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Nedis Boskailo: West Valley City, Utah
Merri Hart: Salt Lake City, Utah
Susan Wenstad: Provo, Utah
Janis Moore: Salt Lake City, Utah
Ronald Johnson Price, Utah
Marianne Defa: Hanna, Utah
John D Chappell: Tooele, Utah
Sean Young: Salt Lake City /Fruitland,Utah
Sara Marie Rock: Vernal, Utah
Karl Max Thatcher: Ferron, Utah
Gordon McKinney: Hooper, Utah
Elton Blackhair: Salt Lake City, Utah
Shane Murray: Jensen, Utah
Mari Luther: American Fork,Utah
Alex B Windley: Holiday,Utah
Kim  Terry: Logan Utah
Michael C Harvey: Herriman, Utah
James Lee Brailey: Price, Utah
David Buckhosh: Layton, Utah
Boyd Christensen: Park City, Utah
Pete Winterton: Roosevelt Utah
Robin Hoefer: Clearfield, Utah
William -----: Clearfield, Utah
UPDATE : 1/7/2008


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Merri Hart   Original Member Since 1.30.1997                                                                              # 13

FIELD WORKER / Researcher
Location: Salt Lake City , UT (Canyons)
Member Info: Skywatcher, Alien playmate, Hybrid, Artist, UFO Buff, Investigated the 97 Smithsfield Cropcircle, Interacted with Cropcircle light phenomenon in the 1996 Cropcircle.
Equipment: Telescope, binocs, Digital camera,
Sightings: 5 UFO Sightings, 1 Creature Sighting
Visitations: unknown
VIEW: Smithfield Cropcircle - Cropcircle Lights
UUFOH Note: I couldn't have done it back then without her, Thanks Merri  - Miss You!

Skywatches: 14
Sara Marie Rock   Member Since 3.22.2004                                       Awaiting Dues     # 45

Location: Vernal, UT
Member Info: Dedicated alien hunter. Very incogneto. My hobbies are camping, fishing, water activities, hiking and of course alien hunting. I have had lots of investigating experience, thats about the only thing to do around this town and plus I live only 15 minutes away from the Sherman Ranch.
Equipment:  Spot lights. Digital camera, Video recorder, stealth mode equipment such as black gloves and lots of camo gear. I have nigt vision, spotting scopes, and binoculars. Also extra sensitive hearing devices.
Sightings: Never had an actual encounter with an alien being.but many pictures of weierd lights. have seen many weird lights. Unexplainable noises.
Goal -Why I want to Join: Alien hunting is my passion in life. Its just about the only thing that gets me interested or excited. I could/would dedicate my every waking minute to any investigation.
Comment: I know of locations that would be considered important
Skywatches: 0
Sean Young Member Since 1.17.2002                                                             Awaiting Dues      # 8

Location: Salt Lake City /Fruitland / Currant Creek [weekends]
Member info: Skywatcher,UFO / Alien Freak, Contact?, Alien Playmate
Equipment: 2 telescopes, 2 camcorder's and 3 still cameras, two way radios, scanner, and eyes in the back of my head. - Prepared Member !
Sightings: Many, has recorded video and audio of a UFO
Visitations: Many
VIEW : Ranch Recon 2002
" Denial Of A Cover-up - The Biggest Lie Of All"
UUFOH Note: Sean has a impressive drive, but we haven't heard from him in a while.
Member of the Month: 1
Skywatches: 1
Sean Young
William ---------- (Bill) Member Since 4.25.2002                                      Awaiting Dues

Location: Clearfield, UT
Member info: Occupation : Network Engineer / Programmer / Telecommunications - UFO Buff. Really interested in linking Alien activity with religion.
Equipment: 4x4 blazer, binoculars, camera
email: -----------
Goal : Want to make others aware of what's going on.
Sightings: 1 (I think).it was at night but was moving so fast across the sky it couldn't have been a plane.
Visitations : Only if they want to get shot :)
"Who's more crazy? The person who knows the truth. Or the person who ignores it?
# 10 Skywatches: 0
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Sean Young
Bigelow Skywatch Attendee & Well Prepared !
Max Karl Thatcher Member Since 9.11.2002                                  Awaiting Dues                   # 20

Location: Ferron, UT - Price Area
Member info: I stay up late at night, go for walks, good eyes, have some embalming experience. Security guard.
Equipment: 1996 f-350 powerstroke, video camera, digital camera, CB system, two way radios
Tel: #435-384-3045
Sightings: 0
I want to Join: because some one needs to do something about this UFO thing. I would like to be a part of this prestigious group. thanks.
Skywatches: 0
Gordon McKinney Member Since 9.20.2002                                          Awaiting Dues             # 21

Location: Hooper, Utah
Member info: I see UFO or paranormal activity often, I enjoy the outdoors especially looking up at the sky for the unknown. photo experience-camera
Equipment: camera-video camera JVC TC-30VHGL
Sightings: 20 in the state of UTAH-
Details: The sighting that I will always remember is when I was 10 years old. This craft just came over my house and didn't make any sound it just hovered over the house. All I recall is that my brother, my friend, and I where just watching it as it slowly went to North Ogden, Utah and slowly disappeared over Ben Lomond Peak. Ever since then I would hear things and my brother would think I was crazy. This was only when it was dark and I was in bed. I was scared to even go asleep at night, I thought something was taking me out of room. This went on for 8 years. Now I Just look up in the sky and I can see UFO's and every time I have my wife look up it disappears and now she thinks I'm crazy, but I see them there. supporting Evidence: One sighting I seen was in the 1980's and my exbrother in law's parents took the photo. They still have it. Also the Standard Examiner took a copy of it and it was published in the paper. This UFO was flying over the Ogden area.
Why I want to Join: Because I know I can be a great asset to the group.
Skywatches: 0
Join the #1
Serious Inquiries only please
Michael C Harvey Member Since 1.07.03                              Awaiting Dues                              # 25

Location: Herriman UT
Member info:
Equipment: I have a mead telescope I don't know the specs but it's nice paid about $800.00 for it I also have a spotting scope and Digital camera and also really nice binoculars Plus have car
Credentials: Some college
Experience: I have had Friends that have had experience with aliens
Sightings: none
I plan on attending all group activities as much as possible
Why I want to Join: Because what my friends have told me there are aliens and I believe them they have nothing to gain from telling me something that is not true  I want to be team motivated in the group and learn from each other I want to find more of the truth and this is the way to do it.
Skywatches: 0
Kim Terry:  MEMBER SINCE 4.6.03                                                                                               # 30   03$

Location: Davis County,Layton, Utah
Member info: Psychic, Medium, Empath
Experience:No professional exp, only sightings and extreme interests since the age of 5. Always "knew" they were out there. Missing time and scoop mark (?), was a tom-boy, but I have no recollection of how I came about having this mark.
Equipment: camera
Sightings: 4
Details:1st sighting that I remember is of seeing a craft (?) in the air over the desert in Nevada. I watched it zig-zag across the sky for about an hour (?). I reported it to Nellis Air Force Base. I was around 10.
2nd sighting I was commercial fishing with my ex-husband and saw something approach our boat. Radar, sonar and flare guns were used to try to figure out what this object was. We only saw lights, but being out in the middle of the ocean made it difficult to approach us unseen...this "thing" was able to get very close to the boat and we were unable to identify it.3rd sighting was during the night at my home. I had gone upstairs to lay on the couch. I was feeling restless and sometimes I would get out of bed and sleep on the couch. I had no sooner laid my head down (mind you still very much awake) on a pillow when my then boyfriend came up stairs and said to me "where have you been" I replied "I just came upstairs to lay down" he replied "No, you have been gone for 3 hours". Funny but we didn't talk anymore about it, just went to bed. Next morning I asked him what happened and he told me that I had gotten out of bed (not unusual for me)and gone upstairs, it woke him up. When I didn't return in a little bit he came upstairs to see if I was okay...I wasn't in the house. He also stated that he saw a "glowing" object floating in our back yard, maybe 20ft from our house. At this point he went back to bed.He then remembers coming up stairs a few hours later and finding me fully awake on the couch. I asked him to
point out where this "glowing" object was and he did. I could see a faint impression in the air where this object was suppose to have been. The impression was outlined in black/gray, just haning in the air. We didn't speak more about it and let the subject drop. Also during this time I came down with an Auto Immune Disease.......not sure if this is connected or not. This happened in Virginia.4th sighting occurred a few years back. My boyfriend and I were just leaving a softball game and were in our car driving home. It was dusk, however the visibility was excellent. We started to make a right hand turn when I looked to the left and saw something hanging in the air. A bright lighted object. I pointed it out to him and said "that is a UFO", he laughed....about that time the object that was probably half a block away moved quickly to the left, stopped moved quickly to the right, stopped and repeated the whole maneuver. At this point I was very excited and told him to make a right instead of our left and head toward this object because I wanted a closer look. The object remained stationary until we approached within 200 ft or so (excuse my sense of does leave alot to be desired )and then it started to move slowly in the same direction we were headed. We continued to pursue the object through a light and it headed over the top of an apartment building. I was very excited because at this point we were close and I knew when reached the other side of this apartment building I would have a close sighting. I urged my boyfriend on and we rounded the apartment building only to discover that there was nothing there...the object had skimmed the top of this building and then disappeared on the other should have been on the other side of this apartment building. There was no place for it to go! It wasn't there. I felt a sense of let-down. I really wanted to see this thing. Once we couldn't find the object we turned around and headed back home....2 minutes in to our trip home my BF and I were discussing what we saw...he thought that I what we saw wasn't a UFO, but he could offer no explanation for what we did see. (he had been in the Air Force for several years ) I'm talking and am very excited about what just happened and am trying to convince him that what we saw was a UFO...he's kinda poo-pooing me off when all the sudden a black sports car flies buy us at a very fast speed....the license plate said UFO! We tried to keep up with the car but were unable to......for the next three days I was very uneasy..I felt like I was being looked at, studied. I felt like they were out there watching me...I can't explain that. I have no memory of contact. I never said anything during those three days, but I continued to watch the sky and was nervous about leaving my house. On the third day my boy friend came over to my house and preceded to tell me that he had an uneasy feeling and felt that they were watching me!!
Why I want to Join: I wanted to join to appease my enormous interest in UFO's. As a small child, around 5 or so. I would stand on my bed and look out my window when I was suppose to be asleep. I can remember looking for UFO's...I remember looking for signs that they were there.I have always KNOWN that ET's and UFO's are real...I have always known that!
CommentI see UFO or paranormal activity often
  Skywatches: 0
James Lee Brailey   MEMBER SINCE 4.11.03                                Awaiting Dues                             #31

Location: Price, UT
Member info: I've been interested in UFOs since my first sighting back in 93 in Provo Utah at
Luralwood trailer park that was were the new mall was
Credentials:I've been having sightings alot lately of UFOs . here in price Utah
Equipment: note pad and ill probably be getting a telescope and a camera this next month
Sightings: 7
Details: lights making odd movements and one of the UFOs were triangle misty and Ryan did a follow up on my UFO sightings
Supporting Evidence odd shapes and odd movements and the odd shapes took off very very fast faster then a fighter jet
UUFOH note: transportation is an issue
James also has a Yahoo group
Skywatches: 0
Alex Brett Windley  MEMBER SINCE 6.05.03                          Awaiting Dues                          #32

Location: Holliday (Salt Lake City) Utah
Member info: I believe that I have seen several very real UFOs all here in Utah. I have extreme
Insomnia and so I often go out onto my roof at night and watch the always changing sky's around Salt Lake.
Credentials:Nothing special. I am in High School at Olympus. Honor Roll student.
Experience:Few possible encounters with UFOs, but want to know what they are for sure.
Talents:I can stay up all night easily, take accurate observations and I tend to notice the small things.
Equipment: Ford Bronco, Dirtbike, Digital camera, 8mm camcorder, spotlights and an interest
Number of Sightings: 3
Details: All at night usually around 2:30 in the western eastern skies of SLC. Traditional UFO shape with golden circular lights. Hover in same place move slowly, then all have disappeared
Supporting Evidence I have a picture of one, but it came out terribly and you cant tell what it is. Other witnesses.
Why I want to Join: I have always been interested in this stuff and my friends all play it off as over active
imagination or lies, I need to be around people with the same interest and beliefs as myself.
Comment: I would like to make a larger donation to UUFOH to help with the effort.

Skywatches: 0
Mari Luther MEMBER SINCE  6.27.03                                                                                # 33  03$

Location: American Fork, UT
Member info:
Equipment: Telestar Model 60EQ telescope Nikon 28-80mm, JVC Optical 22x camcorder, 1995 GMC Jimmy 4wd.
Experience: skilled researcher, computer literate, negotiator, highly detailed oriented.
Talents:Artist in mixed mediums, amateur photographer.
Sightings: 2
Details: 1st sighting around 1967-68 over Utah Lake, looked like a bluish type of craft with a light that slowly dropped out of the bottom of it and hung in mid-air for a while..
2nd sighting 1991 Cancun, Mexico. While standing on my hotel balcony I saw brilliant orange-red balls of light  shooting from the clouds above the ocean coming straight above my hotel at enormous speed, it lasted a good 5 minutes.
Supporting Evidence: #1 reports on the evening news.. says it was a weather balloon.
#2 I don't know who else along the beach saw this or at the hotel.. I didn't inquire, it totally blew me away.
Why I want to Join:I am also a believer and I think that anyone who is not is very arrogant to think we are the only ones here. I want to help uncover and expose the truth.. it is way past due.

    Skywatches: 0
Shane Robert Murray    MEMBER SINCE 8.13.03                              Awaiting Dues          # 36

Location: Jensen, Utah
Member info: I like to explore the  unknown when I was 10 I lived 20 miles from Area 51
Equipment: Cannon camera with zoom lens, maps, cell phone, truck, video camera, CB, metal detector
Sightings: I have seen one UFO
Talents: I can read maps and make them and I am very good with directions and roads.
Goal: I always wondered about UFOs ever since I was little what they want and what they do how they live and other stuff and I think this is a good way to find out
Skywatches: 0
John Darrin Chappell     MEMBER SINCE 8.21.03                          Awaiting Dues                  #37

Location: Tooele, Utah
Member info:   Degree in radio Broadcasting,
Talents: play clarinet, acting, writing, able to sense when evil presence (spirit?) nearby
Equipment: digital camera.....not sure what equipment is needed....I may have more.
Why I want to Join: I have long been interested in this area.  Would like to gain experience on field investigations.  Would like to not only have more personal experiences in the paranormal area but would like to use that experience and any gained knowledge to help others. 
Skywatches: 0
Marianne Defa    MEMBER SINCE 9.12.03                                                                      $ 05  #39

Member / Researcher
Location: Uinta Mountains, Hanna Utah
Member info: I find myself quite psychic and an empath.
Credentials:? I'm a wife and mother and grandmother. I drive a school bus and work with special children. I study astrology, reincarnation, history,religions,UFO's for many years. I love to hike and watch the sky.
Equipment: We have a metal detector, and telescope.
Sightings: Never counted. But lot's since 1966
Details:I could go on and on here but feel it's not important. Each person has their own special experience.
Supporting Evidence My children have watched some of the UFO's with me.All my sightings have been in Utah.
Why I want to Join: To listen and read what others have to say. To know I'm not alone in what I see and what I believe. I'd like to be able to say I see UFO's and not have some snickers and doubts.,to change peoples thoughts about UFO's make them a legitimate concern.
CommentI'm very impressed with what the Search Team is doing and accomplished
UUFOH NOTE: Glad to have Marianne aboard, Marianne is working on a database of our accomlishments/ findings which is well needed and would like to say thanks for making UUFOH better! Keep up the good work!
Skywatches: 0
Elton Blackhair  MEMBER SINCE 9.18.2003                                                                #40

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Member info: 29 yr old American Indian
Credentials: USMC 4 years
Experience:  Attend Weber State University
Talents:Father and I may be interested in seeing what the team is all about.
Equipment: My Father and I are interested in seeing what is available, he is interested and so am I.  We would like to maybe join, but American Indians are careful, about Bigfoot and UFO's, We are from the Uintah basin, and would like to see what we can learn and do for the team
Sightings: My father has some experiance in UFO's and Bigfoot
Supporting Evidence:  I have been to Roswell, and traveled to a few states, mostly storied told to me by my
Why I want to Join: My father and I have been curious for a long time about Bigfoot and UFO's and we want to learn more and if possible, help in anyway possible.   
CommentI'm very impressed with what the Search Team is doing and accomplished
  Skywatches: 0
David Buckosh  MEMBER SINCE 11.22.2003                                       Awaiting Dues           #41  $03

Location: Layton, Utah
Member info: I am presently working for DCMA Salt Lake City
I have been working for DOD for 18 years Plus
Prior to that I was in the US Air Force, from 1967 until 1971
I am also the last person to work on Project Bluebook and work closely with World Allied Security Patrol (WASP)
Sightings:  Several in my lifetime, You would be surprised what you can see in an aircraft over 100T and travel at speeds in excess of 6T and a lot faster such as an SR71 and/or an F-108A Rapier at the time its codename was Tigershark.
Goal Why I want to Join:Because a heck of a lot involving Alien Spacecraft will be coming sooner to an area near you than later. Remember the Mayan prophecy.

Skywatches: 0
Boyd Christensen  MEMBER SINCE 7.20.2004                                                                  #42  $04

Location: Park City Utah
Member info: Land Surveyor(specializing in topographic mapping) longtime member of I.G.H.S. (international ghost hunters society) taken part and hosted in numerous seminars dealing with the paranormal and the supernatural, as well as alternate patterns of thought. longtime interest and fascination in dealing with all of these subjects. consider myself vey sensitive to energy and vibration;)
Equipment: G.P.S. and total station mapping equipment
email: x
Sightings:  numerous, but would rather save it for another time. (ghosts spirit,Lemurian,Peladian,etc.)
Goal Why I want to Join:Just moving back, would like to join friends of similar interest, and general fascination for a state that i feel is ripe with paranormal activity.
Comment I want to get involved with a field ready experienced group!
  Skywatches: 0
Pete Winterton   Member Since 01.16.2004                                  Awaiting Dues              # 43 $ 04

UUFOH  Member
Location: Roosevelt, UT
Member info: I know people! I've been fascinated with UFO's since I was a little boy anything that has to do with little green men I'm your man to investigate
Equipment: My expertise, Compass, timers, maybe a camera if I can get one and maybe some night vision
email: *
Sightings: 0
Why I want to Join: To help find answers to this ongoing phenomenon
UUFOH Note: Pete has some very good contacts and involvement with interesting and knowledgeable persons in the field, a welcome member indeed!
Skywatches: 0
Merri H.
Nedis Boskailo   Member Since 03.07.2005                                                                         # 45 $ 08

UUFOH  Team Member
Location: West Valley City, Utah
Member info: only experience that i have is how to operate any guns and kickboxin that I learn in Bosnia with my dad
Equipment: 1998 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 and police/army scanner and digital cam f2.8 f=8.5mm
email: *
Sightings: 3 I see many sightings but never reported to anyone or recorded
Why I want to Join: I want to join becauseI belive that we are not alone in universe
UUFOH Note: UUFOH thanks Nedis who has been very involved and participates in most activities.He is always well prepared. Nedis is also very interested in the New Area 51!
Investigations: 2
Skywatches: 15
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Robin Hoefer
Robin N Hoefer Member Since 3.15.2002                                                     Awaiting Dues   # 9

Location: 221E 2025S Clearfield UT 84015
Member info: Been in the military for over 18 years, interested in UFOS and other things,
Eyes always up. 
Equipment: Panasonic VHSC Model no# PV-L858.  Takes VHS and digital pictures
Also have a Canon EOS 700 with a zoom lens 35 - 80 ( Shudder needs to be fixed )
Sightings: ?
Skywatches: 0
Susan Wenstad   Member Since 01.01.2003                                                                    # 47 $ 05

UUFOH  Member
Location: Provo, Utah
Member info: will update
Equipment:  Digital Camera. will update
email: *
Sightings: several -will update
Why I want to Join: will update
Comment: will update
UUFOH Note: Susan has been involved at meetings and with SLC MUFON for some time, a knowledgeable member!

Investigations: 0
Skywatches: 4
Janis Moore   NEW Member Since 01.05.2008                                                                    # 50 $ 08

UUFOH  Member
Location: Salt Lake City Utah
Member info: Ghost Investigator
Equipment:  Mini DV Camcorder, digital camera, film camera, tripod, recorder, walkie talkies (2)
Experience: ghost hunting experience
Talents: good with people, detail oriented, scientific approach, calm in stressful situations
email: *
Phone # 801-808-5874
Sightings: none
Why I want to Join: I've always been interested in this field and know they are out there.  I want to join to go on investigations when possible and collect evidence.
Comment: I want to do everthing  can to help the group grow
I Plan on YES  -  I plan on attending Group Meeting as much as possible
Skywatches YES - I plan on attending all group activities as much as possible
UUFOH Note: Janis has been involved at meetings and with SLC MUFON for some time, a welcomed member! She is also a member of Unknown Utah

Investigations: 0
Skywatches: 2
Ronald  Eugene Johnson   NEW Member Since 01.06.2008                                    # 52 $ 08

UUFOH  Member
Location: Price, Utah
Member info: Ghost Investigator
Equipment:  2-4x4 trucks / 27ft. Motorhome /Bushnell tele., Bin-ocs /35MM Camera - 50MM , 500MM , Wide Angle Lens / Digital Camera , Movie Cam. / Voice Dig Recorder and Tape
Credentials: Gas / Diesel Mechanic / Heavey Equip.
Experience: Knowledge of southern UT 
Talents: Animation Artist / 4x4
email: *
Phone # 801-808-5874
Sightings: 3 - 2 in Utah , 1 in Hawaii
Details:Triangle shape UFO - 2 Oval Lights 1 with 3 beams
Supporting Evidence: The one with 3 Beams was seen by 2 others
Why I want to Join: I would very much like to be a part of a serious group , to collect as much proof as possible for the existance of UFO`s and other paranormal subjects like Bigfoot and Spirits.
Comment:I know of locations that would be considered important
Website Love the layout and easy to follow format!
I Plan on YES  -  I plan on attending Group Meeting as much as possible
Skywatches YES - I plan on attending all group activities as much as possible
UUFOH Note: welcome Ron! Glad to have you on the team.

Investigations: 0
Skywatches: 0