Last Update : 1/24/2004
OCTOBER  MUFON - UUFOH Meeting: Hunter Library on Oct  26th at 2pm   4100 S  and  4800 W. 
Our guest speaker was Kim Peterson  a returning guest speaker at the Mufon/Utah UFO Hunters meeting,  Kim doesn't use the title of shaman but he has many attributes and habits of a shaman.  He spoke of his awakening after his accident. His visions and spirituall travels. "Father" and his living in the Basin. Utah's Underground, Caverns and tunnels. Various power places, and more He is very humorous and intertaining. and we welcomed him back.
We had new member Robin Hoefer & his lady show up! We hope they enjoyed the meeting. It was another great turnout... we hope it continues to be "the must do, have to be there" thing of the month.
Thanks to all that attended!  .................Alien Dave - Marlee
MARLEE SPENDLOVE mspend@yahoo.com
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JANUARY 2002 MEETING Hunter Library  Jan 26th, 2-4pm
We had a good turn out but some that we were expecting didn't show. We watched videos and talked about Bigfoot ,The Ranch, Cropcircles, etc. met up with new members, met new faces,& took a group photo, all in all it was a really great meeting, with lots of UUFOH Shirts about, we finished it off at Village Inn for more talk as usuall. VIDEOS shown:
Brad Staley's :Park City UFO Animation
We missed Richard & Anne, Scott Hart, Susan, Merri, etc. we hope to see you next time, Thanks to all that made it. Check our members page for photo of The UUFOH Members that showed for the group photo. & photo right for meeting photo.
March 2002 MUFON Meeting March 23rd
UUFOH member Ryan Layton introduced a friend of his to the group at the start of the meeting; Dr. Richard Atkinson, a Professor of Psychology at Weber State University.  Dr. Atkinson explained through his use of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings he is gathering much information that seems to be collaborating the work of Zecharia Sitchin.  Although initially unfamiliar with the works of Sitchin, and not really being interested in that topic, the majority of EVP recordings Dr. Atkinson has collected is that of names, places and events directly involved with or associated with the Anunnaki and the planet Nibiru.  Dr. Atkinson has no conclusions as of yet, but finds it compelling that the EVP recordings seem to be focused on this topic.  It seemed that all at the meeting agreed with him.   Those at the meeting listened to several recordings played four times each, after hearing Dr. Atkinson's interpretation of the particular EVP recording.  Dr. Atkinson then related several UFO and Alien events that happened to him, following up with a question and answer period.  It was an excellent meeting, and well worth the time.  On behalf of MUFON-UTAH we at the UUFOH would like to thank Dr. Atkinson for his time, and hope we see him again in the future                              Credit: Mark Woody UUFOH
Our Guest Speaker this month was
Dr. Richard Atkinson is a Professor of Psychology at Weber State University. He earned his B.S. degree from Weber State University in 1979, his M.S. degree from the University of Utah in 1982, and his Ph.D. degree from the
University of Nevada, Reno in 1985.  He teaches a variety of courses in traditional areas of psychology, such as Advanced General Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Motivation and Emotion, Biological Psychology, and
Research Methods in Psychology.  In addition, he teaches courses on the Psychology of Consciousness and Parapsychology.  Dr. Atkinson does hypnosis, meditation, and restricted environmental stimulation research, and has published numerous articles in professional journals on these topics.  In addition, he is an active member of the Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research (UPER) group (www.UPER.freewebspace.com), through whose auspices he conducts ghost investigations.  He is particularly interested in electronic voice phenomena (EVP), and will be presenting some of his ghost EVP on the March 18th Jeff Rense "Sightings" program from 8:00-11:00 pm mdt(630 AM locally or www.rense.com).  Dr. Atkinson's website, "Paranormal Borderlands," may be accessed as a resource for some of his ghost research methods and findings (www.paranormalborderlands.com).
23rd    2:00-  5:30 PM -  Hunter Library 4100 s 4800 w
Victoria Liljenquist was our first speaker, she showed her UFO? Video from the 21st UFO Fly-by. and some other Video, she spoke and answered questions.
Dave Rosenfeld showed some Pictures of the object he spotted overthe foothills East of Salt Lake that day.see UFO FLYBY
Our second guest speaker.  Lanaiya King is a "Medial Intuitive' and a specialist in understanding energy flows of the body and how they impact perfect health.  She has the ability to clear physical and emotional trauma and assists in helping move into higher states of awareness. She's a medical intuitive so can see into body's and help to balance the body.  Does things on all levels-information and insight.
Brad Staley was our final Speaker, talking about his new show. "Utah Paranormal"
CONTACT Brad at : bradleyman30@yahoo.com
JAN. 26 / 2002 UUFOH - MUFON Meeting
Alan Meyer
Special Thanks to:
SLC MUFON Director
APRIL 2002 Meeting April 20th, 2-5pm Hunter Library 4100 s 4800 w
Robert Driscoll was the first speaker at the April Mufon/Utah Ufo Hunters meeting.  He spoke about his many years of contact with space beings.  Especially the six weeks he was in Mt. Shasta, CA, when they hovered over his home the entire time.  He continues to have contact. We enjoyed and appreciated him sharing his experiences with us. Robert helps to facilitate healing thru clinical therapeutic massage,
love and prayer. For information and appointments call Robert at 557-4382
Bill Oliver demonstrated  how he receives communication from space beings-mind to mind (telepathy)- by giving mini readings to some people in the audience.  Bill's thots are that 'This is a tool
that could prove far more valuable than an image  of a sighting'. Bill teaches Meditation classes and helps set up Power Circle groups that would help to awaken the 'tool' to receive  communication from other beings
and to make contact with the inner self-the alien within.  For information about classes or readings call bill at 967-9264
May 2002  MUFON Meeting -18th.Hunter Library - 4800 W 4100 S 2:00 - 5:00 pm.
Bobbi lent us a video of a panel of women experiencers which was taped in Missouri in 1993 at a conference put on by John Carpenter, a hypnotherapists.  Most of the women had been his clients and had been to see him to explore their meetings with ET's. Bobbi read an article by J.J. Hurtak, author of The Keys Of Enoch.  He wrote about the new energy the planet was moving into.  "This is the third year that the earth will experience a substantial Light shift in May.  This is due to  a change in direction of the entire planetary system in which you reside.  Three years ago the ascension proces began to move your reality, and your planetary system began to move toward a new resting place in heaven."  This coincided with what the women on the panel had been told by the ET's.
June 2002  MUFON Meeting - Saturday the 22nd, at the Kearns Library  - 5350 S 4220 W. -2:00 to 5:00 pm
Susan brought a home video she'd bought at a small UFO conference she'd been to in Colorado.  The fellow had taped over an hour of a unidentified vehicle, including one shot that had the corner of his house.  He'd added several other shots taken from different TV programs.  It was difficult to see because of the quality of the TV and video equipment.  However we all enjoyed  sharing information after the video.
July's MUFON - UUFOH meeting was the 20th was at the Kearns Library 5350 S 4220 W. between 2:00 - 5:30 pm 
Joy Del Giudice (Del ju da ce) was our guest speaker -Joy is a Shaman and has been privately trained in the Inka tradition of Peru.  She has received her rites and transmissions directly from Don
Manuel-eldest of the living Inka shamanic lineage and the only recognized holder of the curak-aqurak rites-the star rites. She began her personal journey into altered states due to episodes of missing time that began 15 years ago, and soon realized that they had begun in early
childhood. She is a Master Hypnotherapist, has had 6 years of Light-Body Training with Alberto Villoldo and Advanced Intensive certification in Soul Retrieval, Divination, Sorcery, Rituals, Despacjo, Archtypes.
  Joy talked about her abduction experiences, explained some things about shamanic journeys, her personal journeys around the world. and took us on our own journey to the underworld. A very interesting, and "Joyfull" guest.
Most of us met at Marlee's afterwards for snacks and A LOT more talk, and planned a UFO Watch for the 24th at Dixie's -
   A GREAT MEETING ! Thanks JOY For speaking!
AUGUST 2002 MUFON Meeting:  Was held at the Hunter Library 4800 W 4100 S  -   2- 5:15 pm
Kim Peterson was our guest speaker at the Mufon/Utah UFO Hunters meeting,  Kim doesn't use the title of shaman but he has many attributes and habits of a shaman. He spoke of his awakening after his accident. His visions and spirituall travels. Father and his living in the Basin. he was very humorous and intertaining.
  He was the first speaker and then Susan, Don, Wizard David and Dixie talked about their incredible experience August 1st at Dixieland in the Duchesne area. where they had an encounter with the Praying mantis people. see Dixieland Encounter
then, Don, Susan, Ryan and Alien Dave talked breifly about thier trip to the Teton City Cropcircle.
It was a very good turn out, with some new UUFOH Members showing ( Dan Kenyon & Don Rogers) among others.
There was a pot luck at Marlee's after the meeting, which was very intertaining with Kim's story's and jokes, Wizard Dave showed some of his collection of rocks and crash debris. Alot of talk and conversation, And folks made donation's to help pay for Kim's trip from Duchesne..   
Hunter Library on the 21st at 2pm   4100 S  and  4800 W. 
Our guest speaker was Alan Meyer Ph.D,
who teaches writing and video production at Weber state Universityand Bonneville
High School, in his spare time.  He said he recalls encounters with paranormal visitors
from the age of three on.  His grandfather taught him traditional family approaches to
dowsing and healing, and he continues, nearly 5 decades later, to enjoy the study and
practice of a wide range of paranormal interests.  His instructional ghost hunting video,
'Ghostwalker' was featured on Dreamland with Whitley Streiber and The Jeff Rense radio
shows.  'Dharma Diamonds', his paranormal novel is available on http://alanmeyer.com thru a link to his publisher.  At the meeting, He showed videos of the Teton crop circle mystery light, his Ghostwalker video that showed Orbs in the old spookalley in Ogden, and Alan Talked about his 1967 Bigfoot experience, his Dimple Dell Vortex experience, Rods, his childhood "Ghost" experiences,  and gave demonstrations on connective energy. He considers himself a Sensor, and is very aware of other realities. -     Great Stuff! - please check out his website for some amazing Orb photos! etc.
"I very much enjoyed meeting with you all and I'd be glad to speak again sometime.  You folks felt like kindred spirits!"    Regards!   Alan

Thank you Alan for being our guest speaker, We hope you consider being our guest again in the future...... Dave, Marlee....MUFON &  all of UUFOH......
Oct 19th UUFOH-MUFON Meeting
FILM SHOWING:   Crop Circles: Quest for Truth http://www.cropcirclesthemovie.com

We had a showing of the film at the Oct 19th UUFOH-MUFON meeting.
A Great turn out ! with as many as 20 showing to see this excellent film, at the first of two meetings planned this month. We discussed the film afterwards, and wrote reviews for Kim & William. We also discussed the Teton Cropcircle, ORBS, and many other subjects.We met new UUFOH Member, Rick Bos who will be our guest speaker next month.
We headed to Village Inn after for more conversation over viddles. It was great to see you all again! Thanks to all that attended and participated.
Here's what The Utah UFO Hunters, wrote to William & Kim after seeing the film, "We all had different impressions with this film. Thats what Cropcircles do to people, make them think."       "They are teaching tools for the modern mind".
"This is a film informatively showing a beautiful and wondrous mystery, Cropcircles. Leaving the question of how and why open to discussion with an open mind, new perspectives, and a informative script. We all learned something from this film. Impressive, Informative, Balanced, and Enlightening. A well done, long over due documentary, Excellent work."
The Utah UFO Hunters
"Maybe its a mystery that is not supposed to be solved, kept unsolvable to keep us amazed with the wonderment of its beauty. Awake... to the Idea that anything is possible." ....... Alien Dave

"You and Dave have a far superior paranormal group to any other I've seen."

Alan Meyer
Hunter Library on NOV. 30th at 2pm   4100 S  and  4800 W.
We had a great turnout and would like to thank all that attended.
Our guest speaker was RICK BOS A new member of UUFOH.
Rick Bos has lived in various locations in the U.S. as well as a number of years in Europe and Brazil. He has a bachelors degree in Brazilian Portuguese and a MBA in international business.  He is also an accomplished rock guitarist and vocalist, having played in various rock bands since 1961. works in the audio industry and backstage with Ozzy Ozbourne,& Black Sabbath.  In 1993, while living in Meridian, Mississippi, Rick joined the Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO research group and was heavily involved in the Project Awareness conferences and later the Journeys Beyond conferences as the sound engineer.  He was also a speaker and a panelist at two of these conferences.  While at a skywatch in Gulf Breeze at Shoreline Park, Rick got a daylight photo of a boomerang craft with a ball-probe hovering below it.  Rick was also at Roswell for the 49th and 50th anniversaries of the crash.
  In Rick's lecture he discussed how in 1970, while serving as a missionary in Brazil for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Rick helped a high-ranking leader of a Condomble spiritualist sect leave that group. Condomble is a particularly virulent form of spiritualism, and in retaliation for Rick's actions, the Condomble group put a death curse on Rick.  As a result, for the next 15 years, and again in 1995-96, Rick, and later his family, were subjected to hundreds of poltergeist encounters and hair-raising spiritual attacks.  Rick has also noted a strong similarity in symptoms between spiritualists who are possessed, people being subjected to spiritual attacks, and alien abductees.  In his lecture Rick shared many of these experiences along with slides and video footage, presented his conclusions about who and what are behind these attacks, the purpose and agenda behind abductions, mutilations and spiritual attack, and told how he was able to protect himself and his family each time the attacks started.  Rick is nearly finished writing a book about these experiences, which also includes his research into the similarities between demonic entities and aliens, and his conclusions about their agendas.   His book is titled, Under Spiritual Attack.

We welcome Rick to our group and thank him for being our Nov. Guest Speaker, We all thought his lecture was very interesting. We also seen Troy and Chris Wood from the Utah Ghost Organization www.utahghost.org and Andrea Wright, a reporter doing a Sasquatch article. Also, Alien Dad - Don Rosenfeld Alien Dave's father who quite enjoyed the meeting.
  We met afterwards at Village Inn for more paranormal talk and updates over coffee and grub.
Another Great Meeting !     Alien Dave - Marlee Spendlove
Hunter Library on DEC 28th at 2pm   4100 S  and  4800 W.
Our guest speaker was Don Rogers. a member of UUFOH who is working on mapping UFO Flight Paths. He demonstrated and explained the UFO Fight Pattern Investigation Tool, how to make one, how to use it and the benifits of the data. He also talked about his "not so nice' abduction experiences.and encounters He has worked with mainframe computers for most of his life and worked for government contractors at Hill Air Force Base and Yuma Proving Grounds (Army). "
Don's BIO:  He first attended a UFO meeting when he was 12 and went to a UFO lecture with his mother in the 60's.  Ever since then he has read a great deal about UFO's and followed them as much as possible.  In high school, his sister and  friends conducted many experiments with telepathy.  After learning how to "tune in" to a person's "frequency", they were getting very successful results.He also seems to have fairly good telepathic communications with his Mother.
  For a while, his father had a farm in the middle of the desert 50 miles west of Idaho Falls and bordered on the south side of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC as it was known then) nuclear reservation.  They lived in a tiny town called Atomic City and everyone who had lived there for a long time had stories about seeing UFO's flying over the reactors.  It was rumored that there was a jet fighter stationed there for the sole purpose of chasing the UFO's and that it was "scrambled" several times a month.  They said the late fifties and early sixties was the busiest time of the UFO's.  Many of them also believed that there must be a UFO base in the Idaho mountains because they always came from, and returned to, the central Idaho mountains.  This is why I have an interest in tracking the UFO's flight paths.
  Don has had four night and two daytime sightings of what he believe's were UFO's.
  We also used to see lights in the desert where we knew there were no roads.  On two occasions the lights were close to our farm and lit up such a large area of the desert that we decided to investigate it the next day.  We never did find the location of the lights, but we also couldn't find any vehicle tracks that we were planning on using to lead us to the spot.
  So, this is a summary of my UFO experiences before my "abduction."  After my experience I've tried to avoid any situations where they could "pick me up" again.

With our extra time, Alan Meyer  talked about his before and after experiences when he took Eric Scott Pearls DNA Reconnection class.and gave a demonstration.
We had a great turnout! Thanks to all that attended. Alien Dave - Marlee Spendlove