QX Marks The Spot
Taken  in Emigration Canyon 2001
Canon EOS Ellan ll 28mm  400sp Kodak


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QX Marks The Spot
Contrail / Chemtrail?
Strange star formation to the right of X 
QBig Dipper Chemtrail
One of the more interesting shots taken of a contrail  Piercing the Big Dipper
Some say they see a face in the muticolored light / on bottom

QChemtrails over SLC 9/03 turning into artificial clouds
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drX abductions
Artwork by alien dave
Updated: 9/14/2005
CHEMTRAILS QBiowarfare Testing
2005 - DRX
CHEM-SHOTS:"X Marks The Spot"
Chemtrail Photography
Chemtrail X 03Q
Emigration Canyon

Chemtrail Beck StreetQ
November 2003
35mm automatic

Chemtrail XQ
Over Salt Lake City
March 2002
PHOTO by Dave Rosenfeld © 2003 - 2004
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QHeavy Chemtrail
Low Altitude Chemtrail
Beck Street  Feb 2002 
lasted 3 hours 
(No larger pic sorry)
Dugway Chem-testers- UUFOH Skywatch
Chemical 'Detector'?Q
or Chemical Tester?
Near 5 Mile Canyon
QAnother Wings of Death appearance with heavy Chemtrail SLC,UT - Aug 2002
QThe "WINGS of DEATH" formation
usually seen with the appearance of Chemtrails, this one with a strange dark formation - Salt Lake City - February 2002
Utah Chemtrails
Chemtrails March 2004Q
Over Salt Lake City

4 Chemtrails in a RowQ
Looking North
Over North Salt Lake

Chemtrals Over KSLQ
Feb. 2004 Channel 5 News Station
I thought this was ironic, since the news media doesn't seem to notice
or acknowledge chemtrails  
ARTWORK (C) Copyright 2004 Alien Dave
UUFOH GEAR and Aliendave Artwork!
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drX abductions
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