Copyright 2002 Dave Rosenfeld
Photo - Chris Rock 2002
Occurred : 1/8/2002 21:00 (CREDIT NUFORC)
Reported : 1/15/2002 4:12:34 PM
Location : Orem, UT
Shape : Fireball
Two fireballs seen in UT
I was shoveling my walk with my 2 friends when two fireballs flew acroos the sky in a northern direction we all saw it and wondered if it was a UFO because it went kind of slow.

Occurred : 1/12/2002 21:00 (CREDIT NUFORC)
Reported : 1/13/2002 1:54:04 PM
Location : Orem, UT
Shape : Teardrop
3 teardrop shaped crafts hovered in the sky changing color
There were 3 teardrop shaped crafts hovering in the sky. I saw them when I was doing some star gazing from inside of my house. I was looking out the window when I saw the three ships hovering for 3-5 minutes changing color.
Occurred : 2/21/2002  ( UUFOH)
Reported : 02/21/2002 8:00 PM  by Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH
Location : Salt Lake City, UT - Red Butte Gardens
Shape : unknown/ sphere?/ changing
A silvery object showed up while out doing a skywatch today. at around 2:13pm for four minutes and then again at 2:19pm to 2:33pm. going east really slowly till it went over the mountain towards Emigration Canyon. I was using my 500mm lens at f~ 5.6, got about 10-12 pictures a couple with the object by the moon. Shiny silvery object, that change shape constantly, estimated size: 20 ft diameter, no fantastic moves or anything, just slow hover-like movement. I was quite surprised! I didn't expect anything to show up, but I'm glad I went and watched. Reported to Peter Davenport's site - NUFORC, and sent photos on 5/25/2002,aslo reported to SLC MUFON, ufo info.com, Majorstars Filers Files, Clyde Lewis GROUND ZERO
for more photos and detailed info report click below
Close Up
Occured: 03/09/2002
Reported : to UUFOH by Jim Klaproth
Location : Antelope Island, UT
Shape : Shiny Silver object
At about 3 PM  I looked across the bay toward the east mountains near Layton. Right above the mountain tops, we saw a shiny silver object that was flying very slowly with no noise. We looked at it, trying to figure out if it was an aircraft or not. It disappeared before I could grab my camera.I said to Marjorie, "I want that object to re-appear so that I can get a picture of it."We pulled off the road and waited about 5 minutes. Suddenly, another craft appeared in approximately the same location. I grabbed my Nikon digital camera and snapped 4 shots before the object disappeared again.When we got home, I downloaded the photos into Photoshop and enlarged the images. The image on the screen was clearly not an aircraft! It had no tail, no wings, and the top appeared to be slightly concave.We were so excited, as this was our first daytime sighting,
plus we got some photos.
update: The object appeared to move up and down slowly, not in straight and level flight like an aircraft. It made no sound like a jetliner does. It was very shiny, like it was made out of stainless steel, and it reflected the sunlight quite brilliantly.
Update:I can tell you this: they were definitely not infront of the mountain. At that extreme distance, it is really hard to gauge distances, but it looked to me like the objects were right over or slightly behind the peaks.This was exciting for me as it was my first DAYTIME sighting, and my first sighting where I took photos.

Photos are enhanced >
UFO Antelope Island, UT
Close up of object
Occurred : 4/13/2002 11:00 am - Duration 1/2 hour
Reported : 4/15/2002  by Chris Rock - Video Taken
Location : Magna, UT
Shape : Diamond and Spheres
I was on my way to my mothers house Saturday at around 11:00 am. when I seen 4 small girls setting on there from porch looking up. When I got to my mothers house I looked in the area where the girls was looking and Iseen what looked like 2 tall sharp diamond shapes objects hanging in the sky. My mother does not have a camera with zoom so I drove back to my house and got my camcorder. I couldn't see the objects from my house so I drove back to my mothers house where the objects was still hanging in the sky. There was more then 2 objects and the objects was spherical in shape total of 4. On the tape I say there is 3 but after watching the tape we seen the others. I video taped them until they left. I did not get them on tape as they were leaving.
The 2 that are together moved off to the east.  I have reported this sighting to: Peter Davenport's site. VIEW REPORT
Guy Richardson ( S.L. MUFON ).MarLee Spendlove.-
& The Utah UFO Hunters
When i started taping the objects I was in my parents back yard and each time I would get theobject into focus my mothers dog would jump on me.These first pictures are time stamped 11:14 am. the last time stamp on the tape with an object is 11:25 am.The objects didn't move off until 11:30 am.(not on tape)
I want to show that the objects can not be balloons and have been in the same area for this amount of time.
Occured : 5/22/2002 3:00 AM  Duration 20 min
Reported : 5/22/2002
Location : South Salt Lake
Shape: Capsule or "Tic Tac" shape
Looking west towards the tower on the mountain, a bright white light was seen coming towards the city ,small at first getting bigger as it came closer, stopped between witness and mountain, then followed by a duplicate object which stopped close to first, then a third object joined the the other two coming in same as the first two, forming a "half circle" or dome formation, then each object moved off one at a time disapearing in the distance, then returning in the same way and making the formation again, just slightly to the north. this happened three times, each time making the dome formation equally spaced and timed as if repeated. shape of objects were seen during formation which was at its closest, "jellybean" or Tic Tac shape. no sound was heard, no flashing lights, Objects did come through the cloud cover that was present. Several witnesses watched in awe and exitement from two different locations and called UUFOH during the sighting. Decribed the sighting as it was happening and gave their report over the phone. They said it was an amazing sight. The Utah UFO Hunters is currently doing follow-up investigations on this event. Reported to NUFORC on 5/25/2002
Occurred : 5/10/2002 00:36
Reported : 5/10/2002 3:48:43 AM
Location : Salt Lake City, UT
Shape : Light
3 lights in triangle formation over Salty Lake City
details of this sighting viewed at:
Credit : NUFORC http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S22783.html
Occurred : 5/9/2002 07:00
Reported : 5/10/2002 6:38:29 PM
Location : KNOLLS, UT
Shape : Light
Credit : NUFORC

Gob Of Rocks         NEW
Occurred : 0/00/02 spring of 2002 Time of Sighting: abt. 10:00 pm
Reported : 8/04/04
Location of sighting: Manti, Utah south east over mountains of Manti
Shape : Sphere
Description of object /s :   It was hard to describe, a very bright light object over the east mountains of Manti. It shot out of nowhere, circled and propelled towards the west. It almost seemed to sense 3 of us were watching from the porch of a home up on the hill, and then exited in a large hurry. The man who's home we were at, stated that he saw them frequently sitting up on the hill.
   Also, I remember a couple of years ago, there was an extremely bright orange light that was football shaped, that hovered over a large area of the southeast mountains here in Manti and lasted for several minutes. Many people saw it, and someone commented from down south in Aurora, that they thought the "world was coming to an end". Have also seen a lesser orange colored football shaped formation of light over the west mountains of Manti about 6 years ago. When watching it for several minutes, my husband and I, there were 2 lightening like zaps that came from beneath the orange light and then dissappeared quickly. This also was viewed by 2 other people we talked too.       Susan Greene
Sighting Event Details:  The first siting I talked about earlier, just sitting on a porch of friends home up in hills. The other t2o incidences were from my front porch ralatively late at night.
Phenomenon visible for how long? Just a few seconds
Height / Altitude of Object:  ?????
Distance of Object from your Position: :??? high in the sky
Estimated Size of Object:  fairly large
Speed of object: 250 -500 mph
Hear Sound?  NO                           Object solid?   YES
Noticed Object/s:  Rotate - Object was seen emitting a light or beam towards the ground or other object
Object number Formation Pattern was observed
Seen in vicinity of:    None of the Above
Last Seen Direction of Object: west
Moving in front or behind: None
# of Witness's:   Seen in vehicle? NO  Noticed: Power Failure
Alone when sighting occurred?YES
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Suffered Decription of effects:Have had severe humming in ears every since, off and on. Dr.s could find nothing, no tinnitus or anything explainable.
Seen before? Description of past experience: yes other
Organization -Reported to:
Reported by: Susan Noorlander Greene - Age:55 -Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form
Also I have information that I will only give in person

Gob Of Rocks         NEW
Occurred : 5/01/02 Time of Sighting: 3:00 PM
Reported : 0/0/04
Location of sighting: Sandy, Utah
Shape : Other
Description of object /s :   gob of rocks about the size of a baseball field.
Sighting Event Details:  no
Phenomenon visible for how long? 20 min
Height / Altitude of Object:  none
Distance of Object from your Position: 500 feet
Estimated Size of Object:  baseball field
Speed of object: 0 - 50 mph
Hear Sound?  NO                           Object solid?   YES
Noticed Object/s:  Other - Object came within 500 feet
Seen in vicinity of:    Military Airfield
Last Seen Direction of Object: heading  south
Moving in front or behind: Clouds
# of Witness's: 6 cars pulled over.     Seen in vehicle? YES in vehicle  Noticed: Power Failure
Alone when sighting occurred?YES
Weather:  Clear/Calm
Seen before? Description of past experience: yes other
Organization -Reported to: Fox TV
Reported by: Laura Henrickson - Via UUFOH Online UFO Report Form

Occurred : 4/24/2002 07:30
Reported : 4/27/2002 10:41:04 AM
Location : Salt Lake City, UT
Shape : Diamond - Vanishing UFOs
I was looking up at the North mountains on my way to school, the sun wasn't up all the way, and I looked up above the top of the mountain, and saw a Diamond shaped light, that looked like a star.
It slowly started moving to the East for a couple hundred feet, then Disappeared. then at a Completely different Point in the sky, it Reappeared and moved to the east once again. then disappeared. Then Reappeared for less than 1 second and Shot downward and made a streak of light in the sky. then vanished behind the mountain.
Credit : NUFORC http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S22657.html=20
Occurred : 2/24/2002 17:30
Reported : 3/18/2002 7:23:09 PM
Location : Springdale, UT
Shape : Triangle
On Feb. 24th, 2002 a report from the Utah Ufo Investigations Team in St.George, Utah that two French hikers spotted a Triangle hovering and flying around them and appeared to be looking for a place to land, it did this for 5 minutes and then took of in the sky. There were no eyewitnesses because of the location where these hikers were on a cliff side by them selfs hiking. This is still under investigations by the Utah Ufo Investigations Team
Credit :NUFORC
Occurred : 6/29/2002  12:00 am
Reported : 6/30/2002 8:49:54 AM 
Location : Salt Lake City, UT
Shape : Sphere / clusters
Cluster Sightings in the skys of Salt lake city.
June 29,2002 At 12:00 am. At midnight a cluster of objects came shooting over from the West to the East. 1 hour and 24 minutes later a second set "or the same" shot over from the West to the East. I saw several single objects from the Magna area. Totaling 4 in all.
At 2:46 am. One was floating from the Southwest to the Northeast.
2:48 am. one Moving to the South flashed 10 times sporadically as it moved to the South and vanished in the sky.
2:55 am. Moving South southeast
At 3:05 am. After a shooting star caming from the east to the west a small object was seen at the end of the shooting star streak. The object was moving Slowly from the North to the South. Not sure if it is one of the same or a quinky dink.
All caught on night vision video except the shooting star streak
Credit : Chris Rock & NUFORC
Occurred : approx 7/ 25/ 2002 around 8pm
Reported : 8/ 4/ 2002
Location : West side of Grantsville, UT        County:  Tooele
Shape : Upside down T - Solid
Direction of Object: West - Hover
Visible for?:  approx 15 to 20 seconds  - No sound.
Event /Object Details: I was sitting on my deck observing the clouds and sunset.  I was sitting no longer than five minutes before it appeared.  It just appeared, there was no movement before, nor after. It looked like the top half of a cross.  It appeared to be a light of that shape, though solid, and slightly positioned at an angle.  There was no color to it, only white like a light.  I decided it must be a reflection of the sun off the body and wings of an airplane, and the slow dimming and reappearing, almost like a pulse, was due to the light cloud cover. I had to abandon that theory after about 15 seconds though, because it didn't move during that time, as a plane or helicopter would, and the pulse appeared to be evenly timed.
For the height and distance, it appeared larger than you would expect a small plane to be.
Never have seen this type of object before.  I have seen other quesionable objects during darker skys.  My sister claims to have witnessed a UFO from my deck approximately five years ago, during a family barbacue.  I was in the house at the time.  I remember her excitment, but I would need to contact her to get her discription because I can't remember.  My grandfather had numerous experiences with UFOs while living in the desert and working as a miner.
Note: Area is near a Military Airfield

Reported by : Andrea V. Dunyon  - Via UUFOH Online Report Form
Occurred : -9/19/02 : Time of Sighting: 8:oo pm.
Reported : 9/22/02  10:23pm
Location of sighting: St George, Ut
Shape : Sphere
Details: The object was at the St George D moutain in St George and I was told that a group of people were there and they came to me becuse they new I was in the UUFOH and they told me that at
approximately 8:00 pm on September 19th 2002 they had saw a sphere in the sky and so I went to the area where they had saw it and when I  got there .there was nothing at first and all of a sudden there it was, right above the letter D on the mountain and I couldn't belive my eyes because it was just 200 to about 250 ft staight up and the object was a sphere looking shape with one light and I watched it for about 4 min and then it went away.  I had asked the people that had seen it if they had taken any drugs or had bieng drinking before we went out there and they said no. then when we had got to the spot of the activity I had asked them if we see somethig , would they be willing to do a report and they said because of the fact that they were scared to admit to what they had saw and scared of what could happen if they did.  I tried to change their minds but they were pretty shook up about it. From my investigations of this sighting I feel that a full investigation is nesessary and that we might have more activity in the near future if you need to get more info contact me at. - - - - - - -
Last seen Object: Straight  above my head
Altitude of Object: 200 -250 ft
Distance of Object: Object came within 500 feet
Estimated Size of Object: the size of a small car
Speed of object:   3000 - more mph
Object solid ?Yes
Noticed Object:Hover
Object was seen in vicinity of:Monument site  Moving in front or behindMountain
Phenomenon visible for how long?: 4-5 min
Describe sound: - No sound
# of Witnesss: 4-5
Weather: Clear/Calm
Noticed:Power Failure    Seen in vehicle? NO
Reported to: -UUFOH
NOTE: The rest of the people who saw it they were pretty shook up about it
Investigation Warranted
Occurred : 8-4-02  /8-5-02  /8-6-02 : Time of Sighting:10:00-11:00pm
Reported : 8/7/2002 1:01:15 PM
Location of sighting: Southbound   I-15 Traveling Riverdale to Roy, UT
Shape : Triangle shape  YES -More than one object
Description of object /s : I have seen wierd things in the sky for the last 3 days, but the most incredible one that I saw, was on tuesday the 6th of Aug. I know that I wasn't the only one on I-15 that had seen It because it was so big and close. I was a really, really bright light, so bright that it wasnt a plane. The color of the light was a yellowish-white. The object flew so fast from riverdale to roy, and thats where I was driving. Then all of a sudden the light turned into a bright RED.  At that time it was BY the Roy exit, and their it was sooo close and had sat there hovering for about a minute, flashing three lights in a clockwise pattern. I kept driving and made my boyfriend watch. he had told me that It was flying back into the direction it came from. We pulled over after we got off the freeway. This light turned back into the bright light we seen before and hovered for another minute, and the started to move really slow. then the light dimmed, and disgused itself as an airplane but this time, you could see the shape which was a triangle shape, with a flashing white light in the front, and a red light on the left, and a blue light on the right.  There seemed like there was at least 5 of them, acting the same way, two nights in a row. all at the same time, there seemed like so much air trafic, but 11:30 their was no sign of any plane.
Details: all that i noticed was the way that it would move so fast and then stop and go its slowest
Direction of Object: Toward the salt lake, and by the wasatch front, over going toward willard bay.
Altitude of Object: at least 700 ft
Distance of Object: right above my head not even a mile away the whole hour
Estimated Size of Object: too small for a commercial airplane
Speed of object:0 - 50 mph
Object solid ?YES
Noticed Object:Change color
Describe sound: - it was a very quiet humming, different from an airplane
# of Witnesss: 3
Weather: Clear/Calm
Object was seen in vicinity ofRadio or Television tower  Seen in vehicle?YES
Reported to: told disbatch, but no written report, just want to know if any one seen the same thing that i have been seeing  -UUFOH
Reported by:  Erica Valle -  Via UUFOH Online Report Form
Comments: I would like to be contacted by an investigator  NOTE: Left contact info
Occurred : 8-23-02 : Time of Sighting:8:33 pm to 9:15pm
Reported : 8/24/2002 10:00 PM
Location of sighting: Emigration Canyon, Utah -SE sky about 5 miles south east of residence
Shape : Light YES -at one time More than one object
Description of object /s : Bright while ball of light, like a star but during the daylight. Moved downward in the sky, then stopped. hovered for about 30 min,(enough time to get camera out and set up, etc.) Slowly started moving downward again, then East. This continued for two min. then another appeared from nowhere, circled the other object, then dissapeared. Object continued to hover for 8 more min. then sped off at high speed going east.
Details: I was  in my driveway taking in groceries when I noticed a light coming down in the
sky. I watched it for about a couple min. and it stopped, I ran inside and grabed my camera
and tripod, and quickly set it up. I took 4 pictures of it with a 500mm lens until it speeded off.
Direction of Object: Last seen going east
Altitude of Object: Very high in altitude. maybe 1 mile?
Distance of Object: About 5 miles.
Estimated Size of Object: at arms length , the size of a match head
Speed of object:   when it sped off 250 - 500 mph
Object solid ?YES
Noticed Object:Hover, and make quick acceleration
Phenomenon visible for how long?: approximately 40 min
Describe sound: - No sound
# of Witnesss: 1
Weather: Somewhat Cloudy/Calm
Photographic Evidence? YES - Taken with a Tripod mounted Canon Elan II, 500mm lens at f~5.6
Reported to: -UUFOH
Reported by: Dave Rosenfeld- from: SLC   Via UUFOH Online Report Form
NOTE: UUFOH Director has photos
A group of residents in eastern Salt Lake City saw what they believed to be a UFO flying over the Wasatch Mountains on Thursday. Salt Lake City police received multiple calls, as did The Salt Lake City Tribune, about the silver oblong craft that floated on the horizon. after a brief investigation, police identified the object as a remote controled blimp.
UUFOH: Feels this is a cover story for the U of U sighting that occured on 7/01/02
Occurred : 8-14-02 : Time of Sighting:11:40 pm
Reported : 8/20/2002 11:19 PM
Location of sighting: Kanab, Utah -SE sky about 10 miles south of residence
Shape : Light  YES -More than one object
Description of object /s : Bright while ball of light, like a full moon. Moved downward into a ball of bright red light, another full moon.
Details: I was outside in my driveway turning water on for my plants, talking on the phone looking north at my house when a bright white light lit up my rock driveway where I was standing.  I turned to see if a car was coming up the road, there was no sound, when I saw a bright white ball of light in the sky, almost eye level for me.  It was moving towards the ground a short distance then turning into a bright ball of red light.  At that point it stopped and disappeared.  There was not trail like a meteor would leave.  The hair on my body was standing up like a surge of energy.  My solar lights never came on which are motion sensitive.  The light did not shine on the side of the house.
Direction of Object: SE sky moving towards the ground, easterly stopping midair
Altitude of Object: That of a small plane.  Not good judging distance or altitude.
Distance of Object: About 10 miles.
Estimated Size of Object: Small full moon
Speed of object:   50 - 250 mph
Object solid ?YES
Noticed Object:Change color
Phenomenon visible for how long?: approximately 30 seconds
Describe sound: - No sound
# of Witnesss: 1
Weather: Clear/Calm
Any Animal disturbance?: No, my dog was still in the car.  We had just come home from the movies.
Seen in vehicle? NO
Suffered Decription of effects:When I came into the house I felt out of my body. The next 2 days I felt kind of sick, upset stomach.  I never get sick.
Reported to: -UUFOH
Reported by: Jo Anne Rando-Moon- from: Kanab   Via UUFOH Online Report Form
NOTE: Left contact info
Occurred : 6/11/2002 00:20 (Entered as : 6/11/02 00:20)
Reported : 6/11/2002 1:43:04 AM
Posted : 6/12/2002
Location : Kaysville, UT
Shape : Other
Glowing Manta-ray Shaped Object Flies Over Kaysville on a Southwardly Course Parallel to Wasatch Mountains

Just after midnight on a clear cloudless night, as I faced east towards the Wasatch Mountains, a dimly glowing manta ray-shaped (or perhaps sideways football-shaped, as it was a bilaterally symmetrical, twin-lobed shape--like two apple seeds glued together with the points facing out) object moved across the sky towards the south. The object had no discernable light source on its surface, and the glow may have been the reflection of city lights. Its air speed was faster than any airplane that I've ever seen to traverse that same distance.
From my vantage-point, as I sat on the ground between two trees, the object flew in a straight line south. It appeared to be the same size as a pea held at arms-length. Its altitude seemed to be slightly higher than the peaks above Kaysville. This was a quiet evening with little wind, and the object made no noticeable sound. Fifteen minutes later, a passenger jet flew by the same area and jet engines were distinctly heard, even though the jet appeared to be farther away from me than the unknown object had been.
Credit: NUFORC  http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S23242.html=20
National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/15/2002 04:25 (Entered as : 05/15/02 04:25)
Reported : 5/15/2002 4:25:39 AM 04:25
Posted : 6/12/2002
Location : Sandy, UT
Shape : Light
Three non-blinking stars moving across the sky from south to north in eastern part of sky at 4:25 a.m.
I observed a "star" moving across the sky from south to north. It did not seem to be twinkling and moved in a steady path and speed. It faded out when in got to the Little Dipper (from my perspective). I looked back to where it had come from and saw two "stars" moving in generally the same direction. They were not moving parallel to each other, more in a slight "v", so I was unable to watch them both. I focussed on the brigher one until it disappeared close to the Little Dipper. I glanced across the sky but could not see the third one. I waited for about ten more minutes looking south but no more moving stars. I would not have thought that much about a moving star but three really caught my attention.
((NUFORC Note: Witness may have witnessed a cluster of satellites, perhaps the three which are seen to fly in formation over several weeks, and which are thought possibly to be part of the U. S. Navy N.O.S.S. satellite system. PD))

UUFOH Note: We too think that this sighting seems to be of the  "Naval Ocean Surveillance System," or NOSS.
Occurred : 7/31/02 11:30 pm 23:30
Reported : 8/5/2002 9:13:31 PM
Location of sighting: Southbound I-15  Near Farmington, UT
Location : Farmington, UT
Shape : Light
Description of object /s : One object, Pale Blue/Green light extremely brilliant hovered over Farmington Area South of Lagoon, it would fade down to a pinpoint, go completely out then return to its former brilliance.  The object was observed for about 10 min. then I left the area.  I am an experinced observer, and this was a true unknown. I was tired with a car full of sleeping, ornery kids, with over a 120 miles left before bed, or I would have chased this object.
Direction of Object: no movement observed
Altitude of Object: 2000 AGL
Distance of Object: 1 Mile
Estimated Size of Object: Unknown
Speed of object:0 - 50 mph
Object solid ?YES
# of Witnesss: 3
Weather: Clear/Calm
Reported by: Mark Woody UUFOH  Via UUFOH Online Report Form
Utah UFO Hunters - FOLLOW UP - on UFO report given 9/27/02 3:27pm
Contacted witness on Sunday Sept 29 2002 via phone -regarding inconsistenties in original report
<Follow up>
Location: Witnesses were looking north from 3600 w and near 21st south. Objects were straight north from witnesses location.
Time frame: They were driving for 5-10 minutes seeing the formation, before stopping their car. They got out of their car next to a field and witnessed the objects for another 45- 50 minutes, before leaving. The object were still visable when they left.
Note: They noticed one other person / car was stopped on the side of the road looking at the objects.
Other Details: The Main formation was hovering, at a few hundred feet. lights were all orange.
One object was bigger than the others. middle object.
Number of Objects: 5 to 6 objects seen- then there were three. two objects seen leaving formation. thats when they witnessed the high speed manuvers
> one object shot off - Object that left formation went straight up then south over our heads. when the one shot over it was had smaller blue lights, along with the orange color that made up the whole color. and had a Triangle shape.
Speed : It was definately alot faster than a aircraft.
Note: witness does not have a great sense of speed being that it was at night.
>Another object went west then east. making a 160 degree turn instantly.
Size: At arms lenght what size were these objects?    "Two fingers in size or bigger."
Witnesses seen other aircraft in vicinity.  witnesses looked at other aircraft (planes) and said "that is an airplane and thats not an airplane
There were No clouds. (as originally stated)
Sound: compared to a really strong wind like it disturbed the air. Not like a jet or plane.
NoticedPower Failure? (as originally stated) NO>
Willing to do investigation tool? yes   Witness is willing to take us to location. and use our tool to measure flight paths. and futher follow up. Will update
Occurred : 7/11/2002 01:00 (Entered as : 07/11/02 01:00)
Reported : 7/11/2002 12:26:21 AM 00:26
Location : Sandy, UT
Shape : Light
I saw an unusual falling star.
I saw what could have been a falling star but it didn't "act" like any falling star I have seen before. It appeared like any falling star but there was no streaking, the light was more substantial (like an unblinking airplane light) and though it was moving fast it was not as fast and fleeting as falling stars seem to be. Also, it didn't vanish in the middle of the sky. Instead, the light stayed consistant and seemed to "fall" behind the Wasatch Mountains in the east. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else saw this and if it was a meteor or whatever.
Credit NUFORC web report :http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S23704.html
Occurred : 7/30/2002 22:08 (Entered as : 07/30/02 22:08)
Reported : 8/1/2002 9:51:59 PM 21:51
Location : Magna, UT
Shape : Circle
Strange Bright Light over Oquirrh Mountains of Salt Lake City
I was looking out my kitchen window to the west when I saw a very big light over the mountains (Oquirrh Mountains). I knew that it was not anything that was usually there. I watched it for about 5 minutes and it did not move. I went inside and got my binoculars and looked at it for a minute, but could not distinguish anything but a very, very bright light. I could observe airplanes and they usually blink. This was not like an airplane. I went inside to call my sister and as I was speaking, the brilliant light slowly, very slowly, went behind the mountain. I would not have reported this if not for the fact that my husband, who works at the airport, saw something very strange in the sky tonight. We are about 20 miles away and I could not see what he was looking at. He said it was cigar shaped and changed. I will have him add his report later.
Credit NUFORC web report: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S24104.html
Occurred : 8/1/2002 22:00 (Entered as : 08/01/02 22:00)
Reported : 8/1/2002 11:51:09 PM 23:51
Location : Salt Lake, UT
Shape : Cigar
Lights over Salt Lake City.
I work at the Salt Lake City Airport and as I was looking to the west, I noticed a cigar shaped mass floating through the air at approximately blimp speed. It was almost a transparent/flourescent type of light. It was lined with lights. The lights weren't very bright, but they went all the way around it. and it changed shape like it stood on it's end and got shorter and fatter as it was turning on its end. As it flattened out again it got long and skinny, like a cigar. I definitly was not an airplane or a weather balloon. It was like what you hear on ufo shows. It made no noise. I have never seen anything like it and it is very hard to describe. It was witnessed by about 12 people.
((NUFORC Note: We would welcome reports from the other witnesses. PD))
Credit NUFORC web report : http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S24107.html
Occurred : 8/10/2002 21:30 (Entered as : 08/10/02 2130)
Reported : 8/11/2002 4:49:11 PM 16:49
Location : Cedar City, UT
Shape : Light
Bright Light from the heavens illuminated me like a spotlight, dims and disappears
My friend and I were watching the stars. We were seated approximately 3 feet apart. Something caught my attention. I looked up into a light so bright it left me seeing spots for several minutes. My friend was looking in my direction and said I was engulfed in a glow of light like a stage light but the light never touched him. After a few seconds the light dimmed and appeared to be a sattelite moving north to south about 20 degrees until it disappeared.
Credit NUFORC web report : http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S24357.html
Occurred : 8/12/2002 23:00 (Entered as : 08/12/02 2300)
Reported : 8/14/2002 8:24:36 PM 20:24
Location : Salem, UT
Shape : Other
Shadowy lights in the shape of a bird moving across the sky rapidly.
We saw just lights and no crafts. The lights were more like shadowy shapes and were grey (sometimes changed to red) in appearance. What we saw were bird-like in shape with the width (i.e. wing span) varying in width. They generally moved across the Milky Way in approximately 5-7 seconds. They started out dim, got brighter as they passed over and then dimmed. At times they appeared stippled. They almost moved like a wave in the water. They moved in different directions across the sky. Most of the time each shadow moved in a single direction, but rarely some changed direction as they moved. Most of the time we saw one shadowy shape at a time, but occassionaly we would see two at a time moving in different directions. We saw approximately 50 during the half hour we viewed them. We were viewing the Percieds at the best time of the year and saw many shooting stars.
((NUFORC Note: We spoke with the witnesses to the event, and they seemed to us to be both sincere and quite credible. They reported that they had contacted the Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake City, which we confirmed with personnel at that facility. The Planetarium had received "four or five" similar reports from communities in the same general area as Salem. PD))((FOLLOW-UP COMMUNICATION WITH ANOTHER POSSIBLE WITNESS))
I am fairly certain I witnessed the same thing as reported from Salem, Utah with minor variations. The "object" had an orangish glow not red and the boomerang or v shape broke up completely two or three times to form somewhat of a circle. I was able to watch them long enough to determine with 99% certainty that what I was seeing was birds.
I called two wild bird companies to find out what kind of bird migrates at 10:30 at night or later and could "glow in the dark." I was told that the white faced ibis, for one migrates in v's, is brownish grey, and has luminescent feathers that will reflect light from the setting sun or possibly street lights. I was told also that birds migrate at night and in this situation probably from the Great Salt Lake to Utah Lake.
This is one possible explanation for what we saw. ((name deleted))
((END FOLLOW-UP)) Credit NUFORC web report: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/S24455.html
Orange UFOs in Huge V Formation
Occurred : 9/26/02  - 9:15 p.m.
Reported : 9/27/2002 3:27 PM
Location of sighting: Heading north on 3600 W, following lights towards magna and more west.
Location : Taylorsville, UT
Shape : Light
Description of object /s : The objects were big and bright orange in a v formation, they hovered and one appeared to be triangular shape when it flew over head at an extremely fast speed.- When the light changed to a triangle shape over our heads, it wasn't loud like a jet or airplane. It was low and kind of hummed, it didn't make too much noise.
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  We were traveling home last night when we saw several objects in the sky, much too large to be a jet, plane, or helicopter. They were in a V formation and slowly moving and hovering into straight lines and then back again. Couldn't tell exactly what shape the actual object was. I am not one to believe in UFO's or anything, but now I can't deny what I saw. It was not of this world, or maybe it was the government testing something, either way it was strange and there wasn't a logical explanation of what I saw.  Suddenly, one shot straight up into the air and looked like something going into space. but it didn't, it flew right over our heads and appeared to look like a triangle. It immediately changed directions, nothing that I know of can go at that speed and change from right to left so quickly. The other lights were still there, they had an orange glow to them.  We stayed for an hour and watched these strange objects. I know someone else had to have seen what was going on, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't making it up.  Now there is no doubt in my mind that we are not alone.I do feel suspicious about the whole thing, i thought we were completely alone in this universe, but now i have a strong conviction we are not.
Phenomenon visible for how long?: we stayed to watch it for an hour, but went home, it could've gone on longer than that.
Direction of Object: It was going west then east then north. it changed directions rather quickly.
Height / Altitude of Object: maybe a few hundred feet, but pretty close to the ground
Distance of Object:  Object came within 500 feet - 3 hundred feet or maybe a bit more, it seemed really really close to us.
Estimated Size of Object: Unknown - can't be too sure
Speed of object:1000 - 3000 mph
Object solid ?YES
Hear Sound?  Yes -Heard Sound
Noticed Object/s:Hover
Object was seen in vicinity of:Military Airfield    Moving in front or behindClouds
Seen in Veihicle? Yes     NoticedPower Failure?
# of Witnesss: 2  - me and my husband
Weather: Clear/Calm
Reported by: Sarah K Dolezal  Via UUFOH Online Report Form
UUFOH Note:   Gave contact information > Follow up performed - we notified NUFORC and George Filer
Listed in  FILER'S FILES #42 - 2002 http://www.filersfiles-ufo.com
Blue-green sphere traveling at high speed
Occurred : 9/28/02  - Around 7pm
Reported : 9/30/2002 3:17 PM
Location of sighting: Farmington, UT
Shape : Sphere
Description of object /s : Blue-green sphere traveling at high speed from south to north.  Was higher than clouds in the area. Ball lightning?
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  I was looking at the ground when I caught it in the corner of my eye.  I observed it traveling from an area of clear sky to an area of scattered clouds. I could see it through gaps in the clouds a couple of times.  The whole time it remained traveling south to north at a high rate of speed. 
Phenomenon visible for how long?: 2 or three seconds
Direction of Object: northward
Height / Altitude of Object: 8,000-12,000 feet above sea level
Distance of Object:  Several miles
Estimated Size of Object: 20-30 feet in diameter
Speed of object:1000 - 3000 mph
Object solid ?YES
Hear Sound?  No
Noticed Object/s:Other
Object was seen in vicinity of:Military Airfield    Moving in front or behindClouds
# of Witnesss: 2 other than me.  they were in a different part of Farmington
Weather: Light Clouds
Reported by: Brian Mckenna  Via UUFOH Online Report Form
UUFOH Note:   One of two sightings of possibly the same object around the same time.
Bright Green Light in the Sky
Occurred : 9/28/02  - 7:30 pm
Reported : 9/30/2002 5:02 PM
Location of sighting: Ogden, UT
Shape : Disk
Description of object /s : Bright green circle.
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  I saw a bright green light in the sky. It was a cloudy day it flew in front of some clouds but behind others. When it flew behind clouds it shined right through the clouds. It flew from the South East to the North West. It flew in a straight line and disapered over the horizion in about 3 seconds. My first thought was a meteor but it was green and did not leave a trail.
Phenomenon visible for how long?: three seconds
Direction of Object: North West
Height / Altitude of Object: 3000ft
Distance of Object:  half mile
Estimated Size of Object: About the size of a spot light
Speed of object:500 - 1000 mph
Object solid ?YES
Hear Sound?  No
Noticed Object/s:Change shape
Object was seen Moving in front or behindClouds
# of Witnesss: alone
Weather: Heavy Clouds
Reported by: Brett Bragg  Via UUFOH Online Report Form
Reported to:National UFO reporting center
UUFOH Note:   One of two sightings of possibly the same object around the same time.
Left contact information
Occurred : 10/6/02  - 7:15 pm
Reported : 10/6/02 7:55 PM
Location of sighting: Provo, UT
Shape : Light
Description of object /s : What looked like a big fireball came falling almost straight out of the sky, but then went behind some mountains so we couldn't see what happened to it.
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  Me and some friends were driving home from Salt Lake and we saw this big fireball sort of thing come almost straight down, but then it disappeared behind the mountains, so we didn't see what happened to it.  Just curious if anyone else saw this or something
similiar.  Thanks.
Phenomenon visible for how long?: 1-2 secs
Direction of Object: down
Height / Altitude of Object: above the mountains
Distance of Object:  4 miles
Estimated Size of Object: About the size of a spot light
Speed of object:50 - 250 mph
Hear Sound?  No
Noticed Object/s:Other
Seen in vehicle?YES
Object was seen Moving in front or behindMountain
# of Witnesss: 4
Weather: Clear/Calm
Reported by: John  Via UUFOH Online Report Form
Also Reported to: www.mysticaluniverse.com
UUFOH Note: Left contact information - Object seen was probably a meteor as noted by the Dever Post
see article: 'Big ball of fire' seen in western sky probably a meteor
Two bright lights - one the ISS
Occurred : 9/29/02  - exactly 8:00pm Mountain Time
Reported : 9/29/02 8:55 PM
Location of sighting: Cedar City, UT
Shape : Light
Description of object /s :At about 12:00 position right over my head, A very large very bright white light, all of a sudden shown down on me. I first thought it was suppose to be the International Space Station but it was in the wrong part of the sky. At arms length with fingers apart about 3 inches, was the trajectory long and about for 7 seconds, was the sighting. it just appeared out of nowhere above my head far up in the sky, and shown down on me with a brightness of about twice or three times the I.S.S.'s brightness (as I saw the Space station come over the sky about 5 minutes later, in a different part of the sky) I watched it from horizon to horizon until it went out of sight. It then disappered completely. I looked longer but seen nothing more where it was at.
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  I was standing in my front yard waiting to see the space shuttle and I thought this was it, so I went into the house after I saw it, but wasn't sure so returned outside, then I seen the
space shuttle, in the part of the sky it was suppose to be in. After I seen this bright white light.
Phenomenon visible for how long?: approximatly 7 seconds
Direction of Object: From South to North over my head a bit on the East side
Height / Altitude of Object: Not sure but I think cloud height.
Distance of Object:  cloud height
Estimated Size of Object: Not sure, I just seen an extreemly bright light shine on me as it moved slowly, then disappear
Speed of object:0 - 50 mph
Hear Sound?  No sound at all.
Noticed Object/s:Other
Object was seen Moving in front or behindnone
Weather: Light Clouds
Reported by: Alan Limb  Via UUFOH Online Report Form- email
UUFOH Note: Alan Limb is a member of UUFOH and was watching for the ISS that night
Falling object from sky
Occurred : 10/6/02  - 7:40 PM
Reported : 10/8/02 12:43 PM
Location of sighting: Utah County, Lehi/Highland area.  Half way between I-15 and Timpanogas
Shape : Light
Description of object /s : Falling object from sky.  Bright as firework with a lighter colored trail.  Color was Blue Green and faded into a white/yellow color as it "went out".
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  The object did not disappear from view behind mountains as others have reported.  I was heading East on the Alpine Highway (near Highland, UT).  The object was seen in between my position and that of Mt.  Timpanogas in front of me (with the mountain serving as a backdrop.  It appeared to "fade away" approximately 3-4 miles southwest of the Micron plant.  It could have landed in some of the various fields/neighborhoods in the area.
Phenomenon visible for how long?: 4-5 seconds
Direction of Object: South
Height / Altitude of Object: 300 yds.
Distance of Object:   4-5 miles
Estimated Size of Object: Size of a grapefruit held at arms lenght.
Speed of object:50 - 250 mph
Hear Sound?  Was in vehicle could not hear outside environment.
Noticed Object/s:Change color
Seen in vehicle?YES
Object was seen Moving in front or behindMountain
Object was seen in vicinity of:Major Tech / Research building
# of Witnesss: 4
Weather: Clear/Calm
Reported by: Dave-  Via UUFOH Online Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left contact information - Object seen was probably a meteor as noted by the Dever Post
see article: 'Big ball of fire' seen in western sky probably a meteor
Bright Green Fireball
Occurred : 10/21/02  -around 8:30- 9:00 PM
Reported : 10/22/02 4:27 PM
Location of sighting: 3640 highland drive Salt Lake City
Shape : Light
Description of object /s : bright green fire ball moveing east to west about at about 80 degrees above horizon
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  I was standing outside of Alachis restaurant when I observed what I think was a large green fireball  (bolide?)  moving east to west it was above the cloud cover and appeared to burn out
Phenomenon visible for how long?: 3 -6 seconds
Direction of Object: east  to west
Height / Altitude of Object: about 80 degrees above horizon.
Estimated Size of Object: about size of dime held at arms length
Speed of object:1000 - 3000 mph
Hear Sound?  No
Noticed Object/s:Other
Object was seen Moving in front or behindClouds
# of Witnesss: 2
Weather: Light Clouds
Reported by: Richard Britzman from Ogden  Via UUFOH Online Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left contact information - and other sighting event details
Other sightings
Seen before?Description of past experience:yes I have seen objects on two other occassions but these were definitely not meteors or any other naturaly occuring phenomenon. The most striking of these where two very bright stationary lights that apeared to drip some sort of fiery liquid and they turned off and on. This was observed about midnite in East Canyon between the reservoir and Morgan in Oct or Nov of 2001. I was so taken by these lights I stopped my truck in the middle of the road and turned off the engine to observe them this lasted about 5 minutes. I closely observed the conditions and this was no way anything natural. One light was larger than the other. One would come on then sort of fade out then the other would come on. The large one was about as large as a 50 cent piece at arms length, the other one about like a quarter. I am very well read on the subject of UFOs and am not familiar with anything naturally occuring that could account for this. This was in a rural area and I also observed barking of dogs from two different houses along the road that was what I would describe as frantic not the normal type of bark you would hear.  There was no other sounds at the time. Maybe to quiet ? As the larger light faded out, one time it apeared to drip several other lights or orbs below it, but they just disappeard at his point. I actually became scared or anxious and felt compelled to leave the area at once.  I have never been scared before.
Black Morphing Object
Occurred : 10/31/02  - 4:45pm
Reported : 11/01/02 11:59AM
Location of sighting: Westbound 6200 S & Airport II
Shape : Other
Description of object /s : Black, at first looked round then morphed into a square..it looked like a blob of mercury - it changed shaped as it travelled.  Bigger than a mylar balloon.  Smaller than a twin-engine plane. Did not appear to be solid.
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  I was sitting in traffic (6200 S/Airport II) when this black object, travelling south, entered my view.  I thought it was a balloon at first, but then realized it was bigger than a balloon and it had a definite direction.  It morphed as it headed south - then southeast toward Timpanogas.  I kept my eye on it for about 3 minutes before I had to start driving again - then I lost site of it.  I knew it was not a plane, helicopter, bird or balloon of any type.  It was the oddest thing I've ever seen. 
Phenomenon visible for how long?: at least 3 minutes - lost site of it, was driving
Direction of Object: Southeast - toward Timpanogas
Height / Altitude of Object: approx 3000 Ft??
Distance of Object from your Position: 1000 Ft??
Estimated Size of Object: the size of a car tire (standard)
Speed of object:0 - 50 mph
Hear Sound?  No
Noticed Object/s:Change shape
Object was seen in vicinity of:Military Airfield
Seen in vehicle?YES
# of Witnesss: 1
Weather: Heavy Clouds
Reported by: A.K. King from West Jordan Via UUFOH Online Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left contact information -
Brilliant Silver Cigar Object
Occurred : 10/31/02  - 9:20 a.m.
Reported : 11/01/02 11:59AM
Location of sighting: Francis, Utah
Shape : Cigar shape
Description of object /s : Cigar shape, brilliant silver in appearance.
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s :  I was returning from my childrens school and noticed what I thought was an aircraft. After watching the object for about 30 seconds I noted that it had stayed in one place.  It was located directly above the mountains off of Foothill Drive in Francis.  I watched the object as it remained in the same location for approximately 20 minutes.  It was a cigar shape, and one of the most brilliant silver colors I have ever seen. It disappeared in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  I watched for several more minutes to see if I could see it again.
Phenomenon visible for how long?: approximately 20 minutes
Direction of Object: East
Height / Altitude of Object: 12000 ft.
Distance of Object from your Position: 1 mile
Estimated Size of Object: 40 to 50 feet width - 15 to 20 feet in height
Speed of object:   3000 - more mph
Hear Sound?  No
Noticed Object/s: Hover
Object was seen in vicinity of:   Radio or Television tower
Seen in vehicle?YES - No malfunctions or noticable effects
# of Witnesss: Alone
Weather: Clear/Calm
Reported by: L. R. - Via UUFOH Online Report Form
UUFOH Note: Area is noted to be a 'known hotspot' for UFO activity. Witness and family have multiple sightings. Left contact information -
Bright Orange-Red Sphere On Ground
Occurred : 12/07/02  - 6;30 pm to about 8pm
Reported : 12/09/02 9:54AM
Location of sighting: Big Water, Utah - about 3 miles SW of our house
Shape : Sphere
Description of object /s : A very bright orange-red sphere.  When we first saw it-it appeared to be sitting on the ground as we could see the rocky ridge in shadow behind it.  At first it had a very bright core and was surrounded by a gaseous haze.  Gradually the haze disappeared leaving only the bright spherical core.
Sighting Event Details:Description of object /s : My husband just happened to look out the patio door.  He is defitely not a believer, at least he wasn't.  We had an unobrstucted view as this is open country and we can be exact as to distance and its location.  It was just this incredible red-orange color.  It had a brighter red-orange core and once I saw it flash (strob- like) Then the lighter gaseous haze  which surrounded it gradually dissapated. This took a bit of time.  It sat on ground then much later moved to the left away from the ridge and disappeared into the distance.
Phenomenon visible for how long?: about 2 hours
Direction of Object: moving southwest -low on horizon
Height / Altitude of Object: At first appeared to be sitting on the ground, later it moved to the left of the ridge and moved off in a southwesterly direction still appeared to be low to the horizon
Distance of Object from your Position: 3 miles
Estimated Size of Object: This is hard-maybe-appeared to be 20feet-???
Speed of object:  0 - 50 mph
Hear Sound?  No
Object solid?YES
Noticed Object/s: Emit smoke or vapor - Object Landed
Object was seen in vicinity of:   Monument site
Moving in front or behindMountain
# of Witnesss: TWO
Weather: Light Clouds
Seen before? Description of past experience:Yes, spheres and lights moving erratically over these same ridges, but nothing exacly like this-or as close as this.
Reported by: Gale J. - Via UUFOH Online Report Form
UUFOH Note: Left contact information
Occurred : 5-17-02 : Time of Sighting:8pm  Reported : 3/29/2003
Location of sighting: Flaming Gorge Area
Shape : Light
Description of object /s : 5 disk shaped light's hovering over the smoke of the forest fire hovering over the boat ramp at flaming gorge it moved from one side to another then it came closer to me and my friend the it just hoverd right over were we where at flaming gorge and then when we got ready to leave it followed us down the dirt road and half way through indian canyon and then it just disapeard and then i spotted two disk shaped lights last night here in price hovering over wood hill and a beam of light was comeing from one of the disk lights down to wood hill and then back up and then both lights shot stright up in the night sky and zoomed to the left towards me and then hoverd and then just disapeard . and that was last night here in price utah it was really scary for me becuase i thought they were comeing for me when i saw them move towards me becuase when i saw them i was standing outside my apt to were i live i live about three blocks from wood hill here in price area it was really scary for me last night .i didnt tell my future wife becuase i didnt want to scare her too
Direction of Object: heading towards east carbon and green river utah
Altitude of Object:  about 150 to 250 feet from the ground of wood hill
Distance of Object: three to four blocks from were i live in price utah
Estimated Size of Object:  huge very very big
Speed of object:   0 - 50 mph Object solid ?YES   - More than one object YES
Noticed Object:Hover, Object came within 500 feet
Object was seen in vicinity ofChurch or Temple  Moving in front or behindMountain
Phenomenon visible for how long?: two to three hrs
Describe sound: - a low humming when it was hovering and then when it moved it was sorta like a whisteling sound that i could hear pretty good 
# of Witnesss: 1 lucas espinoza
Weather: Clear/Calm
Reported to: -UUFOH
Reported by: james brailey- from: price   Via UUFOH Online Report Form
The UFO - BLIMP Object - 8/01/2002
UUFOH Team member Don Rogers has aquired the UFO Blimp footage of the KSL News Broadcast on 8/01/03 & 8/02/03 which shows the object to be a blimp-like object around 40 feet long.
Close examination of this video and stills taken from it reveal a propeller on the rear of the object (which never moved) and box-like objects in the front. Also a rope of some sort is visable on the tape.
Making this object - Man made - and not a UFO from elsewhere. (But may be a test of some sort)
This event was witnesses by hundreds of people in the foothills area near the U of U and caused quite a stir but was never followed up by the News Media after the broadcast. No one has stepped forward to claim ownership of the craft, nor has anyone been directly tied to causing the event witnessed by so many. Some witnesses seen the object as close as 15 feet (overhead) and still considered it a UFO. Even though the box-like objects near the front were clearly held on or supported with some tape.
SEE Full Report, with revealing photos and info
credit: Don Rogers & Dave Rosenfeld Ryan Layton - UUFOH
The Excellent 8/01/02 Sighting Report is listed HERE
UFO witnessed by hundreds was a 40 foot man made blimp. UUFOH is re-opening this case to find out who the owner of this craft is, who built it, and where it is now.

A Full Report NOW posted HERE
We are interested in hearing from anyone that has information regarding this event.
UPDATED: 8/1/2007

SIGHTINGS                                                                                    Photo / Video

7/31/02   Farmington, Utah
7/30/02   Magna, Utah
7/25/02   Grantsville, Utah
7/11/02   Sandy, Utah
6/29/02   Salt Lake City, Utah
6/11/02   Kaysville, Utah
5/22/02   South Salt Lake, Utah
5/17/02   Flaming Gorge, Utah
5/15/02   Sandy, Utah
5/10/02   Salt Lake City, Utah
5/09/02   Knolls, Utah
5/01/02   Sandy, Utah
0/00/02   Manti, Utah
4/24/02   Salt Lake City, Utah
4/13/02   Magna, Utah                                      X
3/09/02   Antelope Island, Utah                      X
2/24/02   Springdale, Utah
2/21/02   Salt Lake City, Utah                         X
1/12/02   Orem, Utah
1/08/02   Orem, Utah
SIGHTINGS                                                                                  Photo/ Video 

8/101/02 Salt Lake City, Utah   REPORT               X 12/07/02 Big Water, Utah
10/31/02 West Valley, Utah
10/31/02 Francis, Utah
10/21/02 Salt Lake City, Utah
10/06/02 Lehi/Highland, Utah
10/06/02 Provo, Utah
9/29/02   Cedar City, Utah
9/28/02   Ogden, Utah
9/28/02   Farmington, Utah
9/26/02   Taylorsville, Utah
9/19/02   St. George, Utah
8/23/02   Emigration Canyon, Utah                       X
8/14/02   Kanab, Utah
8/12/02   Salem, Utah
8/10/02   Cedar City, Utah
8/04/02   Roy, Utah
8/02/02  Salt Lake City, Utah                            blimp
8/01/02   Salt Lake City, Utah


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