LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S and 4800 W ---------> MAP
DATE: December 18th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm

Guest Speaker        
      Denise Lynch

Greetings Fans,
There have been so many sightings lately of huge triangles over well traveled freeways and close to
military bases that I thot maybe Denise Lynch would have some insite into whether they are 'ours' or 'ets'
and what their intentions are. So she agreed to be our speaker on Dec 18th at the Hunter library 4100 S
and 4800 W at 2pm.
If you have questions for her either email me or her, or bring them to the meeting.
Denise is the owner and instructor of  The Utah School of Hypnotherapy and is a remote viewer.
This will be her third time to speak at our meetings, which means she is a very interesting and knowledgeable lady.  Denise has been receiving information telepathically from 'ets'/angels and will share that with us.

See you on the 18th, and Happy Holidays

Marlee Spendlove Assistant Mufon Director for Salt Lake City - 968 8946
Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director

l B

l Don Anderson has a new web site for his star seed group that he's forming. or
There will flyers at the back table at the Dec meeting.

UPDATED : 6/27/2005

Marlee Spendlove M.C.Ht.  SLC MUFON Assistant State Director

Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director


Special Thanks to:
SLC MUFON Director


l The Utah School of Hypnosis 
l The Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research  (UPER) group
l Grant Cameron > 
l GROUND ZERO Salt Lake City's former paranormal radio host Clyde Lewis continues his show on the net
l Alan Meyer Ph.D > 
l Wizard Dave > 
l James Guililand > 
l Dr Boylan's address part of the ACCET group -close encounter therapists.  website>  He's the one that talks about the UFO's that fly into a mtn in Utah.
l Drunvelo's web magazine


Weekly Meetings
Contact :

l Hot topic! Is the world ready for alien contact?   make sure to read the message "ET to Earth"  and cast your vote on our webpoll

l BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council

I called Reid Dunbar to see if he'd like to talk a bit about Mars.  He's an incredibly talented Astrologer.
He said he'd be willing to speak some time but won't be here Sat.  He doesn't charge so he's booked into December.  However, he will be teaching Astrology 101 in January for a group called Utah Arts Organization or Tao Institute  521 0055.  Probably at the Park Library 27th W and about 4800 S.  They offer many other classes:chakra balancing, hypnosis, Reiki, financial, etc.

l UUFOH Yahoo Group JOIN & talk Utah UFO!

The most interesting part of the trip was meeting Kim Peterson.  Some people would call him a shaman.  We gave him directions to Dixie's place and then we followed him to his trailer.  We walked a short distance away to a power place.  His two daughters and Kim all have seen flying saucers. I met Kim and his wife at an Open Mind Forum.  Ryan was there and had me listen to Sheila talk about the 3 or 400  UFO's she'd seen on her trip to and from work at Park city.  We spent many hours with Kim, then spent part of the nite on the porch with binoculars.  Her place looks north toward the Tabiona area.  We watched a lite dance    -some one said it looked like they were writing an alphabet, changing colors as it moved.  We waited for Ryan at Heber, but he called and couldn't get away. He said there is a wonderful campground on the Strawberry River, called Camelot that has running water, toilets and showers.  Kim is not on the river, he's south of Dixie's place and west-still close to Camelot.  He knows of other power places.

POSSIBLE SPEAKER? Derrel Sims, of Houston, Texas. Certified Hypnotic Anesthesiologist, Certified Master Hypnotherapist,  Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, and has a Master Level in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  He has trained extensively in many disciplines including Linguistics, Handwriting Analysis and Time Line Therapy.
Email:   Websites:

l The Utah UFO Hunters are to have their group info published in a new book listing called :
  The International UFO Directory. &  will be published the end of May. Entry submited 01/17/2002
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Past Meetings

l 2003 Meetings
UFO BLIMP caused alarm
January 2004 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S and 4800 W.
DATE: Jan. 17th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:00pm 

Guest Speaker        
                    Don Rogers
UUFOH Member Don Rogers will be speaking on two topics with an open discussion afterwards.
  Don’s first topic will cover a video tape which he obtained from KSL 5 about aUFO Blimpwhich was video taped over Science Park in Salt Lake in August 2002.  This will cover the differences between what was reported to the UUFOH group and what was actually video taped.  He will also discuss why you shouldn’t expect any help from the news media in obtaining information.  Finally on this subject, he will review the details taken from the close ups and talk about why this is no ordinary “home made blimp.”     (see link and pic to left )

  His second topic will review the PBS show and book “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene.  This will cover the latest in String Theory and how the latest mathematical projects support multiple universes and dimensions.  This is a non-technical discussion and covers how people have reacted to forces reveled by science that they don’t understand or see for themselves first hand.   This topic’s importance will be emphasized by discussing that a lot of the Science Fiction’s ideas that are based on “wild theories” are now becoming accepted as “fact” and that the String Theory may prove the world to be more bizarre than Science Fiction can imagine.

Don began his interest in UFO’s after being abducted while traveling between Boise and his father’s farm near Idaho Falls, Idaho.  This was a two and a half hour missing time experience that dramatically changed his life.  Part of this experience included being shown their power supply and how they traveled through space and time. 
Because of this experience he was “told” that we couldn’t understand the energy involved because our current mathematics couldn’t deal with the “energies” that were required for their space vehicles.  This lead to a quest about what was missing in the mathematical systems.  After developing his own math system, he dropped it when String Theories were introduced in the mid 80’s and were being developed in the same direction that he was working on. 
  What he found missing was that the scientists did not accept multiple dimensions.  These were needed to explain the bizarre events that were being observed at the sub atomic level.  His support for String Theories is that they require multiple dimensions and that they are now being accepted by scientists and are opening a whole new view of the universe around us. 
  He is excited that the new theories are now supporting ideas about other dimensions that were once considered “wild and crazy” and were created by science fiction writers and “crack pots.”  These are exciting times for the UFO community because the scientists are being forced to accept the possibility that the stories being reported by Ufologists may actually be true and can be supported by the new theories. 
Other speakers:
Ryan Layton on Bigfoot & Kim Peterson- lost mines
If there's time, after Don and Ryan, Kim Peterson from Fruitland will say a few words about his experience with Bishop Koyle of the Koyle Dream Mine. If not at the meeting, he'll tellus at dinner, at the Village Inn 47th S and Redwood Road.     we'll see you there.
Marlee Spendlove M.C.Ht.           Dave Rosenfeld

UPDATE:  __________________________________________________________________________________
Don Rogers brought a short video he had purchased from Channel 5 of the blimp seen over Salt Lake Research Park area a couple of years ago. He had checked with local businesses about the size of this blimp and no one makes that size in the area. I believe he said it was 45 feet long. It had a small propeller on one end,
box like structures underneath and something like a telescope or gun barrel protruding from the underneath. His thought was that it may have come from Hill Field AFB as it had come from that direction. It moved to the east til it was out of site. Many people observed the blimp wondering if it was a UFO?

Don then answered some questions about his abduction experience many years ago in the southern part of
Idaho and acknowledged that he was overcoming his fears from that encounter.

Kim Peterson, from Fruitland, talked about his experiences with Bishop Koyle and the Koyle Dream Mine. He'd had quite a bit of information come to him about the mine. Some similar to the original prophecies about it opening after a harsh winter. Kim is very knowledgeable about mines in general and that one specically.

Ryan Layton had a 4 minute tape of a Sasquatch taken one winter from the roof of a house in a Layton canyon. A young man was looking for deer and spotted the Sasquatch, hurried to get a camera with telescopic lens and filmed the creature which looked like it had a 'backpack' on but they assumed it was a small
Sasquatch. When a group went out later looking for  footprints there were none.
It was a very interesting meeting.   Marlee Spendlove M.C.Ht

December 2003 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S and 4800 W.
DATE: Dec. 27th   2003   TIME: 2:00 - 5:00pm 

Guest Speaker        
                   Don Rogers
Was CANCELED due to extreme weather

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February 2004 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Park Library 4876 S 2700 W -.
DATE: Feb.. 28th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm 
Guest Speaker        
                  OPEN DISCUSSION
Hi Fans,
The Feb meeting was at the Park Library 4870 s 27th W at 2pm on the 28th. This was an open meeting that everyone had a chance to report their experiences, ask questions or bring up topics you'd like more information on. Alien Dave talked about 'the letter' a bit and talked about his web site additions, the contacts, research, and reports gained through the site and the campaign to have folks vote for the most valuable UUFOH member. There's a place to vote on his web site here  Also presented the 2003 Utah UFO Report Totals, and possibly some newly aquired UFO video/s submitted to UUFOH through contacts/reports via
We all appreciated hearing, from Dave, about events happening in the state.

  The “open discussion” might include an email that has been circulating about the aliens willing to make contact in our world if we want them to.  The letter states that if enough people “vote” for their contact through telepathic approval that they will make their presence know.  Is this a hoax or is it real?  Do they really hear us when we try to communicate with them through telepathy (prayer, meditation) or not?
This is a hot topic!  Is the world ready for alien contact?   make sure to read the message "ET to Earth"  and cast your vote on our webpoll

Marlee Spendlove -Assistant State Director, MUFON.           Dave Rosenfeld -UUFOH Director
see the 2003 Utah UFO Report Totals
March 2004 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W -.
DATE: March.. 27th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm 
Guest Speaker        
                  Denise Lynch & Teri Southworth
The March meeting was back at Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W March 27th, at 2pm .

Denise Lynch and Teri Southworth was our speakers.
Denise talked about her 2 week trip to the Amazon, ET contact, Human health, and much, much more!

This was a very interesting and informative meeting. We had a super turn out, some of the regular UUFOH members attending recieved awards (2003) for their work and involvement. and new ID cards.
Ryan G brought his finished 'grey'  that is cool enough to hang out at the meetings or let him use the carpool lane. Everyone had a great time, and our meetings are growing in attendees!

l The Utah School of Hypnosis 

Marlee Spendlove -Assistant State Director, MUFON.           Dave Rosenfeld -UUFOH Director


April 2004 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W
DATE: April.. 17th   2004   TIME: 2:30 - 5:30pm
Guest Speaker        
         Ike Bishop
Our guest for April is Ike Bishop, Director of MUFON for Idaho. This is a return visit for Ike as he spoke here last April. We appreciate that he's willing to journey all the way from Boise to be our speaker and any donations towards his gas money will be greatly appreciated by him.
l BIO:
Ike has made over 30 television appearances and been on many radio shows, and has appeared on 5 TV
documentaries.  He will bring information on Area 51 and the upcoming Rachel UFO conference. The conference is sponsored by Pat Travis of the Little Ale'Inn and organized by Ike Bishop.
l 2004 Rachel Conference info & Speaker Lineup 

l Painting project: He is spending the month of May at the Inn fixing, repairing, and painting., and you can too, if you want to. Note: UUFOH will be helping Ike and Pat with the painting project of the Little Al'e Inn including the revamping of the Little Al'e Inn sign. Why don't you make plans to be there and help out. more on this

Last year Alan Meyer and Don Anderson were speakers. Andy Beard and I were listeners, and Misty, her Mom
Karen, and Dixie were waiting tables. I think Misty, Karen, and Dixie were the only people waiting tables so they made a great contribution to the conference.  For such a funky little place, with innovative air conditioning (styrofoam cup holding up the window) we sure had a lot of fun. Met very interesting people, like the no armed John, who painted incredibly detailed pictures.
We'll meet at Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W April 17th, at 2:30 pm on April 17th. See you there.

Marlee Spendlove -Assistant State Director, MUFON.          
Dave Rosenfeld -UUFOH Director

l UPDATE: I think at Saturdays meeting we should find out who's going to Rachel as a guest and who's going as a volunteer, who's driving, and what day. Ike says there are no more rooms in Rachel or Alamo.
UUFOH GEAR and Aliendave Artwork!
May 2004 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W
DATE: May. 8th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm
Guest Speakers        
         Alan Meyer
         Kim Peterson

Professor Alan Meyer will give us a preview of the talk he'll be giving in Rachel on May 8th at Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W 2-5:30pm. He's going to talk about the original 'Books of Enoch'. These are from the 'forbidden' books of the bible. J.J. Hurtak who wrote 'The Keys of Enoch' used these books for reference but his book is entirely different.

Alan's talk, on May 29th, in Rachel NV. is titled 'The Unseen Realm. An exciting trip thru the Paranormal' and the following day, Sunday the 30th, it's titled 'The Unseen realm. The implications of who or what may be behind the curtain.' see>l 2004 Rachel Conference info & Speaker Lineup 
l Folks who are going to Rachel need to coordinate travel times, available vehicles, space in vehicles, etc.

UPDATE: At the meeting on the 8th I'm also going to be talking briefly about my experiments with ORMUS (monoatomic elements similar to "white powder gold").  Bring a water bottle if you'd like to join the experiment and try some ormus-concentrated water.  See Barry Carter's website for lots more information on ormus elements.  Barry was a guest on Coast to Coast on 2/9/04 and that show's available on C2C's streamlink.

UPDATE: Kim Peterson from Fruitland, called this morning to give me some information on possible earth changes in our area.  I asked if he'd like to speak on May 8th. He said he'd be happy to share what he's gotten from 'Father'. Alan Meyer Ph.D from Ogden will be the 1st speaker.  Alan's going to give us a preview of his Rachel talk.

l Ike Bishop wishes to thank all who donated money to help with his traveling expenses and to let you all know he thinks you are a very 'in tune' group, and he enjoys coming here to speak.
See you on the 8th,

Marlee Spendlove Assistant Utah State Director MUFON.   

Dave Rosenfeld -UUFOH Director
l Dave's BDay is May 8th.  

We will be in Rachel NV for the 2004 Rachel Conference. will post photos and info on this event upon our return.
Also,....... since 'some' of us are assiting in the Little Ale' Inn restoration project, before the conference, we will have photos of the Little Ale' Inn's new look here as well.

l NOTE: If you are attending the Rachel Conference find Alien Dave and ask him "Is Utah The New Area 51?" and he'll give you a cool sticker!
l visit the UUFOH store for Utah The New AREA 51 & UUFOH T-shirts & gear! UUFOH stickers available!
Show your support for UUFOH while at Rachel Conference, aliendave will have a limited supply of UUFOH T-shirts for purchase there as well.
June 2004 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W
DATE: June. 5th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm
FGuest SpeakerE
         Tommy Woodard     PROVO UFO PHOTOGRAPHER
plus after Rachel  'Stories from the desert'
Area 51- The Little Ale' Inn Skywatch Photos

  Tommy woodward the now famous Utah UFO photographer gave us a  talk about the impressive UFO photo he took in Provo Canyon that made National News at Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W 2-5:30pm. Also we spoke about the events that happened at Rachel.

To all UFO addicts; there will be a 12 step meeting at the 2pm meeting on June 5th. Anyone wishing to give up their addiction to believing in, chasing, or expecting 'ET's' to save the world is encouraged to attend. (JOKE JOKE-Humor)
But seriously folk; Our June 5th meeting will be at 2pm at Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W in Hunter. There are quite a few people going to the UFO conference in Rachel NV over the Memorial Day weekend and should have plenty of events to report on.

Debra Mansor's son was the photographer who took the picture of the 'bird' in Provo Canyon. I asked her to invite him to this June meeting also. Irva Rene had just mentioned that he would be an interesting guest.

A topic in need of discussion is how to acquire investigator's for all the reports of UFO Sightings
that come into Dave's web site. Granted you may not be available for the Florida or New York sightings but it would be nice if a few available people had a small amount of training b4 investigating. Don Rogers has had the Mufon Investigator's Manual and is in the process of simplifying it for easier consumption, and those who have tried to read it will appreciate that.
Maybe he can distill it down so we'd all have minimal knowledge of how to behave when investigating, and
what questions to ask. Some folks have been treated rather badly by investigator's who doubt the word of person who's reported the sighting.
We saw  you at Hunter Library 2pm June 5th.

Marlee Spendlove Assistant Mufon Director for Salt Lake
Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director
Elohim Report
The Spanish Fork Cropcircle 2004
July 2004 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W
DATE: July. 17th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm
You  Didn't  Want To Miss This One! 
   The Elohim - god inc.
    UTTR Skywatch - who's playing god?
   Spanish Fork Cropcircle - god not another one...
Guest Speakers        
         John & Rebecca Gratton "The Elohim"
l   at the  Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W 2-5:30pm.
John & Rebecca Gratton gave us a great talk multi media presentation on the Elohim
Those that they have been in contact with. Elohim Update 
-UUFOH & SLC MUFON Gives thanks to John & Becka for such an interesting and colorful presentation.

"A local couple from the Salt Lake City area will be presenting materials relating to their ongoing contact with an organizational body of highly advanced extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings known as "The Elohim".     John, a local engineer and amateur musician, and Rebecca, also a musician and aspiring writer were first contacted in June of 2002 and have been communicating with the Elohim ever since. This presentation will provide a general overview of the couple's experiences as well as providing a display
of the assorted video footage, still pictures, and other documentation relating to the ongoing events. This presentation will include some material that has already been displayed on the AlienDave Web site as well as new material that has been gathered over the last few months."

l Spanish Fork Cropcircle photos and news from Alien Dave
l UUFOH Skywatch photos and discussion from Alien Dave
order this book now!
Council Press -
Springville, Utah

LOCATION: Marlee Spendlove's house 3315 W Meadowbrook Dr. (4270 So)
DATE: August. 7th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm
              POT LUCK MEETING
l Augusts pot luck meeting was at Marlee's House 3315 W Meadowbrook Dr. (4270 So)  2-5:30pm.
Guest Speakers        
        John Terry and partner Bonny Adams
Author of:   BOOK   "Through The Eyes Of A Traveler"
                  by John Terry & Bonny Adams        Utah Local Writers
"Fascinating Journey Into Mind Travel Techniques"       Alien Dave - UUFOH 
l BIO:
  John Terry and Bonny Adams serendipitously crossed paths in October of 2000 and immediately embarked on exploring the potential of the mind and the never-ending possibilities of mind travel. In the relatively short time since then, they have developed numerous methods of relaxation, the key to mind travel, referred to as the ReSPITE Techniques, created a curriculum to teach them to others, and have co-authored a book called "Through The Eyes Of A Traveler" describing the birth of ReSPITE, sharing many of their fascinating and unique experiences, and detailing the use and practice of these techniques, so that all may participate.

John was born in Bad Toelz, Germany, from a military family. He attended Utah Technical College and the University of Phoenix has worked in the computer industry since the mid-70s. He loves God, family, country, music, poetry, and literature. Bonny was born in Indianapolis, IN. She obtained a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Utah. She is an accomplished artist and enjoys oil painting, photography, music, outdoor sports, and traveling (both, physically and mentally).
" It is refreshing to know that there are opened minded people in this area that
share some of the same interests as we."

We enjoyed having John Terry & Bonny Adams as our guests for August. This was a pot luck meeting, These pot luck meetings are great and always alot of fun, great food and great people.
We thank all that was there!

Marlee Spendlove Assistant Mufon Director for Salt Lake
Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director

l Steve Jones -UFO Researcher - spoke afterwards and had us all ears, we hope to have him as our guest soon!       
Alien Dave - UUFOH Director

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S 4800 W 
DATE: September 11th   2004   TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm
Guest Speakers        
       Alien Dave
Alien Dave talked about the latest happenings in Utah, the Sept. 8th Genesis Landing, UUFOH's involvement and partnership in the forthcoming movie project - "Mysterious Utah" by Fine Art Film Studios. He also asked for your help in keeping going. He got your opinions and ideas for a UUFOH fundraising party in October to raise enough money to pay for the next two year subscription so that can continue uninterrupted and continue to grow. Lets not let this huge database of information slip away..... If your reading this it would be safe to say  you enjoy and take advantage of this website. gets an average of 1300 page hits a day, there is no other like it.
Dave now needs your help, the goal of a fundraiser is to raise $630.00 before Oct. 10th. when the subscription ends.  
SLC-MUFON & UUFOH and lovers can surely come together for this cause, have alot of fun and food and even walk away with some cool prizes and most importantly keep online!

"PLEASE Help Me Keep Going!"Dave Rosenfeld -UUFOH Director
If you would like to make a donation to UUFOH to keep online
please contact Dave

l 2nd Speaker         
   Kent Stone
  Kent Stone gave an impressive talk about Roswell and also the "Apocalypse" Cropcircle - Doomsday Cropcircle thats making the news and causing a stir. Kent is a local school teacher thats not afraid of speaking out and saying whats on his mind. It was interesting to hear what he had to say on the Cropcircle of the year.

Marlee Spendlove Assistant Mufon Director for Salt Lake City
Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director

Other:                           (time permiting)
l Mysterious Utah - The Movie volunteers and actors
l upcoming skywatches

LOCATION: Marlee's House 3315 W Meadowbrook Dr. (4270 So) MAP
DATE: October 2nd   2004   TIME: 1:00 - 6:30pm
l October's  meeting was a POT LUCK MEETING & FUNDRAISER

l Pot luck at time for a meeting....
l Trent Gardner, speaker at 2pm
l Dave's auction/drawing??? at 3pm  WE DID IT !

Guest Speaker        
       Trent Gardner
Trent Gardner talked about his UFO experiences. Trent grew up in the Uintah Basin less than 10 minutes from the NIDS Ranch, and has witnessed the same kinds of activity that's been experienced at the Ranch. He has memories of being abducted from childhood, including a visit from a benevolent brown wrinkled being. He believes he was taken on board a craft in 2000, where a great deal of information was downloaded, plus he was given an implant. Trent is considering hypnosis as a way of accessing some of that information.
His words.. 'I desperately want more information. I want to remember. They told me a great deal in 2000.'
It was certianly interesting hearing what Trent had to say and thank him for sharing his experiences with us.
l FUNDRAISER: The UUFOH fundraising party in October raised a grand total of ( $597.00) to go towards  the next two year subscription so that can continue uninterrupted and continue to grow.
SLC-MUFON & UUFOH and lovers came together for this cause, had alot of fun and food and walked away with some cool prizes and most importantly kept online!, there is no other like it.    Special thanks to:
Kent Stone,  JC Eagle, Pete Day, Lizzy Redshawl, Ron, Marianne Defa, Alan Meyer, Ryan Galloway, Don Rogers, Don Rosenfeld, Marlee Spendlove and all the rest for their Donations and Support!

     " Huge Thanks to all for their generous donations and help, I truely cannot thank you all enough for the turnout shown and huge hearts that we have in our groups, I love you all!" Alien Dave

Marlee Spendlove Assistant Mufon Director for Salt Lake City - 968 8946
Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director
Check out the new designs
Grant Cameron

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S and 4800 W ---------> MAP
DATE: November 20th   2004  TIME: 2:00 - 5:30pm

Guest Speaker        
     Grant Cameron
Greetings Fans
Grant Cameron, from Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, was our speaker on Nov. 20th at the Hunter Library 4100 S and 4800 W at 2pm. He spoke at the 2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas on Nov 13th and 14th, -  and before coming here, he detoured to Roswell NM.
  Grant has lectured widely in Canada and the U.S. on the 1975 Carman flap, the Canadian governments early investigation into flying saucers, UFO disclosure politics, and the presidential UFO conection.
  In the past few years Grant has turned his research interests to the involvment and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem. He has made 14 trips to the National Archives and most of the various Presidential archives looking for presidential UFO material. One highlight of this work was the chance to question Vice-President Dick Cheney on his knowledge of the UFO subject. Another highlight of the presidential UFO research was a FOIA to the White House Office of Science and Technology which yielded 1,000 pages of the UFO documents from the Clinton administration. Many of these findings have been written up on the President UFO Website

   At present Grant is working on producing monographs for Dr.Walker, Wilbur Smith, the Presidential involvment in the topic of psychic phenomena, and a monograph looking at the possible disclosure pattern to try and explain the many actions of the American government, related to UFO's during the last 50 years.

For further information on Grant Cameron go to

Grant Cameron did an excellent presentation in Nov. which included slides and sound of the people he was
speaking about. He spoke about the military offering footage of aliens landing at a military base to well known people in the film industry and then dropping the project shortly before it was to be released. He
said Bill Moore, a well respected UFO researcher, was so badly burned by the government that he dropped out of the UFO world completely. We appreciate that Grant took the time to stop in Salt Lake on his way home to Winnepeg..a 30 hour trip. I'd also like to thank the people who contributed financially toward his
expense's and specifically to Cheryl Walden who opened her home to him and provided the transportation, and to Alan Meyer for providing the slide projector. Thank you all very much.

Holly Bromley is doing a documentary about the UFO world, remote viewing, sasquatch, etc.  So I invited her to the Nov meeting. If you do not want to be filmed she will not. We can arrange seating so you won't be on film. However she does want to interview folks about these topics so feel free to express your opinion, probably after Grant's presentation.

Marlee Spendlove Assistant Mufon Director for Salt Lake City - 968 8946
Dave Rosenfeld - UUFOH Director