Utahs UFO Ranch, The NIDS Bigelow Ranch
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"The UFO Ranch"
Showing the Ranch house &
"Skinwalker Ridge"
UPDATED: 12/28/2004
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Interdimensional Portal Area & UTAH'S # 1 Paranormal Hotspot

Ranch Recon 2002 / Skywatch- APRIL 6TH & 20TH
UUFOH Recons The Ranch

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A view from the gate that looks over the 'Pond' where the 'Ice Circle' appeared, (bottom)
What is the purpose of this fenced area?

We have learned from George Knapp's Skinwalker Articles, that this is an
Observation Post set up by NIDS shortly after moving in, to observe the strange activity that occurs. "A Bait Area"
Here you will find an EXCLUSIVE Collection of photos of the infamous
"Sherman Ranch"  - NIDS Mystery Ranch

Taken by UUFOH Investigators 2002
Note that www.aliendave.com is the first to have detailed photos of the Sherman Ranch available online for public view.
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 © Copyright  2002 -2003 UUFOH
 © Copyright  2002 -2003 UUFOH
Ranch Entrance
Access Road to Ranch House
with a freshly cleared area to the left
Ranch House Complex
Looking West 
- 500mm close up Mosaic

This photo also shows the ranch house, sheds, trailers, plus new vehicles since our last visit, a bulldozer (right) that has recently cleared areas by the access road and gate......UUFOH
 © Copyright  2002 -2003 UUFOH
 © Copyright  2002 -2003 UUFOH
Ranch Main Gate
Very low key, low security, but probably is under constant sensitive surveillance.
Video cameras, motion detectors, etc.
Plus the care taker is usually watching to chase down any trespassers.
Note: NIDS will prosecute trespassers.
Ham Radio tower? or...
North of ranch house up on the Ridge  - "Skinwalker Ridge"
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Uintah Basin, "The Ranch" April 20th
On April 6th UUFOH Members did Recon at the Sherman/Bigelow Ranch.
  Our initial Recon Team saw nothing unusual during the time they spent at the Ranch.  They noticed the observation building or Tower, the ranch houses, research trailers and vehicles.  Not even a car accident stopped our intrepid group.  One of our members was rear-ended by another car and sustained a nasty gash on the left side of his head, requiring 16 stitches.  He asked the ER staff to stitch him up and let him go, for our group is eager to get out in the field and investigate.
The Recon Team consisting of  Mark Woody, Troy Jackson and Beau Hackwell, did observe the area from several vantage points all night long.  Nothing unusual was seen.  With all of the ranch stories fresh in their minds they sought answers regarding Utah's #1 hotspot.  One story as most know, is of a creature with red eyes crawling out of what appears to be a dimensional vortex, shaped as a tube-like tunnel.  Assistant Director, Mark Woody went 100 yards or so closer to the ranch, leaving the other two team members to watch from the vantage point.  About 20-30 minutes into his solo reconnoiter, Mark heard loud splashes approaching him very quickly from a creek.  Hitting the area with a Mag-Lite, Mark saw two glowing red/orange eyes, but damn, and NO CAMERA!  The red/orange eyed creature was a black angus cow, with reflective orange ear tags in each ear.  The team got a huge laugh but no evidence. Undeterred, the Utah UFO Hunters went back to the mysterious ranch on April 20th.  This Skywatch team was led by our founder and director, Dave Rosenfeld.  Mark Woody, Troy Jackson, and Sean Young made up the rest of the group.  It was a cold, windy night but we had members up and observing at all times during the night, monitoring the ranch.  The Skywatch team was observing the ranch from a vantage point South of the Ranch found by the Recon Team during the initial recon done on the 6th.  Again, nothing unusual was seen. 
We at the Utah UFO Hunters have no doubt that very strange things do or have occurred on that ranch.  Indeed, as Junior Hicks and Frank Salisbury have documented, the entire Uintah Basin has been a hotbed for Ariel phenomena activity for decades.  But on the nights of April 6th and 20th, 2002 no additional activity can be reported by the Utah UFO Hunters.  We will continue to monitor "The Ranch," as well as Dugway Proving Grounds, as long as documented reports keep coming in of any unusual activity in these areas.  It is our hope to learn more of the genesis of UFOs and the intelligence behind them.  THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, and we at the Utah UFO Hunters, are hunting for that truth.
Mark Woody -Assistant Director UUFOH
    April 20th 2002 Fort Duchasne. UT.
"Ranch Recon 2002"                             2002 UUFOH  www.aliendave.com

  As we watched from our great earlier recon' d location,the ranch was visible with all its unusual glory, and the wind blew from the south-west with a bitter bite. The ground was bone dry under our feet as it snowed in Salt Lake. We set up our equipment, We looked at the fenced area in the middle of the field to the west of the ranch house, with the tower, and wondered what the significance of this area was, a "Bait" area? to observe paranormal activity in a secure setting?
Also the three white objects on the pole to the north-west of this fenced area. (surveillance?)
   We watched as a herd of deer fed in the field closer to us, we watched as the deer were spooked by "something" unseen and took turns jumping the nearby fence, franticly looking around and disappear into the wooded area east of us.
  As night fell and the ranch went dark, one lonely light lit up a small area of the ranch. We wished we had night vision. Shooting stars and stories were the nights entertainment as the temp dropped to around 16*  The night passed without anything seriously unusual being seen, A few false alarms, and the pheasants were heard as dawn came.
  There are still alot of questions to be answered about the UFO Ranch in Eastern Utah, and although we didn't see  or record anything unusual this night, just being there was a thrill, there is something about this area, something in the air, a feeling, that this is an area of great importance, or danger, A sort of "Forbidden Ground" that can be felt in the deepest areas of your soul. We think that some day, some night, there will be an occurrence witnessed and recorded there that will prove the ranch is indeed the Strangest Place on Earth.
   We also noticed that we were much better prepared for a night under the stars, than our last skywatch, and was glad to see a new member join us there. We hope to have several skywatches this summer and hope to capture Utah's UFOs on film to show the public. As our Search Group grows, hope to have the best investigating group in the west. To find the TRUTH about the unusual, the paranormal, and the UFOs that are seen in Utah.

Enjoy the exclusive photos we took during our 2002 Ranch Recon, We recently updated this page, and have found a very unusual UUFOH photo to share with you, Below (at bottom) is the Mystery Light Photo, a new addition on our website.
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Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director
Utah's UFO Ranch
Location: Fort Duchesne, Uintah County,Utah
Population: 1,649 --                    cattle: ?
No Time Zone: Mountain
Latitude: 40.30458 --
Longitude: -109.8546 --
Elevation: 4988 Feet

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The Mystery Ranch
A Beautiful shot of the ranch at sunset. Showing "Skinwalker  Ridge", what the local Ute Indian tribe have called it for generations. They consider it un-holy ground, a cursed area, where Yellow Eyes belonging to a devious, shapeshifting creature known as the Skinwalker are seen.
As you can see they still raise cattle here, for baiting purposes only, and to the left, is the trailer where the care taker found the four bulls stuffed inside, with the trailer still mysteriously secured with wire.
MYSTERY LIGHT PHOTO © Copyright  2002 -2003 UUFOH
The Mystery Light at the Ranch
A 1 hour exposure of the Ranch house complex.
Strange streaks of light seem to be coming from the ranch complex. Is this proof of its strangeness and energy?
Photo was taken around 1:00- 2:00 AM with a tripod mounted Canon EOS Elan II, 80mm lens at f5,6. Kodak 400 sp film.  Photo was slightly darkened, contrast enhanced, and cropped to show detail.

There are three unusual streaks in this photo, two larger streaks of light, one going outward to the left, one going upwards to the left, and one small, thin streak circling back down just above the trees.          UUFOH 2002
Observation Post Set up by NIDS
The Bait Area
Is it fenced to protect the researchers and investigators from dangerous creatures? or do they put a bait animal inside to observe a possible mutilation?

Seems a little low budget for the extreme or even dangerous activity that's reported to go on here. well ....your off the ground somewhat.

< Note: The gated end of the area, and how accessible it is, for cattle? or vehicles?

A propane tank? in the background, and just beyond the camera range is one of the 'known' surveillance poles, outfitted with video cameras and other equipment?
UUFOH Investigators have researched, investigated, and followed up on the Sherman Ranch, since the story broke in 1996, including, speaking with the previous owner Terry Sherman and visiting the area numerous times. UUFOH also has been in contact with most of the investigators, researchers and reporters that have covered the strangeness at the Ranch, even the cattle caretaker,(former field investigator for NIDS) As outsiders we confirm this is a no access area, and should not be attempted. This area could be hazardous to your health. With the extreme weirdness that goes on here, its best to keep your distance.  NIDS strongly discourages UFO enthusiasts from trekking to the ranch.

Trespassers will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted.
Will NIDS solve the mystery? Will they open up their collected reports and research to others?
Or is this truly Forbidden - Unholy Ground..............belonging to the "Skinwalker"
The Mystery Light Photo was published in UFO Magazine June/July 2003 issue
See Other Interesting Photos Taken by the UUFOH Investigative Team

THE UTAH UFO HUNTERS - RANCH RECON 2002  Skinwalker Territory
aliendave.c[m Utah's Paranormal RaNcH
The Mystery Light photo taken on our 2002 Ranch Recon.
This photo is published under the header of the 'Path of the Skinwalker' part 2 article
in the June/ July 2003 issue of UFO Magazine - click here for details

This page along with our other
Utah UFO Ranch pages   www.aliendave.com  were mentioned on GROUND ZERO with Clyde Lewis
Dec 8th 2003 while talking with Ryan Layton - (UUFOH  Investigator) about his investigations into the ranch, and early involvement with Terry Sherman. as well as, the early researchers & media reporters

It is also noted that while the Sherman Ranch story was first made public in 1996,  by Deseret News reporter,
Zach Van Eck, there have been no detailed photos of the ranch anywhere for the public to see or examine.

Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director is the first to have exclusive -uncensored, photos of the Bigelow Ranch available online at www.aliendave.com for public scrutiny.
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Ranch Recon 2003
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