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LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W. 
DATE: JAN 25 th    2003 TIME: 2:OOpm - 5:OO pm 

Alien Dave started things off with a brief update on the newest info & latest investigations, new members,The Logan Bigfoot sighting, Alan Meyers ectoplasm photos and introduced the film by Rogue Entertainment that was on everybodys lips, "UNKNOWN ZONE" an EXCLUSIVE TV Pilot of a new investigative series hosted by Clyde Lewis of GROUND ZERO called Unknown Zone. Produced by Kevin P De Lullo of Rogue Entertainment  showed it for our exclusive review before it goes to hollywood.
  It features Alien Dave, & his Rose Park UFO footage from 98',- Alan Meyer and his Orbs video, photos and investigations, and The Utah Ghost Hunters Society investigation of an antique store thats haunted by two ghosts. & EVP analysis that kept us on the edge of our seats.  Length of show, 45 min. Its sure was a hit with us! because of its concentration on Utah, and the people interviewed.    After, we had as our

Guest Speaker    
Kim Peterson, the wise man from Fruitland, and return speaker, he talked about earthquake faults in the valley, his recent visions of? and where not to buy a house. Kim is very knowledgable about Utah's geology, and we found it interesting hearing from him again.
   Alien Dave would like to thank everyone who showed to this months meeting, also a special note to the new members of UUFOH that made it, you know who you are.

The After Meeting Group:   
met at Village Inn afterwards to cover the latest, catch up with current happenings, and make contacts, and just hang out. A shout out to all that made it to the After Meeting Group

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W. 
DATE: FEB 22 ND    2003  TIME: 2:3Opm - 5:3O pm 

Guest Speaker:        
Marlee Spendlove brought back several videos from the UFO Congress.  We played one video of the Stan Romanek Case, Very Interesting!
After we had a surprise speaker "John" then updates on the latest news and additions to the website. A breif talk about Chemtrails, the Shuttle Columbia, and the upcoming War.
FOX 13 NEWS Cameraman was there towards the end of the meting to take footage and interview UUFOH Director Dave Rosenfeld and UUFOH Member Ryan Galloway. FOX 13 NEWS will be showing UFO footage from both Dave and Ryan, on a piece that wil air Sunday night 2/23/03 by Todd Tanner FOX 13 News
The After Meeting Group:       
Many of us met at Village Inn afterwards so to cover the latest, catch up with current happenings, and make contacts, etc. If you haven't joined us after a meeting before I would suggest you give it a try, there is tons of conversation at these after meeting groups, there is always a freindly and welcome atmosphere and they are always very interesting, informative and fun. First timers easily become regulars after attending an After Meeting.
October 2003 SLC MUFON / Utah UFO Hunters Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W.
DATE: Oct. 18th   2003   TIME: 2:00 - 5:00pm

Guest Speaker        
       Teri Southworth
Greetings Everyone,
Teri Southworth is returning again to be our Oct speaker.  In her last visit she spoke about her life-long ET experiences and some about Remote Viewing, which she teaches and about the several healing modalities that she teaches.  Teri offers many classes on personal transformation.
This meeting she'll be addressing the energy around the astrological/astronomical  configuration of November 8th 2003.  Several articles have been written about this date. Some have said there would be a portal opening where you could go thru, gain information, and come back home. The planetary alignment will create a Star of David, there will be an eclipse, and other configurations.  It's been named the Harmonic Concordance.  I've heard about Nov 8th from many people and was pleased that Teri seemed eager to talk about it.  See you there.

Marlee Spendlove M.C.Ht.
Dave Rosenfeld  www.aliendave.com

September 2003 SLC MUFON / Utah UFO Hunters Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W.
DATE: Sept. 20th   2003   TIME: 2:00 - 5:00pm 

Guest Speaker        
The Wedge Overlook Skywatch  9/13/03

Aliendave was going to be our speaker on Sept 20th but something unforseen came up so he couldn't make it.  He wanted to talk about the trip to the 'Wedge', by Price, that he and a group took on the 13th.  But we carried on without him.  We had a vast crowd of 6 people.  I'm certain something important was discussed but all I remember is a lot of laughter.  Which followed us to the Village Inn and stayed with us thru out the dinner. 
I guess we talked a little about prophecy pertaining to the energy around Nov 8th.

Marlee Spendlove M.C.Ht.
Dave Rosenfeld  www.aliendave.com
September 2003 SLC MUFON / Utah UFO Hunters Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W.
DATE: Sept. 6th   2003   TIME: 2:00 - 5:00pm 

Guest Speaker        
   Peter Farely
We have a speaker coming in this weekend from Roswell NM.  He is a healer and will be staying with Debra Mansor.. She is a client of mine but hasn't been to a Mufon meeting for a couple of months.
www.4truthseekers.com/treeoflife  http://www.cosmologies.com/treeoflife  will give you more info. 

Peter Farley is an Australian-born journalist, metaphysical reseacher, spiritual healer, and author of
'Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?' a 4 volume set.
He spoke at a UFO Conference  that Susan was at lastyear and demonstrated his ability to 'see' and heal with Susan. We have Debra Mansor, one of our regular attendees, to thank for bringing news of Peter Farley and his gifts to us.  She communicated with him via email.   He said he'd be in our area this weekend and would speak to our group.
I realize this is short notice but it should be an interesting way to spend Sat.
At sometime in his life contact was made by other dimensional beings who have become his constant companions.  They give him information about what Bach Flower Remedies or Sunrise Rememdies would be best for the person he's sitting with, or oils that would be beneficial, and he removes implants.
Peter was very interesting, informative and controversial.  The perfect ingredients for a good meeting and we welcome him back the next time he's in the area.                   Thanks to all that attended!
Marlee Spendlove M.C.Ht.
Dave Rosenfeld  www.aliendave.com
AUGUST 2003  SLC MUFON / Utah UFO Hunters Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W.
DATE: Aug 23rd   2003   TIME: 2:00 - 5:00pm 

Guest Speaker        
OPEN FORUM    No speaker

Alien Dave, Misty, Don and Ryan talked about a trip to the 'Skywalker' ranch or UFO Hill in Duchesne that they made with about 8 other UUFOH members a few weeks ago. The conversation was interesting and new info was learned and shared. He also shared his triangular sighting that he had at Crystal Lake on 8/03/03.  We were very happy to meet one of UUFOH's newest members Christine, who also is a official supporter and impressive and valuable member.
  This was an open meeting where a few folks told of their own experiences.   Ryan Layton shared his bizzare encounter in Utah's west desert.   Ariel Hobson shared her intuitive information on various subjects. We enjoyed hearing others stories. It was very interesting.  Ryan Galloway showed his progress on the 'Alien'  he's making, very cool!  Marlee brought copies of the pictures from SLC MUFON's watch at Kims place the week before, that showed 'orbs' galore!
Dave also anounced the planning of an open skywatch that will happen on Sept 13th at the Wedge Overlook in southern Utah.  Some of us met at Village Inn afterwards, For more talk and planning. Some great ideas and thoughts came from this meeting. Dave would like to thank those who offered to help with certain projects, submissions and work that is needed to make UUFOH run smoother. Pete, Susan, Marlee........and Don Anderson for his generous donation. Thanks to all that attended! Hope to see more of you next meeting!

Marlee Spendlove M.C.Ht.
Dave Rosenfeld  www.aliendave.com

Thanks Anthony Arrigo of Utah Skies for your reply and for pointing people to our group and website when asked about reports of night sky phenomena.

July 2003 SLC MUFON / Utah UFO Hunters Meeting:

LOCATION: Marlee's House 3315 W Meadowbrook Dr. (4270 So)
DATE: JULY 12TH   2003   TIME: 4:OO pm 

Guest Speaker        
Two Horses
We had a very warm but interesting afternoon listening to Two Horses talk about Indian history and his history in particular, such as how he became a Sun Dancer and a healer. About 30 people braved the heat to hear what Two Horses had to say. He informed us of the medicine wheel,  healing herbs, the indians beliefs and warnings, and the importance of this knowledge, under the relaxing and purifying aroma of sage, copal and cedar. He also sang several drum songs which were most impressive.  H was also interested in our work and beliefs. Part of the group left with him, including a neighbor boy, as he was holding a 'sweat lodge' that nite, . He will be dancing at Duchesne in September. He invited everyone present to join him in the Medicine Wheel Ceremony to be held there. We are honored and thank Two Horses for speaking with us. We hope to have him back sometime. Thanks to all that attended! the food was great and plenty.

Two Horses is a medicine man who blesses the hands of the medical staff at St Mark's Hospital, along with other clerics.  My introduction to him was thru Betty Card, who works at St Marks, and thru her sister Irva Rene.
He has been trained by four different medicine men, representing several diffrent tribes.
We look forward to hearing two Horses story, especially the last twenty years.  He had no knowledge of his Indian heritage until he told his Mother about some of the experiences he was having.  He was in his forty's at that time, and found out that both his parents were part Indian and that his grandfather had been a medicine man/shaman.
Marlee Spendlove - Dave Rosenfeld
June 2003 SLC MUFON / Utah UFO Hunters Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W. 
DATE: JUNE 21st   2003   TIME: 2:OOpm - 5:OO pm 

Guest Speaker        
Teri Southworth and Denise Lynch   a returning speaker
Teri southworth is an amazing speaker.  She gave us 3 hours of her experiences with ET's and what she has learned from her Remote Viewing.  She answered questions, that most of us didn't have a clue about. She talked about the Magnetic Healing class she teaches to help the individual to heal themselves, their past, future, and world events.  Teri also teaches a class to help people release the emotion attached to a history of abuse and post traumatic syndrone in a few hours, rather than months or years.  Denise only stayed a short time as she had an emergency.  Perhaps they'll both come back again and share their considerable knowledge and wisdom.
Denise spoke at the March meeting about her history with Remote Viewing, ET experiences and her work as a hypnotherapist.  She and Teri have been teaching Remote Viewing in Salt Lake City for 3 years and are affiliated with the Institute of Resonance Viewing in Boulder, CO. www.GoRemoteviewing.com     Since they've both had years of ET contact they are ideal hypnotherapists for clients who are struggling to understand their own experiences.
Teri was not able to attend the March meeting so this will be her first appearance.  Teri is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Instructor for Mt Baldy institute for Resonance Viewing in Salt Lake City, and has been doing hypnosis and Reiki for 8 years and is a teacher of Magnified Healing, a fifth dimensional healing energy. 
Teri can be reached at  The Utah School of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Clinic and is located at 508 E. South Temple, Suite A5,  484 7546  www.utahschoolofhypnosis.com

Marlee Spendlove - Dave Rosenfeld

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W. 
DATE: MAY 17th    2003   TIME: 2:OOpm - 5:OO pm  

Guest Speaker        
        Rudy Drobnick   A retired Division of Wildlife employee
       & Darrell Smith       Utah Bigfoot researcher
Rudy talked about his Search for Bigfoot.
He said when he was six years old, while at Flyshaker Zoo in California, he crawled thru the fence and was pulling the hair of the orangatan so it would turn around to face the crowd.  He was soon retrieved by his Father.   He's had a life long interest in animals.  When hunters would bring their antlers in to the office to be measured he'd ask if they'd seen a bigfoot? Sometimes they had and Rudy would have another story. Rudy has a B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Botony and 45 years with the Division of Wildlife.

Rudy Drobnick's talk about his history with Bigfoot was fascinating.  Rudy and Darrell Smith gave a very interesting presentation on their interest in and research into Bigfoot, they both have an enormous amount of information.  Darrell also has a large inventory of sightings he's gathered in the years he's been researching.  He brought a tape of a Bigfoot scream and also some videos.  They said a Bigfoot had screamed every nite, one summer, in Farmington canyon. Also showed pictures of Bigfoot tracks he has taken, which we hope to have posted onsite soon with co-operation with Rudy  Marlee Spendlove
We hope Rudy and Darrell keeps us in close contact and updated with their work and findings also we hope to work with them in the future. UUFOH

Retired wildlife worker to discuss Bigfoot hunt Deseret News
UUFOH / SLC MUFON Meeting posted in Deseret News
A man in Logan saw the notice of the meeting in the Deseret News, so he and his grandson drove down to hear what Rudy and Darrell had to say.

Darrell Smith
brought information he's gathered from his many years of researching Bigfoot.
Ryan Layton
would have been there too except, he been asked to speak at a Bigfoot conference in Portland. BIGFOOT DAZE
........Marlee Spendlove


LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W. 
DATE: April 26th   2003   TIME: 2:OOpm - 5:OO pm 

Guest Speaker        
  Grant Cameron, www.presidentialufo.com
Canada's researcher on the UFO subject's relationship with the presidents.
Grant is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He became involved in Ufology in May 1975 with a sighting of an object (which became known as Charlie Red Star) during the Carman, Manitoba UFO flap. Over the next 18 months I had many other sightings of large and small (monitor) objects in the area. He spent countless days in the area photographing a series of strange objects and interviewing hundreds of witnesses who were involved. 
Grant Cameron's presentation on April 26th, was about our past presidents, from Harry Trumaan on, and their knowledge of UFO's.  It was both informative and interesting.  He had audio clips of speeches by Frank Edwards, a radio personality and UFO buff, Eisenhower, and Clinton. Grant has a vast amount of information that he's gathered from many libraries in the states.  for more about his talk click here.
His talk was on 'White House UFO's-60 Years of Presidential Responsibility'. Material describing his talk is at  http://presidentialufo.com/the_talk.htm He's signed up for the Ozark UFO conference next year so maybe he'll make it back to the Salt Lake area an be a speaker for us again.

  Cheryl Walden provided Grant with a monitor for the visual part of his presentation, and Pete helped
making sure everything was hooked up correctly. 
  Thanks to every one who was there and helped.    Marlee Spendlove SLC MUFON Director
  Alien Dave was in Florida and would like to say, "I apologize for not being able make this meeting, I hope Grant can make it back soon" ....Dave Rosenfeld UUFOH Director

LOCATION: Park Library 4870 S 27th W
DATE: April 12th    2003   TIME:  from 2:45 - 5:30 pm

Guest Speaker        
Ike Bishop
His topic was on 'Area 51 and the Utah Connection'
Ike's credentials are: 9 years as State Director of Idaho Mufon  Over 30 Television  appearances, over 29 Radio shows, has worked cases for both Linda Moulton Howe and Nancy Talbot.  Has been in 5 Television documentaries, including a segment on 'Sightings'. Ike has made 9 trips to Rachel NV and Area 51.
Ike is co-hosting a UFO conference in Rachel, NV, with Pat Travis and her husband, owners of Little Ale'Inn, on the Memorial Day weekend which is May 24th and 25th.

Ike brought maps of Rachel and showed us where the > tourists go to watch for UFO's-about 13 miles outside of town.  He also had a video made at Rachel, by a TV crew from Boise, last year at the Star Visitor Gathering.  At one point a huge flare lit up a wide area and then a UFO appeared in a shimmering green light.    One reason Ike was here at our meeting was to talk to some of the group about their experiences as he was looking for speakers for this years Gathering at the Little Ale' Inn May 24th and 25th, in Rachel.  Anyone wishing to contact Ike  his address is ibishop10@hotmail.com  He did a great job and we all appreciated him driving down from Boise Saturday morning to give a presentation similar to ones he gives in the Community Education classes in Boise.

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S  and  4800 W. 
DATE: MARCH 22 ND    2003  TIME: 2:OOpm - 5:OO pm

Guest Speakers        
Denise Lynch & Teri Southworth, Remote Viewing Instructors for the Mount Baldy Institute for Resonant Viewing, Salt Lake City Office www.GoRemoteviewing.com
& Director of The Utah School of Hypnosis - www.utahschoolofhypnosis.com 
was our guest speaker, teri couldnt make it. Denise spoke about her personal experiences with ETs and how it lead to her present involment and instructing Remote Viewing. Denise is a warm, attractive individuall, who is full of energy and charm. She was detailed in her descriptions of her ET visitors, and a few of the thoughts or messages from them, such as, one ET/visitor thought Humans were legend and was shocked to find out we exist. Denise gave a great talk on remote viewing, Hypnosis and their different forms. The Remote viewing subject is indeed a subject that many are interested in, with many questions going Denise's way.
Denise Lynch and Teri Southworth are remote viewing instructors with the Institute for Resonance, based in Boulder Colorado. They have been teaching remote viewing technology in Salt Lake City for 3 years. They will discuss how remote viewing has influenced and increased their personal ET contact.       As dedicated hypnotherapists for many years, both Teri and Denise have active backgrounds in facilitating abduction regressions and gathering data on the consistency of the information collected.  They are looking forward to sharing this information and discussing their contact experiences in this open forum.
Also, updates on the newest info & latest investigations, new members, etc. from Alien Dave
Thank you Denise for speaking and hope to have you back in the future with your partner Teri.
.............Dave Rosenfeld UUFOH Director & Marlee Spendlove SLC MUFON Director
December 2003 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S and 4800 W.
DATE: Dec. 27th   2003   TIME: 2:00 - 5:00pm 

Guest Speaker        
                    Don Rogers
Was CANCELED due to extreme weather - Heavy snows

November 2003 SLC MUFON / UUFOH Meeting:

LOCATION: Hunter Library 4100 S and 4800 W.
DATE: Nov. 15th   2003   TIME: 2:00 - 5:00pm 

Guest Speaker        
Joy Del Guidice
Joy Del Giuduce is our speaker at the Nov 15th Mufon/Utah UFO Hunters meeting

  Joy has an extensive background in the healing arts, including becoming a DNA/Theda Instructer, Psychic Anatomy Graduate, and is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist. She is a Reiki Master , Liminal Light Therapist, Shamanic Practioner,and many others.
   Joy was a guest speaker about a year ago and spoke to us about her ET/Military experiences as a child in Germany, where her Father was stationed. She talked about her shamanic training here with Alberto Villoldo and with shamans in Peru. She teaches classes in shamanism for the U of U.
  She is going to bring us information on Liminal Light and Crystal Essence. Crystals amplify energy, but
they are also sentient and have their own DNA structure. Crystals are used in energy and healing work, in scientific and metaphysical fields. Joy will tell us about the use of cold-lasers, which are non-burning low energy light beams, to experimentally affect various cancers. Using blue, red, and green lights, they are affecting the human body and diseaseis shifting.
  We are only just beginning to understand how our human systems interact with light. The exploration into the deep altered states that we can accomplish using the light box, coupled with crystalline energy is a new frontier.  See you there.
Marlee Spendlove M.C.Ht.
Dave Rosenfeld  www.aliendave.com

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