1996 Logan,UT Cropcircle Photo (C) Copyright 2001-2002 Dave Rosenfeld
The Event
l  Cropcircle Light Phenomenon

The experience that I'm about to tell you was also made known to Nancy Talbott from the BLT Research team (which our investigative team has since worked with on several occasions regarding crop formations that have occurred in Utah and surrounding areas since 1996.) via - a respected local investigator that heard my story. Even though 5 years had passed since the event took place, he thought it was interesting enough to pass it on to Nancy to investigate.

(I did not own a computer until the year 2000 so information and contact was somewhat limited, and I never thought of reporting it because I knew little on the subject or whom to report it to. In the year 2000 when I acquired my first computer I started my own website, which is where I told my story, and posted the photo, in turn, it is where the story got noticed, and passed on.)

  I was contacted by Nancy Talbott on the evening of Nov, 20th 2001 and informed her of the experience. She was delighted that a photo was taken showing the small strange lights. Nancy was very interested, she asked numerous questions and asked to acquire the photo evidence. I agreed to send here a copy of the photo, which she received.

The story goes...
  I traveled to Cache County, Logan, Utah a couple hour drive from Salt Lake City to view a cropcircle that was recently reported. Learning that Utah has a cropcircle was exciting, seeing the photo and report in the local paper the Salt Lake Tribune, got me excited and on the road, heading towards Logan.  Even though it had been a several days after the discovery of the formation, We were hoping to see our first cropcircle in person. Upon arriving at the location, with some troubles with directions, we were disappointed to see the condition of the circle when we arrived late that evening around 8:00 pm. The farmer had cut down the crop all around the circle. And the cropcircle was barely visible, with just the edges still standing, the fence was down on the north side of the field and more or less a small road leading to the circle. It was trampled, looked nothing like the photo we had seen in the paper. It was a skeleton of a circle.

  We got out and check out the scene anyway, Trying to make out the design, and size. Picking up some of the crop that was left to inspect it for anything unusual. Then, during our visit to the circle formation or what was left of it, we (me and my girlfriend at the time) noticed and observed several small white lights moving about the field. We were curious and within seconds it had our full attention. Some were very small, such as the one shown in the photo. About two-three inches in size. Others, farther away, seemed to be the size of a baseball. We also noticed that the closer they were, the brighter they were, and the ones farther away were not only bigger but more transparent, or not as bright. They did seem to change in size and brightness. We saw about 20 at one time, like a whole herd of luminous bubbles dancing around the field. The strange lights would appear and disappear seemingly at will, especially if we tried to get close to them.
  They were at times, very fast, interacting with each other, and moved as if the were alive, never getting higher than fifteen or so feet above the ground. We were overwhelmed with excitement, what were these things? At the time I didn't know much at all about cropcircles and even less about the so called 'Orbs' or balls of light that were associated with them.
   I thought to myself, cool, this is something that I should try to get a picture of. I returned to the truck and retrieved the cheap automatic camera I had, and tried to get close enough to them for a shot.,
  We captured one of the "lights" in this photo, very close to the camera, about two yards away, and about 3 feet in the air, next to the end of the trampled cropcircle formation. As you can see in the photo it left somewhat of a streak behind it. I have no explanation for this as the lights were perfectly round in appearance. Maybe it was the camera or a reaction the light ball had to the flash. It did seem that the flash affected them in a way, the closer ones would "jerk" or make a quick movement just as the picture was taken. Only noticeable when they were at their closest. It may also explain why all but this one photo turned out bad with major washout or being so dark you couldn't see anything. Who knows.

  We even tried to catch one at one point, ganging up on it, trying to trap it between us, but the light would just disappear, or blink out when we got too close. We chased the lights anyway and tried to get closer, unsuccessfully, but with the impression that the lights were teasing us to try.  Some would "fly" or float around us as if they were playing with us, or checking us out, buzzing overhead then zipping off into the distance. It seemed that they would circle the field then come in closer toward us, but if we got too close they would be gone instantly, like a bubble popping. They made no sound. We were running around the field like children, we were definitely having fun! Even though we didn't know what they were, or why they were there.

  Some asked us later, even researcher Nancy Talbot,  "Wasn't you afraid? Didn't you think that they might hurt you or even burn you?"   Well... no, We didn't have any fear of the small dancing lights at all, they were very interesting and somehow playful. We never thought at any time that the lights would harm us, or that we might be dealing with something that was dangerous.. We were actually uplifted and consumed with a feeling of childlike innocence and felt like they wanted to "play", or interact with us. Which we did for a short hour that seemed to pass by too quickly.
It was almost like a physical communication in some strange unknown way. A language or sharing of "feeling" that was quite comfortable.

  We observed the Phenomenon for about an hour, maybe more. Then the lights slowly left us, blinking out a few at a time, or moving off into the distance, and fading out. We really didn't notice the time or even the surroundings outside of the field, or the traffic from the nearby road. We mentioned afterwards that we probably looked pretty stupid running around a field chasing "Bubbles" for an hour. Although I don't think anyone saw us.
  Overall it as an awesome experience, we didn't want to end. As we talked about the event later that evening, we thought that it was very natural somehow. Something about the lights and their movements seemed to be a part of the field or land. It was somehow spiritual, leaving us with a overall energy boost and desire to stay outside.

  We returned to Salt Lake, took the film in to be developed and decided to make another trip back to the field the next day. We went and picked up the film the next morning and was disappointed with our results. The photos that we took didn't turn out well, Only two turned out. (it was an automatic camera) The photos were either to dark, blurred with movement, or washed out by the flash. Shame, but also lesson learned. We took several photos of the lights that came close. (It may have been the excitement of the moment, causing some of the blurred photos)

  We returned the next evening around the same time, well a little earlier, with a video cam and with better and borrowed, camera equipment and try to capture the little lights on video, etc, since the photos we took the day before didn't do the experience justice.  We spent several hours looking and waiting, even trying to call the lights back, but the lights didn't return. We asked a couple that entered the field for a look at what was left of the formation, if they had seen any lights in the field, They said they hadn't seen any thing like that, and gave us a strange look. We didn't say anything more to them and decided to wrap it up.
  We were going back without any new pictures or video and without the "feeling" we so much enjoyed experiencing the night before. On the drive back to Salt Lake, we wondered if any others had seen the lights in the field.
Or, if we were the only ones to experience this phenomenon.

  Since that unforgettable visit to the trampled 1996 Logan "Glyph" Cropcircle, I have visited and investigated, 3 other Cropcircle events in my region, the 1997 "Smithfield Joe" Cropcircle, the 1998 "Cove" Cropcircle, and the 2002 Teton City "Parker" Cropcircle, never seeing the friendly balls of light in any of them.
                                                                                                   ...Dave Rosenfeld -UUFOH

l  Could this possibly be the first account of witnessing, photographing and interacting with the Cropcircle Light Phenomenon in the US? Maybe..... (certainly the first recorded)

Nancy Talbott - BLT Research said that it might be the case, its the only report she knows of so far that has witnesses seeing, interacting, and photographing the so called balls of light, Orbs, or Cropcircle Light Phenomenon. To this day I do believe it still is the only report in the US of Cropcircle lights. Although many reports come out of Europe and other countries.

Nancy Talbott also explained during our talk about the event that it could be that certain individuals are more in tune with certain energies or possibly even attract certain phenomenon. That may be a theory bearing some truth, being that I also have witnessed and photographed many UFOs, and experience several other "Phenomenon" or paranormal events in my life.

  I'm not an expert in the cropcircle subject or research by any means. Nor do I have any other researchers opinions or data to confirm this theory or idea. I would like to know more about the occurrences and reports of these balls of light associated with Cropcircles. Especially the possibility of other similar reports of the phenomenon in the US or Canada.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any information that might help in determining if this is a rare or non existent in the US or can explain the phenomenon even somewhat.

Contact: Dave Rosenfeld  UUFOH Director

The 1996 'Glyph' Cropcircle Light Phenomenon
(C) Copyright 2001-2004 Dave Rosenfeld
Photo was taken by Dave Rosenfeld
with a Canon Automatic 400 sp Kodak film / with flash
see PHOTO # 2
If you have any comments or questions about these photos, or the event, please contact us

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Ryan Layton referred me to your picture.  It resembles the orb pictures I have on my site, especially the ones I recently took in the Evanston Mental Hospital pauper field.
Alan Meyer    http://alanmeyer.com
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l  Nancy Talbott - BLT Research Team :> bltresearch@mediaone.net 

Interested in my 1996 Cropcircle Light Photo. She and I talked for about a half hour Nov 20th 2001 Tuesday night before she went on "Jeff Rense" talk show to talk about her witnessing cropcircles.

See what they talked about on her site at:> http://www.rense.com/general17/talbot.htm  she mentioned this photo and this website on the air towards the end of the show
l > check out the show on Jeff Rense Archives http://www.broadcast.com/shows/endoftheline/01archives.html

I sent her the photo and report, she is going to add it to the Official BLT Report and analysis on the 1996 Cache County Cropcircle and send the full report back to me. I will post it on the site as soon as I receive it.
    Nancy Talbott also made a note... "This is the first account we know of in which witnesses both observed visually and interacted over an extended period of time with light balls in a crop formation--and obtained photographic evidence of the experience. "

LOGAN, UTAH - August, 1996


Five years after the Logan formation had occurred (and after this Lab Report had been written) I heard about a young man from Salt Lake City who had visited the Logan circles a week or two after they were discovered and had a very unusual experience. Dave Rosenfeld had never seen a crop circle before and, out of curiosity, he drove to the Logan site to see a crop circle for himself. Arriving at about 8 pm (just as it was getting dark) he and his girlfriend went into the field and were amazed to observe multiple "small white lights moving about the field" both over and near the formation.

These balls of light (BOLs) were perfectly spherical, some appearing to be 2-3 inches in diameter and others more the "size of a baseball." They noticed that "the closer they were, the brighter they were" and that "the ones farther away were not only bigger, but more transparent, or not as bright." They made no sound at all. Dave reported that there were "about 20 of them at a time...like a whole herd of luminous bubbles dancing around the field."

When Dave or his girlfriend tried to get closer to any of the lights they would disappear, or move quickly away, "always keeping about 3 ft. away from either one of us." The BOLs, at times, moved very fast, as if "interacting with each other" and "as if they were alive," never moving more than 15 ft. above the ground. The couple tried to catch one of the BOLs, on one occasion attempting to "trap it between us," but the BOLs just disappeared or would blink out when either Dave or his girlfriend got "too close."

In another instance Dave tried to "fool" the light balls by turning his back and pretending that he intended to leave the circle. After walking a few feet he suddenly spun around, to see a very bright light ball right behind his back. While chasing the light balls Dave had the imprssion that the BOLS were "teasing us...some would fly or float around us as if they were playing with us, or checking us out; but if we got too close they would be gone instantly, like a bubble popping."

After witnessing the light balls for awhile Dave went back to his truck to get his camera and, upon his return to the field, attempted to capture the BOLs in a number of photos with his Canon automatic camera (Kodak 400 ASA film).

Light ball in Logan, Utah crop circle, one of dozens of clearly visible "luminous bubbles" observed "dancing around the field" for at least an hour. Photo: Dave Rosenfeld

Only one photo came out, which shows a light ball about 2 yards away from the camera lens and about 3 feet in the air. The BOL itself was, according to Dave, perfectly spherical. The blurred streak behind the BOL on the photo was not visible to the eye, although Dave noted that the light balls which were close to him did seem to react to the flash going off, and would "jerk" or make a quick movement away.

After an hour or more in the formation, the light balls "slowly left us, blinking out a few at a time, or moving off in the distance and fading out." Both Dave and his girlfriend had had a feeling of playfulness throughout the encounter, as well as the distinct impression of communication of some sort having taken place. For Dave's full account click here.

This is the first account we know of in which witnesses both observed visually and interacted over an extended period of time with light balls in a crop formation--and obtained photographic evidence of the experience. This report also supports other accounts of BOLs and/or strange energy effects experienced in or near crop circles, sometimes long after the crop circle formed.

Nancy Talbott

l  Story was also posted on the Crop Circle News Website

on 7/12/04 & 2/23/03
l  Nov, 20th 2001

I was originally contacted by Ryan Layton concerning this photo and the events leading to the photo. AND was contacted Nov, 20th 2001 by Nancy Talbott from the BLT Research Team, who investigated the circle.
Their field team did analysis on the ground traces found within the circle. see more
(C) Copyright 2001-2002 Dave Rosenfeld
Strange Light Captured In UUFOH Photograph
of the 1996 Logan Utah Cropcircle at night

The First Recorded Account? Is UUFOH the first to witness, interact & photograph the mysterious Cropcircle Light Phenomenon in the US? Maybe.....
l  PHOTO # 2

this photo was found later showing a couple of the lights / orbs in background.
Basic Information on the 1996 ,Utah Crop formation
l  Strange Light Phenomenon Captured in Photo of the 1996 Providence/Logan, Utah Cropcircle at night.
The 1996 "Glyph" Cropcircle, Logan, UTAH  Appeared in farmer Seth Alder's field on Aug. 23, 1996 - The design was 240 feet long and was made in wheat crop ready for harvest.

It was investigated by several local Investigators :including Todd & Lisa Weaklend, Ryan Layton

And also
l  BLT Research Team performed the - 1996 Clay-Mineral Crystallization Study:
In 1996 local geologist Diane Conrad carried out preliminary X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) examination of illite/smectite clays in soil taken from a crop formation at Logan, Utah.
Updated on: 8/29/2005
(C) Copyright 2001 Alien Dave

A second account of the Cropcircle Light Phenomenon In Utah?

l Spanish Fork, Utah Crop Formation
    Original witness report via Ryan Layton - UUFOH
l Additions to Spanish Fork, Utah Formation and Mysterious Lights Seen 
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Small White Lights - When we got there, we saw these little golf ball-size lights with tails. And there was probably fifteen or twenty of them.
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