UFOs, Aliens, & the Mormon Connection?
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Update on: 8/1/2007
UFOs, Aliens, & the Mormon Connection?

My friend, Robert Hender, asked me to forward this. It is very interesting.
Some of you may have already received it from him directly.
From: "robert hender" <rjradio@hotmail.com>

Subject: UFO's-Aliens, Indian Sovereignty,  rjradio.org
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 12:40:02 -0700

I'm R.J.

    I've been in the radio business for 18yrs.  Last fall I decided to look into the issues of UFO's and Aliens.  I had no idea of how much evidence there is on these topics.  I have met so many people who have seen a UFO or even met an Alien.  I have 2hr interviews on my website with many of these experts.  My website is rjradio.org.  You can also find more information on Indian issues at natoindiannation.com .

    One of the most credible people I have met on the subject is Victoria Liljenquist.  She claims to have been abducted since she was 5yrs old.  She says we have family who are on other planets.  These contacts informed her that they would be flying over the Salt Lake City area during the Olympics.
  On Feb 21st Victoria caught on video the cigar-shaped ships, twice.  One television station was there, but I don't know if they got it.

    On the following Saturday Victoria showed up at a local library to show people this video tape evidence of these ships.  I got to see this with my own eyes.  I saw that at around 2;15 and 2;45 in the afternoon a UFO craft flew over the Olympic Rings, just above the University of Utah football field.

    During the same 3hr meeting a guy, who calls himself Alien-Dave, showed that he caught on his camera, pictures of these UFO's.  I don't know where he was at when he caught these things on film.

    Only a week after Victoria left Salt Lake and went back to Arizona I found out about a guy who claims that he's also met with UFO's and those beings who fly them.  Paul Solem has been pursueing these things for about 50yrs.  Paul claims that these beings told him that they're from the lost 10-tribes.  For many years Paul Solem has addressed crowds and after he lectures then Paul calls for the ships and they have showed up.  I headed to Idaho and picked up this Paul Solem so we could spend a week discussing these issues.  Really, I wanted to see a ship myself.

    You may have heard about a Joseph Smith.  My 3rd Great Grand-father was Philo Dibble, a personal body-guard of Joseph Smith and I've been gathering Philo's personal records.  According to Philo's own records of comments by Joseph Smith, the City of Enoch took off on a globe that used to be a part of earth.  Joseph Smith claimed that the 10-tribes left the earth in much the same way.  According to Mormonism doctrine, some day the 10-tribes will return to earth.

    Could it be that we have family who love on other planets?

    Could it be that some dark-side of government wants to hide this information from you and me?  Could this battle between the dark side and the Creator be going on, upon this earth and in the Heavens?

    This Paul Solem was instructed by the beings from the UFO ships to go and warn the Indian Nations of their intentions, to return to earth and join the family of Israel.  The Hopi people have long believed that they were placed here by the Star-People.  The Creator caused the Hopi people to be in charge over all the earth and all life.  Only a few Hopi have kept this promise and the whole earth is at risk right now.

    I believe the attack on the World Trade Center was an attempt to keep you and me in fear and a drastic attempt to maintain control of this planet, by the dark side.

    I believe huge changes are now under way.  I believe control of planet earth has been torn from the clutches of those who have been pursueing an agenda of murder, plunder and harm.  These things must change.  These changes may include the involvement of Heavenly beings.  Some of these beings may be family and friendly and some may not.  Can you tell the difference?

    I learned a lot from Paul Solem.  After I took him home last Thursday I began my drive home at about 9pm.  For about an hour, just before the Utah Border I noticed a bright light, just over my shoulder-to the left.  This light just followed me.  I took a friend with me on the trip, Shirley.   We noticed the bright-white light blinking and blinking and it's brilliance was awesome and then it would turn red and then blue and then white.  It just kept going on and on and on, for about an hour, just beside us-222 yards away or so.  Finally, we pulled over and got out of the car and then the ship or craft or what ever it was, it raised up much higher and then took off, behind us and it kept moving until it was miles and miles away.  As we crossed the Utah border another light showed up, just like the other one, but this time there were 2 & 3 & 5 and they where going up and down, north and south and they had lights that were so bright.  I know that if I had a video camera, even with night vision that I could have caught a better view of these things.  These lights made no noise, but I think they were happy to get my attention.

    I believe a new awareness is coming.  Hang on tight.  You can reach me at my phone --------.  Pass it on...
    There is one more, very important issue to approach here.  Several indian nations are beginning to stand up for their sovereign rights.  I believe that we have lost ours.  Why did the Patriot Act take 4yrs to organize?  Do you think that the attack on 9-11 came and then the so-called Patriot Act was announced?  We are in a real pickle right now.  I believe our government has been hi-jacked.  I believe our hope for sovereignty is to allow the indian nations to stand up and claim theirs.  This very movement is now under way.  They have asked me to assist them in this effort.  We will be posting current news releases on these issues at the new website natoindiannation.com   Check it out.