Rose Park UFO 1998
OCT 15 1999 A small, fast-moving silver UFO "several feet long and a few inches in diameter" has been seen by ranchers in rural Rich County, near Woodruff, Utah (population 50) during the past month.
According to eyewitness Mark L., the speedy UFO was last seen on Friday, October 15, 1999 at 5:15 p.m. The object flew from west to east, just above the ankle-high sagebrush on the arid prairie.
"Over the month, my wife, sister and brother-in-law have independently seen some sort of thing in our rural area," Mark reported. "A silver tube several feet in length and a few inches in diameter zips across the road in front of them and disappears. They all insist that the object is hardly glimpsed before it is gone. My sister described small 'fins' or something on the side."
Woodruff is on Utah Highway 39 about 130 miles (208 kilometers) northeast of Salt Lake City. (Email Form Report)

New 04
Fast Moving Light
Occurred : 8/10/99  Time of Sighting:2:30am
Reported : 3/18/04
Location of sighting: Echo Lake, Utah
Shape : Light
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: unknown
Description of object /s : it look like a star dim then brigtsmall to big like a headlight blue to white comimg to us. stoped dimmed and turned right and spaed off slow to fast then it was gone.
Sighting Event Details:  it was late at night 7 of us were camping on a boat2 of us were looking at the stars we saw one get vary bright and change colors dim stop slowly move to the right then speed off vary fast it was moving n. to s.stoped moved east
Phenomenon visible for how long? 5 to10 sec.
Height / Altitude of Object:  30,0000 ft
Distance of Object from your Position: unknown
Estimated Size of Object:  star to a quarter dollar (at arms length)
Speed of object: 500 - 1000 mph
Hear Sound?    NO                      Object solid?   YES
Noticed Object/s:  Move erratically /Only one object /Object was just seen
Seen in vicinity of:    Church or Temple
Last Seen Direction of Object: light (?)
Moving in front or behind: Mountain
# of Witness's:    2                       Seen in vehicle?
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Seen in vehicle? YES
Seen before? Description of past experience: yes 1 year later in my backyard only it coming n to s dim to bright then disappear
Reported by: charlie love - Age:30 Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
Also I have other physical evidence that should be seen
UUFOH Note:  left contact information
Red - Orange Ball Of Light
Occurred : 1997 -1998 - Details Time of Sighting:8 pm to 9 pm  
Reported : 8/09/04
Location of sighting: St. George, Utah
Shape : Sphere
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: NO          Describe:
Description of object /s :   It was just a ball of light . red orange. it was like a shooting star but no tail . It popped up real bright went for quite a ways then popped out . like turning on a light and off . It went in a straight line horizontal it was up in the sky very far but it seemed to be as big as a street light no more than a hundred feet away from me .
Sighting Event Details:  I was in my backyard with my brother and his girlfriend at the time looking at the stars we were talking for a moment then he start making out with his girlfriend. so I turned away to look up at the stars then out of nowhere a ball of light lit up in the sky the ball was about the size of a tennis ball from where I was but had to be big where it was for me to see it .. it wasnt a shooting star .. it didnt have a tail or anything of the sort. As soon as it popped up it seemed to sit where it was for a brief moment then it just took off and popped out .. just as if you had tuned on a light and watched the bulb light up then turned it off . it was that fast. it was the first time I had ever sworn around my brother. I had tryed to get his attention by the time he looked it was gone. I know what I had seen. I dont speak much of it cause people dont believe about that. but I know what I saw. yes there were power lines around but it was no where near the lines at all from where I sat it would have to of been 15ft away from the lines . so there coudnt have been any power from the line ,
Phenomenon visible for how long? only a few secends probably 10 seconds
Height / Altitude of Object:  up with the stars
Distance of Object from your Position: more than 5 miles high
Estimated Size of Object:  from where it was it hade to be large like the size of a car or mid size house.
Speed of object: 1000 - 3000 mph
Hear Sound?      NO                     Object solid?   YES
Noticed Object/s:  Object was just seen - Only one object - Other
Seen in vicinity of:    Power lines
Last Seen Direction of Object: it went towards the north
Moving in front or behind: None
# of Witness's:    0                      Seen in vehicle? NO
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Any Animal disturbance?:no there were none it was silent
Other Organization Reported to:no I havent this is the first time I have told any group or anything like this of the sort.
Reported by: James Certonio - Age: 21 - Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
Also No - I wish not to be contacted
UUFOH Note: Left contact information



On Wednesday, October 15, 1997, at 9 p.m., Ryan R. spotted a formation of strange lights flying over Utah's Great Salt Lake.
"I spotted 14 lights in the sky above the Great Salt Lake around the Clearfield-Sunset area," he reported. "At first I thought they were airplanes. The more I looked at them, I could tell they were not airplanes. I'm just wondering if anyone else saw these strange lights." (Email Interview)
Clearfield (population 17,982) and its northern neighbor Sunset (population 5,733) are just off Interstate Highway 15, about 27 miles north of Salt Lake City.             UFOMIND.COM

  Triangle Spotted in Clearfield, UTAH
On Saturday, September 6, 1997, at 5 a.m., two men driving on Interstate Highway 15 in Clearfield, Utah (population 17,982), about 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Salt Lake City, sighted "a triangular craft with white lights at each point and a red light on top." The UFO was flying over Hill Air Force Base, a salt desert area just west of the Wasatch mountain range. (Many thanks to Ed Adcox, Utah state director of Skywatch International for this report.)
  4 Day Sphere Sighting
Mayfield, UT  October 16, 1999 at approximately 9:00 PM I watched it for about 3 hours. The object was a sphere shape and it was very big and bright but it wouldn't show a beam or anything like that. The object was in the sky (night) for 4 days. It never rose or rotated as a planet or star would. I was sitting on my mom's car and on the fourth day is when it started to move. I saw it the whole time and I had took notes on it and while I was watching it, it started to move north of me and it would go fast and slow and at the time that this was all happening was about 12:00 midnight and a I had a feeling that it could be something other then a star and when it started to move that night I was excited because my instinct was right and it was moving for an hour until it was out of sight and I couldn't see it no more and after that I stayed up all night to see if I could see anything else or if it would come back but it never did happen there was nothing after that all night long, but from where I was sitting it looked like it was about 10 to 20 feet from the hill it was cool at the time that this was all happening I was 15 years old and I know for a fact that was a UFO that I had seen that night and I hope to see it again in the near future . > Beau Hackwell  
submited 12/5/2001 to UUFOH   thanks Beau for your report.
Sphere Spotted in Centerfield, UT
Dec, 13 / 1998 Centerfield, Utah. One night I was out burning some weeds that I had pulled earlier that day. It was about 10:00 P.M. on a Wednesday night of December 13th of 1998 I just was sitting their doing nothing but watching the fire and looking around and then I thought I saw something move in the sky and I looked over and there was something there and the object was a sphere or ball looking shape and it was big and I was watching it for about 10 to 15 minutes, it would do some weird things like move to different places real fast and then it would stop real fast and after that it was gone and then I ran inside to tell my mom and she came out with me and we both didn't see a thing and she went inside and I stayed out side all night to see if it would come back but it never did but I did see a couple of satellites flying around , I was 14 at this time and I wish that I had a camcorder with me so that I had better proof but all I had was a notebook and pen I also tried to call someone but I didn't know who to call and I didn't want to call the police because of what happened the last time.   But like I said I know for a fact that I saw a UFO that night.
> Beau Hackwell  - Submited 12 /5 /2001  to UUFOH
Occured: 1998
Location: Cedar City, Utah
Very early one summer morning about 4 years ago, I was taking the ditch water for my turn and I noticed a large bright white, round light in the sky over Cedar City, city main street or near it. It was about 3:00am and although when I think if it now it was extremely odd, at the time it didn't seem to be odd but I didn't know what it was so I kept looking at it, when all of a sudden a smaller round white light came out of the bottom and went straight down, then I quit looking at it and went home. Why I wasn't mesmerized, I don't know. But it really was very weird. No sounds at all connected to it. And why didn't I stay to watch more? I don't know. Thanks,  Alan
Submitted by Alan Limb of UUFOH
  Triangle Spotted in Spanish Fork, UT
March 1997. about 5:30 in the afternoon. It was black and triangular shaped. I was coming home from work and about two blocks from my home I looked up and thought I saw a black kite. But I noticed that it looked like something seemed to rotate above it, not like blades on a helicopter but more like round balloons but they were spinning extremely fast, but beyond that, the whole object seemed to fade in and out like it was something from another dimension. I ran in the house and grabbed my camcorder but it was so far away that it looked like a black dot and then it disappeared into the clouds. I did record it though and I still have it on tape.   
Submitted by Richard Nielson

Recent AF Pilot Sighting in Utah; JANET Name
From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 17:25:57 -0800
From: [Withheld by Request]
Subject: Plain Jane and UFO's
I am an F-16 pilot in the USAF.  2 things.
1. We call it "Plain Jane Airlines" (where Janet comes from).
2. One of my buddies in the squadron saw a UFO over the south part of the Great Salt Lake 4 Nights ago.  Lotsa lights, etc.. etc.. It was above a solid cloud desk and was illuminating the tip of a mountain (roughly 2.5 sq miles) on Antelope Island with powerful lights.  The tip was the only portion of the island above the clouds.  The island is a preserve for Bison.  It illuminated the tip for 14 to 20 seconds. fizzled then accelerated immediately straight up (excessive acceleration)  He described it as "The lights were shining on the tip of the island like one of those things you see on star trek when the space time continium rips open and lights come out.  It was f***ing freaky."
Another quote "I didnt believe in UFO's till last night.. Now I believe"
The Wolf Creek Incident
Occurred : 4/18/1999 02:00 UUFOH also (CREDIT NUFORC)
Reported : 8/31/2000
Posted : 9/17/2000
Location : Wolf Creek Canyon, UT
Shape : Changing
Uinta Basin/Wolf creek UFO highly visible,low flying,40-45min sighting,                                        see Wolf Creek Report for photos
eratic moves with no noise - IMAGES -object was very bright most of the time changing color and shape first seen rising up over the mountain to the north.Hovered for about 2min then ziped to the east, very fast movements, left to right as if it was wanting to be seen . next it came down close the mountain and sent off a kind of lightshow or beams going in all directions. then it shut down. leaving a green dull light for about 5min .slowly building up light ,it was then I saw the shape of it, a fat saucer with a raised center. when the light was as bright as before it shot right over me going southwest .the sky was very dark, no clouds ,lots of stars,cold and calm
Reported by : Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH       SEE WOLF CREEK INCIDENT

NEW 04
Shape: Light
Location: Salt Lake suburbs Utah  Street : 91 s state
Reported: 4/17/2004
Date of sighting 1976 to present
Detail Description of object /s : In Murray I went to the Jordan Parkway to let my kids ride bikes and laid in the grass for a minute while we snacked. Having sunglasses on I saw a metal shiny ball in the air above us. As I looked around the valley skies I noticed two others one over the northeast and one in the south. I wanted my kids and my assistant Mike to see it but they couldn't without the sunglasses. Then the one to the Northeast split into at least three triangles and began dancing around each other and going in circles and manuevering with skill beyond anything I knew.
We pointed it out to other people at the park but only a couple seemed even interested. Spring 1999
  A few weeks later I sent my kids to their dad in California when I heard something on the roof of my trailor I thought it was the neighborhood cats that were used to keeping me awake.  I went outside to spray some water on the roof to deter them as they hate water and was about to warn the kitty I heard scuffling above me when I looked right up into the big dark shiny eyes of a grey -I was so freaked I shot him with the water (it was one of those trigger types).  I felt like a Jerk immediately and had then impulse to go apologise and console him as I heard him (IT?) scurry off the other side of the trailor (it sounded like he fell and hurt himself and was scrambling around)when a huge feeling of terror fell over me and said leave it alone. I immediately scurried over to my neighbor's trailor and that was the last night I EVER slept in that trailor both God and several friends and of course my children are witnesses! Summer 1999-
  I tried to tell Valley Mental Health (I have had panic attacks after some sightings) but they just prescribed antipsychotics (Oy Veh).
BTW everything they ever prescribed me was later proven lethal and got sued.
Also with the gospel (ONLY I have no deathwish) I have managed to have a very happy, successful and peaceful life for my family.
Weather Conditions: Clear/Calm
Noticed Object: Hover
Speed of object: 3000 - more mph
Number # of Witnesses:10                     Last Seen E
The Height / Altitude of Object: variable from yards to miles       Estimated variable from yards to miles
Hear Sound NO                                  Object solid YES
Phenomenon from seconds to minutes in jordan parkway we ended up going because we were hungry, before they dissappeared (hour or more)
I Estimate Size of Object: variable
Object was seen in vicinity of: Military Base
Moving in front or behind Building
Seen in vehicle YES in vehicle           Noticed Radio Failure
Any Animal disturbance?:hyper doggies when a kid
Description of beings: typical greys and humanoids
Suffered Decription of effects:ptsd and unexplained scars time lapse etc
Orginizations Reported to: UUFOH, friends, family,church members, I think I told ARM a little and AJ Hilder, doctors(big mistake).DO not pubish my personal info
Also I now have abilities that I didn't have before
Reported by: Anonymous - Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
UUFOH Note: Witness left contact info, also submitted other sighting details from Egypt, and Pasedena see full submitted report
GREEN BALL. Pilot sighting, Utah Lake, UT
1994.  during the summer, I was flying a Cessan 172  at 9500' over the west side of Utah Lake, flying about 11pm at night, when our plane was were engulfed in a huge green light, the whole plane was bathed in a bright green light, not just a glow. I looked at Hal and his face which should have been dark, but slightly lit from our Red Nav lights, completely illuminated in Green. This green glow lasted for an entire minute at least. He said something like, "it'll be alright, just keep the plane steady and level"...
He wasn't afraid or anything, I was really calm too, like I was under hypnosis or something, I just kept flying, while looking out the window, we then saw a bright green ball go passed us and shoot off Southwest over Lake Mountain at about 2500 mph at least.
Hal looked at me and said, "it was just a shooting star...nothing more, Marc."
I asked if we should ask ATC about any 'contacts' and he said "nope"...don't waste their time.
We saw that a lot of other people in Utah County witnessed the Green 'meteorite' also and reported it to the media the next day.
Anyways Dave,
I was told later NOT to report anything I've seen, as it cause's problems and lot's of report writing to the FAA.
                    Submitted by Marc Peterson

UFO Convoy- Cedar City, UT
June 19, 1995. On the night of June 19, 1995 I went outside to look at the stars. But it wasn't stars I wanted to look at, this time. It was something strange I have never seen before or since. It was June 19, 1995 at 10:30pm Mountain Time. I was looking at the northern part of the sky, about 11:00 position and seen. First (1), two dark red lights that stayed on, going across the sky. I suppose were planes, keeping the exact distance from each other, in a straight line, going West and exactly one in front of the other, as if one was `pulling' the other. But I don't think they were doing that. Then (2), the same thing happened with two more red lights, going in the same direction, in exactly the same line of flight. Then (3), There were "a whole bunch", maybe 25 or 30 of what I think were balls of white round "lights" all sort of together but moving around like giant fire flies in the "bunch", some twinkling some not but all bunching together in not any kind of pattern. Some would kind of get out of the `bunch' and would kind of come back in, just like herding sheep. But these `white lights' were smaller than all the other lights. These "lights" could not have wings or they would have bumped into each other. But how did they fly? Then (4), there were just about 3 or 4 white lights a little bit larger than the other white twinkling lights, following in a triangular pattern that stayed stationary with the distance apart. I could not see a craft here, just the lights as it was so dark, but I am surmising that this was one of those triangular crafts, as it also flew the exact same path as the others. Then (5), a regular type of airplane, with regular type of lights following this. Then (6), there again was another "regular type" of airplane following it. The, (what I call a convoy), did make a regular type of airplane roar, so some were normal. I can only guess, it was some sort of  "escort" or "convoy" of some kind, escorting (something. What ever those white twinkling lights were). To it's destination. They all flew the exact same line of flight following each other in the order I have mentioned going from East to the West, as I was looking North. I surmise that they were all flying to Area 51 since Cedar City, Utah is in a straight line toward "Dreamland" (or area 51 in Nevada). I've never seen anything like that until now. All I know for sure is that it was some kind of convoy, escorting something Westward in the night sky.       
      Alan I originally sent it to Peter Gersten. The UFO lawyer. but it looks like the government isn't going to come clean with the American people about it, maybe not ever? All I know for sure is that, everything about UFO's are sure odd, and not
anything like I had learned in school.
Blue Sphere Hovering Over The Thikol Base
Date: may of 1998 on a saturday   Time of Sighting: 2:43 am
Location: Deweyville , Utah
Location of sighting:  Tremonton area
Sighting Event Details: my brother and i had just put out a fire in our back yard calling it a night we stood by the fence looking otu over the tremonton area when we both observed the blue sphere hovering over the thikol base  for about 20 seconds then falling to the ground like a object falling from your hand then disappearing into the mountains without a trace we waited in amazment and confusion to see it rise or to see if there would be an impact or blast of some sort there wasnt even a tremble in the earth we waited a couple of hours then got tired and went inside the house this hasnt been the fist time weve seen
something we have also seen other objects hovering the sky but have both swore not to tell anyone or they would think were crazy but i swear on my kids and everything holy we saw something unexplainable and we did think about going to investigate where it landed as we know the mountain terrains very well out that way we decide to leave the object be but now im more prepared to view and photograph and record the object for evidence when i do ill let you know
Estimate Size of Object: it lit the whole sky up it looked like the moon dropping from the sky  i have seen it twice 
Phenomenonvisible for how long?: for about 20 seconds
Direction of Object: it was west traveling speed of light straight down from sky
Speed of object3000 - more mph
Height / Altitude of Object: it was large like moon fallling from the sky
Estimated Distance of Object from your Position: 60 miles west
Hear Sound?NO    Object solid?YES
Noticed: Hover, Object Landed
Object was seen in vicinity ofMilitary Airfield   Moving in front or behindMountain
Weather ConditionsClear/Calm
# of Witnesses: my brother moises
Reprted by: bernardo ayala jr  - via The UUFOH Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left Contact information
Large Light
Date: JUNE OF 97   Time of Sighting: 0100   Reported: 9/25/2003
Phenomenonvisible for how long?: ABOUT 10 MINUTES
Speed of object0 - 50 mph
Estimated Distance of Object from your Position: ABOUT 1/2 MILE
Hear Sound?NO                   Object solid?YES
Noticed: Object seen entering ground - Formation was observed - Hover
Object was seen in vicinity of:  Resevior / lake / river
Moving in front or behind:Trees
Weather ConditionsClear/Calm
# of Witnesses: 1                        Seen in vehicle?YES
Any Animal disturbance?:DEER WERE RUNNING
Reported by: CODY HANSEN  - via The UUFOH Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left Contact information
UPDATED: 8/1/2007
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DISC Sighting
CORRINE, Utah -- October 25, 1999, 12:18 A bright white disk-shaped object flew in view. The disk-shaped object had a bulbous protrusion on top and below it. As I looked outside from my bedroom window, the sun was directly above the roof overhang. From the West came the very bright object that moved quicker than a bird to the east. It clearly was not a bird nor a plane as it moved up and down as it moved east. It disappeared going in an upward arch. Thanks to the National UFO Reporting Center Report Editor's Note: Several people report seeing a Halloween Philadelphia News channel television report showing three disk shaped UFOs in the mountains near Salt Lake City. Does anyone know more about these videos?
CREDIT:Filer's Files: MUFON Skywatch Investigations -- #44 (November 4, 1999)
MUFON JOURNAL For more detailed investigative reports subscribe by writing to 103 Oldtowne Road, Sequin, TX 78155-4099 or E-mail Filer's Files Copyright 1998 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved.

On February 26, 1998, at 1:05 a.m., postal workers Timothy N. and Samuel W. were driving to work on Interstate Highway 89 about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Salt Lake City when they spied a UFO.
  The men saw the UFO as they were driving through Syracuse, Utah (population 4,658).  The UFO was
"hovering over Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake." "We looked out over the lake and saw a very unusual and peculiar sight," Tim reported.  "We couldn't tell what it was, so we drove toward the lake to take a closer look. There were dozens of dead seagulls on the side of the road.  As we got closer to the lights hovering down the road, the lights in our Chevrolet truck started to flicker.  This lasted only a brief moment."
"As we got closer, we could tell that this was not an airplane.  It had a spherical shape and was one to two hundred yards (90 to 180 meters) in diameter.  As we got closer, we could see lights flashing bright, ranging
from green to yellow to blue."
The men saw the UFO "zigzagging and figure eights." When it stopped moving, "this is when we got our bestlook.  It had a metallic look to it and had lights that rotated."
Next the object "slowly moved behind a mountain." Then "the UFO, giving off a faint hum, slowly appeared
from behind the mountain, then just like a flash of lightning it flew off to the west and that was the last
we saw of it."  (See Filer's Files #10 for 1998.  Many thanks to George A. Filer of MUFON for this report.)
New 04
Dark Red Pulsing Sphere
Occurred : 7/05/98  Time of Sighting:10:45 pm
Reported : 3/04/04
Location of sighting: Mountain east of Pleasant Grove
Shape : Sphere
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: No
Description of object /s :   A dark red sphere, that would Pulsate in brightness. Frequency of pulsation was about every second. The object looked to be about 50 to 60 feet in diameter.
Sighting Event Details:  We had friends over for a barbeque. I was cleaning up the back yard and everybody had gone home.My friend who was at the barbeque got back to his home in Orem Utah and was taking his dog out to potty.He looked up toward my home in Pleasant Grove and seen the sphere. He then called me and asked me what that strange pulsating light or sphere was just east of my home. While still on the phone with him, i walked out on to my deck and looked up toward the mountain and seen the object. My jaw just about hit the deck and i yelled for my wife to come here, who by the way used to be a sceptic, and witness what i was seeing. As soon as she looked up and seen the object she just froze and i think she was a little frightened by it. My 2 boys also came out and seen it. we all watched it for about 30 more seconds, then it just got really bright and shot straight up out of sight at a speed ive never seen before. I called the police and the Provo Airport, but they said they had no reports of it.
Phenomenon visible for how long? approx. 2 to 3 min
Height / Altitude of Object:  Stationary and between 1000 and 1500 ft.
Distance of Object from your Position: approx 1/2 mile
Estimated Size of Object:  approx 50 to 60 feet in diameter
Speed of object: 1000 - 3000 mph
Hear Sound?       NO                   Object solid?   Yes
Noticed Object/s:  Other /Only one object /Object was just seen
Seen in vicinity of:    None of the Above
Last Seen Direction of Object: If i understand you correctly, it was going straight up when it dissappered
Moving in front or behind: Mountain
# of Witness's:       7                   Seen in vehicle? NO
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Noticed Power Failure
Any Animal disturbance?: My dog seemed disturbed, whining and nervous
Suffered Decription of effects:No, other than now i am a believer.
Seen before? Description of past experience: This was the first time
Reported by: John Morgan -Age:45 Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
Also I would like to be contacted by an investigator
UUFOH Note: Left contact information

Several Meteor - like Lights
Occurred : 8/0/95  August 1995  Time of Sighting:3 am
Reported : 2/06/04
Location of sighting: Clearfield, Utah
Shape : Light
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: NO
Description of object /s :   bright lights like meteors
Sighting Event Details:  It was August and I had woken up to take care of my baby and I knew the meteor showers were supposed to be happening so I looked out my 2nd story window to the east to see if I could see them.I noticed a couple meteors then noticed a very bright light that was a slightly bigger that wasn't moving.Then I watched as several meteors seemed to come from the base of this light shooting down to the ground but they were far to close to the ground I thought to be meteors.Then to my surprise the bigger object started zipping around in the sky not going to far but fast.Then more lights kept coming from it and instead of just coming straight down they would go back up or zip around the sky.I got rather frightened at this point because I knew it wasn't meteors and woke up my boyfriend.We sat and watched this happen for at least an hour-hour and half until we got too tired.We both agreed it was not natural looking and made no sense.I am not an expert on things in the sky but I spent many nights with my father growing up learning about stars and meteors and I have never seen a meteor go flying around the sky like that.I lived in clearfield for 5 years and never saw anything else unusual.
Phenomenon visible for how long? I started seeing it at about 3 am watched it for an hour to hour and a half then went to bed
Height / Altitude of Object:  ????
Distance of Object from your Position: I was in clearfield by the job corp and it was in the sky to the northeast towards hill afb
Estimated Size of Object:  ??????
Speed of object: 0 - 50 mph      Hear Sound?  NO                     Object solid?   NO
Noticed Object/s: Move erratically- Object released another object
Formation? YES - More than one object
Seen in vicinity of:    Military Airfield
Last Seen Direction of Object: east      Moving in front or behind: Mountain
# of Witness's:    1                      Seen in vehicle? NO
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Seen before? Description of past experience: When I was a child growing up in California my sister and I and friend (we were about 9 and 10) were outside a store and it was about 5-6 pm getting on dusk when we noticed a very bright light hovering in the sky very high up.We knew it was too high for a plane or helicopter and knew planes didn't sat there for about 5 minutes and then sped away so fast it was almost instant.We tried to get some adults to look at it and tell us what it was because we were very puzzled by it but no help from them. Also one night about 1997 my husband and I were up camping above pineview reservoir in utah and about midnight we were looking at the stars on a very clear night when a very bright light appeared high in the sky and flew extremely fast across and disappeared.
Suffered Description of effects:Just felt very disturbed and uneasy because I knew what I was seeing didn't make sense
Reported by: Anonymous - Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left contact information - Name withheld upon request

Date: July 1995   Time of Sighting: Around 11 PM
Location: Roy , Utah
Location of sighting: Front porch of my house
Description of object /s : Boomerang shaped, with round white lights all around the object spaced evenly. No other lights . No flashing or blinking lights. Solid steel gray in color
Sighting Event Details: My sister in Law to be and myself were taking a break from being inside , it was very hot and no cooler. We stepped out onto the porch and had a smoke. we were both facing the mountains on the
east side when this came past us at a low and slow speed, we watched as it moved slowly to the end of my street and then seemed to just disappear. I looked at her and asked  " did you see that " ? She replied  " Did you ?" that's how we knew we had both seen what we seen. We went back into the house where we shared this with my husband and his brother, also we both drew a picture of what we seen, and they were the same. This was a first for us both.
Estimate Size of Object: it was as big as two 757s together but longer
Phenomenonvisible for how long?: I would estimate at least 3 min's
Direction of Object: Slowly heading NORTH
Speed of object0 - 50 mph
Height / Altitude of Object: Not sure how to judge but was close to the ground , where an airplane would have crashed at the same altitude. It was very low
Estimated Distance of Object from your Position: Visible enough to see the lights and spaces between each one
Hear Sound?NO
Noticed: Object came within 500 feet
Object was seen in vicinity ofMilitary Airfield
Weather ConditionsClear/Calm
# of Witnesses: 2
Reported by: Evelyn Gwynn  - via The UUFOH Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left Contact information

Saucer Witnessed
Occurred : 1994?  Time of Sighting:Afternoon
Reported : 2/11/04
Location of sighting: Provo, UT
Shape : Light
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: NO
Description of object /s : Objects were bright lights seen in the daytime. The light was emitted in a general saucer shape. 
Sighting Event Details:  I was laying in the back of my family's station wagon and one light came into view. I watched it dance around for a while and then a second came into view- dancing around with the first. They both suddenly zoomed out of view and in my mind I thought, "Please come back" and suddenly they both flew back into view. After dancing for a while longer in the sky they flew away.
Phenomenon visible for how long? 30 Seconds- 1 minute
Height / Altitude of Object:  Very High- 30,000 ft?
Distance of Object from your Position: Same
Estimated Size of Object:  NOT LISTED
Speed of object: 50 - 250 mph
Hear Sound?  NO                          Object solid?   NOT LISTED
Noticed Object/s:  Move erratically
Formation? YES - More than one object
Last Seen Direction of Object: Moved West into view, moved East out of view
# of Witness's:    1                      Seen in vehicle? YES
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Reported by: Joseph Anderson - Via UUFOH Online Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left contact information

Sightings                                                                                            Photo/ Video 

10/25/99 CORRINE, Utah                
10/16/99  Mayfield, Utah
10/15/99  Woodruff, Utah
8/10/99    Echo Lake, Utah
0/00/99   Pleasant Grove, Utah
4/18/99    Wolf Creek Canyon, Utah    REPORT       X
0/00/99    Murray, Utah
1/27/98    Rose Park, Utah                     REPORT      X
2/26/98    Great Salt Lake, Utah
12/13/98  Clearfield , Utah
5/00/98    Deweyville, Utah
8/00/98    Bruff Lake, ????
7/05/98    Pleasant Grove, Utah
0/00/98    Cedar City, Utah
1997-98   St. George, Utah
0/0/1998   Sandy, Utah

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UFO Sightings Utah
Sightings to date: 8 Credit:


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UFO Videotaped
Occurred : 2/0/98 
Reported : 2/07/04
Location of sighting: Bruff Lake
Shape : Sphere
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: YES          Describe: Video camera
Description of object /s :   appeared as an approaching planet right out of the sunset
Sighting Event Details:  my son and I were finishing up a day of fishing and fun at Bruff Lake and the sunset was awesome so I set up the camcorder and continued fishing. the camera captured the event we never saw the craft approach or leave until we watched the video.sort of spooky that we didn't see it, but we have seen another one 30 miles west of that location at apparently charging up, it looked like 45 ft diameter static ball it was intense but disappeared when we tried to drive near it, we got within 750ft and it just disappeared. the lake sighting on film was in 1998 the other in 97
Phenomenon visible for how long? 5min
Height / Altitude of Object:  8000 ft
Distance of Object from your Position: 4 miles
Estimated Size of Object:  250 to 300 ft
Speed of object: 250 -500 mph
Hear Sound?      NO                     Object solid?   YES
Noticed Object/s:  Hover
Seen in vicinity of:    Reservoir / lake / river
Last Seen Direction of Object: headed back into the sunset
Moving in front or behind: Clouds
# of Witness's:    2                       Seen in vehicle? NO
Weather:  Light Clouds
Suffered Description of effects:yes
Seen before? Description of past experience: yes, eggshell disk near shattuck okla.1982 three black triangles in golden valley AZ.1988 silver sphere Rivera AZ.1992. black triangle Vernal UT.2001. very bright very blue very fast shape unknown Vernal UT. white shape unknown Rock Springs WY. 1996
Other Organization Reported to:yes, mufon
Reported by: Charles D Hatcher Jr - Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left contact information
Report Utah UFOS
Huge Blue Sphere
Occurred : 0/0/99  - Summer 1999  Approx. 12:00 am
Reported : 7/20/2004
Location of sighting: Pleasant Grove - near canyon road and mountains
Shape :  Sphere
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: NO
Description of object /s :   A huge glowing bright blue sphere that didn't make any noise
Sighting Event Details:  I was driving along the canyon road heading north and a bright blue glowing sphere shaped object flew over my car heading in the same direction and seemed to accelerate very fast towards salt lake over the mountain.
Phenomenon visible for how long? it went slow over my car and then accelerated over the mountain. Approx. seen for 10 sec.
Height / Altitude of Object:  approx 7000 feet altitude
Distance of Object from your Position: approx 3000 feet above me
Estimated Size of Object:  25 feet in diameter
Speed of object: 1000 - 3000 mph
Hear Sound?         NO                 Object solid?   NO
Noticed Object/s:  Only one object - Object was just seen - Other
Seen in vicinity of:    None of the Above
Last Seen Direction of Object: moving south to north
Moving in front or behind: None
# of Witness's:         A car in front               
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Seen in vehicle? YES in vehicle       Noticed : Power Failure
Suffered Decription of effects: I was scared
Reported by: London Robert - Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
Also I would like to be contacted by an investigator
UUFOH Note: Left contact information
Sightings                                                                           Photo/ Video 
10/15/97  Great Salt Lake, Utah
9/06/97    Clearfield, Utah
6/00/97    Jeremy Ranch, Utah
3/00/97    Spanish Fork, Utah
1/19/97    Great Salt Lake , Utah
8/00/95    Clearfield, Utah
7/00/95    Roy, Utah
6/19/95    Cedar City, Utah
0/00/94    Provo, Utah
0/00/94    Utah Lake, Utah
New 04
Huge Disk
Occurred : 0/0/1998  Time of Sighting:  6:00AM
Reported : 2/25/05
Location of sighting: Sandy, Utah - near the church behind my house
Shape : Disk
Available videotape or photographic evidence?: NO
Description of object /s :   It was a Disk, but it was HUGE. It looked like it was a mile long and wide, thick I think it was a quarter of a mile. It was a long time ago, im tring to remember was else there was.
There was 10 lights on top and bottom, red and green. It was hovering over some homes and it was silent. I wish I got a pitcher.I came back six hours later and it was gone. It was so BIG it looked like it was a mother ship. It was like the big UFO's on Men In Black.
Phenomenon visible for how long? 3 min
Height / Altitude of Object:  ??
Distance of Object from your Position: quarter of a mile or less
Estimated Size of Object:  VERY BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a mile long and wide, and a quarter of a mile thick
Speed of object: 0 - 50 mph
Hear Sound?          NO                 Object solid?   YES
Noticed Object/s:   Hover, -Only one object,- Object was just seen
Seen in vicinity of:    None of the Above
Moving in front or behind: Trees
# of Witness's:     2                     Seen in vehicle? NO
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Seen before? Description of past experience:
Reported by: .Chris Huff - Age:16 - Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
Also No - I wish not to be contacted
UUFOH Note: Left contact information
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