces found: Trace analysis performed by Nancy Talbott

We have monthly meetings to duscuss current events, investigations, evidence, etc. and have guest speakers.   MEETING INFO

     and / or Achievements :
Co-sponsors for the SLC MUFON Group
Marlee Spendlove: Director

9.    Future Plans : Continue to search out UFO Hotspots, Sightings, Cropcircles, Bigfoot, etc. To photograph and video tape UFOs up close for analysis.
To have monthly Skywatches at Known Hotspots around the state, and investigate areas known to have activity, update any current data.
  To become Utah's Listing for reports and sightings.
To educate and inform the Public of the UFO activities and evidence that occur in Utah
  To expose the Truth about the UFO Phenomenon in Utah
10.  Periodicals Offered (Magazines and / or Newsletters)
     The Utah UFO Hunter Mailing List - Monthly Newsletter- available
11. NEWS/ Media:
      The Unknown Zone
      Deseret News
      Teton Valley News
      Jaxson Hole Guide
      Wireless News Flash service
      The Catalyst
      Members of our group have done numerous Radio spots: AM- FM. Such as;
      BBC in London
      Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
     Johnson and Toffe show
      Local Radio
     And Local TV also
      KUTV NEWS CHANNEL 2  - 8/1/2002
      KSL .etc
see UUFOH In The News for current updates

We envite other organizations to view our findings and investigate them further.
We had two sightings under investigation in which photo / video evidence was analyzed and proven not to be faked or altered.
As Our Group Grows , we will be doing more field work, investigations, information gathering, education, skywatches, Reporting, and informing the public.
The Utah UFO Hunters -The New Search Group.
A small BUT GROWING, Salt Lake City Based group dedicated to Investigating, & finding evidence on the UFO activities, & Paranormal happenings, in Utah.
We have members spread out across the state of Utah. The group is looking for new reports and sightings, to determine how hot our hotspots are,and locating new locations to view the phenomenon. When the sightings increase, or there is a recent sighting,  the Search Group is out in the field, trying to capture UFOs, etc. on video, & etc. Dedicated to finding the truth about the UFO activity in Utah. By Taking detailed reports,collecting data, information, physical evidence, Locating Hotspots, Interviewing witnesses,  Photographing and /or video taping UFOs, etc. and our search group in the field, we hope to bring the newest sightings and photos to you. And to educate and inform the public about the UFO activities, UFO Hotspots, UFO sightings, Physical evidence, Analysis reports, and other related subjects in Utah.  via our website:
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