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Utah's Paranormal investigators On Scene
Teton, Idaho "Parker" Cropcircle 
Intermountian West Cropcircles
FOUND: SAT. MORNING - 5:30 - 6:00AM - Aug. 10, 2002 by Farmer: Bryon Parker
Investigated by:
The Utah UFO Hunters - Dave Rosenfeld and Ryan Layton - 8/ 14 /02
                                    Richard Neilson & son - 8 /15 /02

Midwest Research - Stace, 8 /14 /02
Orb - Paranormal Researcher /photographer - Alan Meyer Ph.D - 8 /14 /02

l  The Teton Crop Formation located just outside Teton, ID. On the Farm owned by Bryon & Connie Parker. -  3000 N. around 100 feet of the road. - Made up of a total  of 12 circles, in a wheat crop field, which according to Connie Parker is planted over a lava rock bed. The field was witnessed at midnight 8/09/2002 and formation was not visible. So according to witness information the formation happened in the night hours between 12PM and 5:30AM.(5 1/2hrs)

l  The Circle's Noted Investigation Details and Information

> - The formation has 7 Ring circles and 5 circles.
> - The Formation's length is lined up with true North on a compass.
> - The Formation has a total length of 309'  Feet and a total width of 264' feet.
> - A cemetery is located approx. 300 to 350 yards to the east of the formation. Has and underground well, and possibly has ties to a ancient Shoshone burial ground.
> - The formation was laid down over sprinkler pipe in several locations.
(examples below)
> - There were witnesses that claim to have seen anomalous lights in the area or near the location the same night.  (D. Briggs - Tal Singelton. )
> - We arrived at the circle Wed. August 14th, 2002 approx. 3:30 PM.- 108 hrs after it was discovered.
> -  When we arrived, we found  Brenna Parker along side the road selling aerial photos and T-shirts of the circle found on her family's property. We introduced ourselves and asked for permission to go out and investigate the circle. Also asking several questions about the circle, etc. She had told us that they already had let many people check out the circle since it was discovered early Sat. morning.
> - A Dark helicopter was seen hovering over the formation the night before.
> - We spent approx. 3 1/2 hours inside the circle.

>. - According to Connie Parker, there were no tracks leading into the circle when it was first discovered.
> - Also she said there was 3-4 moose trails in the surrounding crop.
> - We entered the circle from the south along a tram line,  entering the south circle, (or bottom circle).
> - We found no apparent initial entry trails under the downed crop on any of the circles.
> - We did find trails through the center of the standing circles, which is seen in the original photographs Bryon Parker took from the air. which is possible evidence of human involvement.
> - We documented and photographed 5 entry trails, and/ but not including tram lines on 8 / 14 /02

l  CROP / Field condition: Nodes:
> - The Formation had only approx. 4 circles in prime condition when we arrived.
> - The wheat the crop formation is located in, is approx. 30 inches high, Dry, and ready for harvest.
> - We found and collected several examples of Node Expansion and "blown nodes"/ expulsion cavities - using several "control" samples taken from outside the formation.
> - The Nodes that were blown or displayed expansion were the 3rd or 4th nodes down from the wheat tops.
> - We found that all stalk "heads" or wheat tops had seeds and found no visible differences in the crop seeds inside or outside the formation.
> - We found no examples or evidence of magnetic material.
> - Field investigators found no magnetic disturbances or evidence of magnetic anomalies using a quality field compass. on 8/14/02
> - Field investigator Richard Nielson found magnetic anomalies with his compass in the west circle on 8/15/02
> - We found a grasshopper inside the circle with no apparent behavior change and seemed in good health.
> - We found no distinguishing center holes or marks leading to the use of such tools.
> - Field investigators found no other unusual material evidence on 8 /14 /02
> - Field investigators  found unusual green "dust". We saved a trace amount of it and  photographed it with a digital camera, at circle site. and the collecton of traces are now (Confirmed) The Green Dust so far is found to be "Organic" and does not floresce. it is not the same substance found at Collage Ward     UPDATED
> - Several Anomalies were photographed in the circle and surrounding area by several UUFOH investigators.
> - We spent some time afterwards interviewing the family, and various others in retaining information.
l  - We have deemed this formation AUTHENTIC and/ or until future data / investigation / analysis results / proves otherwise
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
l  CIRCLE DETAILS:        UUFOH Investigators
South circle or Circle "A"
- measured 23 ft in diameter. was laid down in a counterclockwise pattern, was pretty well trampled and had a good sized entry path from the road leading into it.
South circle - Ring Circle "B"
- measured  29.4 ft - 29.6 ft variable diameter, the "ring" was 4 ft wide with a center of standing crop 21.4 ft in diameter. Laid down in a counterclockwise rotation, and was also well trampled.
South circle - Ring Circle "C"
- measured 44 ft in diameter. the "ring" was 4.6 ft wide. Laid down in a counterclockwise rotation. well trampled, with a center of standing crop 34.8 ft in diameter,with a footpath or trail going through the center of the standing crop.
The "Main" Circle or center circle:
- measured 65 ft in diameter. Laid down in a counterclockwise rotation. had an usual center spiral ( oblong) and was extremely trampled.
- It was surrounded by a ring of standing crop 13 ft in diameter.
- and a larger "Ring" circle
NOTE: sprinkler head and pipe located just outside circle ( 4inches off center) to the north running along tram line. Tram line going through bottom portion of circle.
The "Main" Circle - Ring Circle:
measured 9 ft wide, and 87 ft in diameter. Laid down in a counterclockwise rotation. and was also well trampled.
NOTE: crop was laid down over Sprinkler pipe 2 times in "Main" circle Ring.
and entry path on left side above straight section leading to right circle
Off of the "Main" circle was two straight lines, one going to the right circles and one going to the left circles, both measuring 23 ft in length and 3.4 ft - 4 ft wide. laid down in direction towards outer circles, -one east, one west.
The Right circle - Ring Circle "D"
- measuring 41.6 ft in diameter, the "ring" was 4.2 - 4.6 ft wide, Laid down in a clockwise rotation. and was well trampled.
The Right circle - Center circle "E"
- measured 28 ft in diameter. Laid down in a clockwise rotation. also well trampled
surrounded by a ring of standing crop 7 ft - 9.6 ft variable diameter.
The Left Circle -Ring Circle "I"
- measuring 41.6 ft in diameter, the "ring" was 4.6 ft wide, Laid down in a clockwise rotation.
and was in very good shape.
The Left Circle -Center circle "J"
- measured 28 ft in diameter, Laid down in a clockwise rotation, surrounded by a ring of standing crop also 7 ft to 9.6 ft in diameter - was in excellent shape. and Node samples taken from this circle were the best examples.
NOTE:crop was laid down over sprinkler pipe with sprinkler head showing just inside the circle's right side
North circle - Ring Circle "F "
- measured 44 ft in diameter, was 4ft - 4.6 ft wide and laid down in a counterclockwise rotation. with a center of standing crop 34.6 ft - 34.8 ft in diameter, trampled but not too bad.
North Circle - Ring Circle "G "
- measured 29.4 ft - 29.6 ft in diameter, was 4 ft to 4.6 ft wide, and laid down in a clockwise rotation, had a center of standing crop 214 ft - 21.6 ft in diameter
North Circle - Circle "H "
- measured 23 ft in diameter, laid down in a counterclockwise rotation. was in excellent shape with a very good center spiral.
NOTE:a 5 ft straight section was located between the "Main Ring circle and the larger "North" Ring circle
There was some "Wind" damage to the right of formation with the larger having some spiral pattern in the center.
l  The Utah UFO Hunters
We were met by Don Anderson and Susan Wenstad  from SLC MUFON
- Don Anderson said the crop and ground "felt" different inside the circle, and the air was also strange.
- Susan Wenstad said she witnessed light "Orbs" while inside the circle and when leaving the circle she felt an energy shift.
( We might have captured one of these "Orbs" see photo below)
- Dave Rosenfeld said that he didn't notice anything strange or unusuall when entering the circle but when leaving, he also felt an energy shift. He also said the ground felt cold when feeling it under the main circle.
- Ryan Layton said he didnt feel or notice anything unsusuall in his time inside the circle, he was just wound up being in another crop formation.
Richard Neilson said, In the large circle in the middle, we found another flourecent green "dust". We saved a trace amount of it and when we photographed it with my digital camera, we came up with a strange anomaly. Nancy Talbot told me that digital cameras can't be trusted.(?) Because no one knows enough about how they work.(?) But I've never had anything weird show up on it in two years since I've been using it. We actualy had about 3 anomalies show up on it and one strange light in our "Night shots"(.On regular film)
I also got a compass anomaly in the furthest circle to the west. I sat it down on the ground and it moved 4 degrees to the west. Then I held it in my hand and turned and it it didn't move. (got that part on video)
Alan Meyer was also there when we were doing our investigations, he stayed until late that night getting some spectacular video and photographs of anomalous lights and orbs.
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld

Sprinkler Pipe running through formation (Main circle ring) with crop laid down over it. Crop flowed over the pipe without breaking the stalks VERY UNUSUAL We were later told by Nancy Talbot BLT Research that we should have sampled extensively by this pipe.
l  Photos
Main Circle
Teton "Parker" Crop Formation
" Amazing in its Quality & Totally Beautiful !"
l  The Teton Valley News,  - Jackson Hole Guide
l  Aerial photo credit: Bryon Parker
l  Other Photos credit: UUFOH Dave Rosenfeld,  Richard Neilson,  Alan Meyer
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
Formation looking south towards road.
Report possible and Thanks to:

l  The Parker Family,
l  The Utah UFO Hunters:  Ryan Layton, Dave Rosenfeld, Richard Neilson
l  SLC - MUFON:  Don Anderson, Susan Wenstad

And we are still hoping to hear from:
"Stace"Midwest Research Team  with her report and possible orb photos

l  SLC - MUFON For their continued support and involvement

l  BLT Research Team - Nancy Talbot

l  Alan Meyer Ph.D- For showing his videos of the Light Anomally he took at the Teton Cropcircle and being our guest speaker at the September MUFON -UUFOH Meeting

l  GROUND ZERO with Clyde Lewis - For having us on his show Saturday Aug 17th 2002
and informing the public of this unusually interesting and beautiful formation

l  Whitley Streiber
www.unknowncountry.com  for helping in spreading this information, his link to this page & giving our site a record number of hits.

l  Detailed report interviews with the Parker family and witnesses + photos

Special Thanks to:

l  The Teton Valley News  - Hope Strong

for the Great article they put out mentioing UUFOH and using our diagram.
l  ARTICLE : Teton crop circles draw the curious

l  Jackson Hole Guide - Columnists - Carol Mann
ARTICLE : Crop circles and what they evoke in people

A resident of TETON  witnessed bright moving anomalous lights over the formation approx 0230 HRS Sat morn. Aug 10 .

This formation was authentic as I noted ..expulsion of the node cavities in the stalks of wheat.
   Burial ground 300 yards away.... underground acquifer
may have something to do with the given location.......R
Another resident of TETON  was awakened by his house being flooded with  light  between 12:30 HRS and 03:30 Sat morn. Aug 10 .near the formation
"it was so light outside"

Teton Cropcircle© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
l  A Utah local paranormal investigator,
Alan Meyer also captured orbs in the circle the same night.check out his amazing photos at:
Teton, Idaho Crop Circle Investigation 8/14/02

l  Also a mystery light hovers over shop in front of witnesses.
Mystery Light/possible UFO was spotted by the land owner, Byron Parker as it hovered over his machine shop at the western edge of the formation field.
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
Spinkler head in left circle. with crop flowing over the pipe and around the sprinker heads. again without breaking stalks.
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
Teton Crop Circle nodes
Investigator Richard Neilson member of UUFOH has found in the middle of the large circle, some
green "dust".and collected sample to be analyzed.

l  The shadow  anomally,
look at it close...it's like a funnel that comes from behind his hand.He had short sleeves on.
l  The similarity of this design and the celtic cross is noted.
for more on the celtic cross click below
The Working Celtic Cross
l  For more about Utah's cropcircles click here

for more cropcircle news click here
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
One of the south Rings with a possible blue orb?
(Lower right)
© Copyright 2002-2005 Dave Rosenfeld
Formation looking west towards main circle
Spiral Example from left circle (Prime)

Teton Cropcircle as seen from road
Formation looking north
Left Ring and circle (Prime)
Investigator Richard Neilson member of UUFOH also photographed this strange Diamond Anomally

l  The Teton Valley News a weekly newspaper out of Driggs, Idaho, did an article on the Cropcircle. They asked our permission to use this diagram showing the measurments of the circle. We gladly gave them permission.      see the article

l  The Jackson Hole Guide also mentioned us in their article regarding cropcircles.  see the article
For larger picture click on image
Possible ORB?
This daylight photo shows what might be a "Orb" or light ball.& Yes thats Alien Dave.
This photo was taken with a 35mmCanon EOS Elan II
Not a Digital Camera, like most Orb photos are.
Mystery Light / UFOTeton Cropcircle - © 2002-2005 ALAN MEYER
l  Alan Meyer showed his videos of this mystery light at the
September MUFON - UUFOH meeting and spoke about his experience there at the Teton Cropcircle.
Thank you Alan, MUFON - UUFOH
l  Light Anomally
Taped in "Nightshot" mode with a handheld Sony TRV110 digital camcorder.
© 2002-2005 Copyright Alan Meyer
l  "Green "Dust" Analysis Update -      UPDATED  REPORT UUFOH  INVESTIGATIONS

l  The Flourecent "Green Dust"  by Investigator Richard Neilson member of UUFOH
UPDATE Oct 1 2002
So Far the Green Dust was found to be "Organic" (Carbon & Oxygen) It also does not Floresce. Its definetly not the same substance as was found at College Ward
UPDATE Oct 14 2002
Well, the green stuff turned out to be " ABS", a polymer resin used in construction coating. It may have come off some farm equipment or something.
I thought is was strange that it had the same flourecent green color that the other green substance from College Ward   had. Nancy Talbot said it looked yellow to her so maybe it just took on the green look inside the formation? 

l  More Green Dust Experienced at The Teton Cropcircle
"There had been a green, dust that had stuck to people's clothes early on after they had lain in the circles."
Yet another person photographed Orbs at the Teton Circle

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