1968 UFO Sighting in Vernal, Utah        
Tractor Beam, Green Glowing Mountain, UFO Chased Witness,
Object Description Matches Other Sighting Report
1968 UFO Sighting   
UFO Gives Chase, Emits Beam  
A Very Interesting UFO Report From A Vernal, Utah Resident

       via UUFOH Online Report Form                         by Dave Rosenfeld 
Report Details                                

Date: February of 1968 - 7:30 pm
Location: Vernal, Utah
Shape:  Triangle
Description of object /s: Triangle glowing green, fuzzy outline.
Weather ConditionsClear/Calm
Noticed Object: Hover -Object came within 500 feet
Speed of object: 50 - 250 mph
# of Witnesses: 6 or 8
Last Seen - Direction of Object:  Still there.  We got scared and left.
The Height / Altitude of Object:  600 to 700 feet
Estimated Distance of Object from your Position: 500 feet
Hear Sound?NO        Object solid?YES
Phenomenon visible for how long?: 1 hour
Estimate Size of Object: 35 feet long 20 feet high. Maybe larger.
Object was seen in vicinity of: Military Airfield
Moving in front or behind - Clouds
Seen in vehicle?YES
Noticed:Loss of control
UUFOH Note: supplied contact info. UUFOH thinks it might be possible the witness seen the same type of craft/ object as the 99' Wolf Creek UFO seen and photographed by Dave Rosenfeld -
Report submitted by: (name withheld upon request) to UUFOH via Online Report Form and email.
Original Contact and Follow Up   via e mail

> Date: 2/20/2003
Dave,  My name is R---- --------.  I am the --------- in Vernal.  I saw a UFO in 1968 on the road between Vernal and Lapoint that looked like your pictures.  I didn't have a camera but I got a really good look at it.  It's a long story and I would like to tell someone about it.........R
>UUFOH 2/21/2003
Well R----,  This is the place to do it. If its Utah - UFO, I'll take your story/ report.
Thanks, looking forward to reading it. ..........Dave
> Date: 2/21/2003
Dave,      Here's what happened.
It was February of 1968.  There was a flying saucer craze going on in Vernal back then.  Lots of people had reported seeing UFO's around the U-Hill west of the valley and on the Lapoint Highway.  I had my mom's new Bonneville and had just picked up my date for the Sweetheart Ball.  It was still a little early so we were driving around killing time.   About 7:30 she said something about a bright light in the west.  I thought it was just a bright star or planet, but she kept insisting that it was too bright to be a star and we should go check it out.  We drove up to 3500 West by the U-Hill and turned north.  When we got to the intersection of 3500 West and the Lapoint Highway we could see that it was definitely not a star.  We turned west on the Lapoint highway and drove for about a half mile.  There were about three cars pulled over by the side of the road where the Highline Canal crosses under the highway.  Six or eight high school aged kids were standing around looking at this thing in the sky north of the highway above what is called the Yellow Hill.  It was a triangle shaped green light with a fuzzy outline so it was hard to determine it's exact shape.  When I saw your Wolf Creek photos I just about jumped out of my socks.  That's exactly what it looked like.

We were outside the car standing around watching it and talking with the other people there.  Some of them had been watching it for ten minutes or so.  Yellow Hill is a flat topped mesa about three hundred feet high.  It sits about three hundred yards north of the Lapoint Highway just west of Vernal.  It was hovering between the highway and Yellow Hill about twice as high as the hill.  I'm guessing it was six or seven hundred feet above the valley floor, maybe more.   It wasn't moving and it wasn't making any noise. All of the sudden it lit up the Yellow Hill with a beam of green light the same color as it was.  It was just like it was shining a big green search light on the hill.  It stayed on for ten or fifteen seconds and then went out.  About a minute or two later it did it again, same story and after ten or fifteen seconds it went out again.  It went on doing that same thing about half a dozen times.  Then it started moving off to the west.

We all jumped in our cars and started following it.  All the other kids were driving old beaters, an old Willys Jeep Wagon, a primer gray Mustang etc.  I had Mom's Bonneville with a 428 V-8.  I passed them all and was keeping up with it at about 80 mph.  The rest of them gave up the chase and returned to Vernal.  The UFO was traveling straight west.  We were on a road that curves south and back west again.  It's about 15 miles to Lapoint.  When we got to Lapoint it was hovering above the fields north west of town.  We sat there and watched it for ten minutes or so and decided to go to the dance and tell everybody about it.  Actually we were getting scared.

About half way back home Alicia said, "Hey Russ that thing's not getting farther away."  I said, "What?"  She said, "I think it's following us."  I turned around and looked out the back window and sure enough it was following us.  On the way to Lapoint it had been traveling straight west.
Because the road swings south, we had been watching it out the side window quite a bit to the north of the highway.  Now on the way back it was directly behind us.  We were coming around a big sweeping curve from the south to the east and up a big straight hill.  Here comes the part where I started thinking like a teenager.  When I got to the top of the hill I put it in park, turned off the lights and said, "Let's trick em'."  Bad idea!  I turned around to see what would happen and it and it started coming down at us.  It was descending fast but not straight, it was kind of swaying side to side like it was on a pendulum and getting bigger, bigger, bigger in the back window.

Alicia started screaming.  I turned on the lights, put it in drive and mashed on that 428.  For the next five miles or so I had that Pontiac wide open.  That 4-barrel sounded like it was about to suck in the hood.  I should have been going 120 and I was doing 40.  I checked the park brake.  It was off.  I checked the shifter.  It was in drive.  I was going 40 miles an hour, not 39, not 41.  I had that baby wide open and it never varied a mile.  I had a big green flying saucer right on my butt and they had me in their tractor beam.  Things couldn't get any weirder.  Could they?

When we got back to the Yellow Hill it was glowing green.  The same green it had been when the green light was shining on it.  Only this time the light wasn't shining on it.  It was glowing green all by itself.  I stopped the car and just looked at it.  I still remember what I said.  "Wow look at that.  What the hell is going on?"  We were just west of the 3500 West intersection.  Just then a car pulled up and was waiting for us to pass.  I gassed it and cut him off.  This time the car was working fine and we got there fast. 
We jumped out and started babbling about flying saucers and big green lights and green mountains.  I said, "It's a big green flying saucer right up there." I pointed up to the west and there were trees in the way so walked out to the middle of the intersection.  When we got to where we could see it, it wasn't green anymore. It had turned orange. The mountain wasn't green either.  All I could say was, "It was green a minute ago."  He told me he lived right there on that street.  He said, "We have all seen stuff like this and we don't tell anybody.  If you do they'll think you're crazy."  He got into his truck and drove off leaving us standing in the intersection with that orange sucker up there in the sky not far from where we first saw it.  It was still there when we left.  We went straight to the dance and told all our friends.  They all got in their cars and went out there and it was gone.  Sure enough they thought we were crazy.

I was always going to get a Geiger counter from the Civil Defense office and check that hill for radiation.  I'm now 51 years old and I still have never been up on that hill.  There is a road up there now and two families have built houses on top.  You couldn't pay me to live up there. What was it? Who was driving?  What were they doing?  What was the green beam?  Why was the hill glowing green?  Why did they follow me?  Why did they hold me at 40mph?  What happened in that couple of minutes when I was talking to the farmer?  Why did it turn orange?  Why was the mountain no longer green?

There is a large tar sands deposit in that area.  There is also some coal not far from there.  Maybe they were fueling up. Maybe they convert hydrocarbon Maybe they zapped that hill a few times to get cooking and left the area.  Maybe I was just an incidental curiosity on the way back to collect their load of hydrocarbon they left brewing.  Maybe that nuked hydrocarbon emits a green glow in it's converted state.  Maybe while I was talking to the farmer behind the trees they beamed it up.  Maybe orange means the tank is full.  I should have stayed and watched them leave, but we had had enough.
Witness describes that
the object he seen looks
exactly like the 1999
Wolf Creek UFO
UPDATED: 8/1/2007
> Is that far-fetched?  Probably, but it's the best I can come up with.  Was it the same thing you saw at Wolf Creek?  After seeing your photos I think so.  Where did they go?  Anywhere they want.
Write back and give me your thoughts.     ........R----
> UUFOH 2/23/03  
Wow, that's quite a story. I'm sure you were shaken by the event. Are you still in touch with the other witness, Alicia? or the farmer? Sounds like it might be the same kind of craft I witnessed in Wolf Creek. You say it looked exactly like my Wolf Creek photo? Did you Hear any sound?
Thanks for your cooperation, ...............Dave
> 2/24/03   R-----
It looked exactly like your photosNo noise.  The farmer denies that he saw anything at all.  About twenty years ago it got back to him that I had used his name in telling the story to one of my friends.  He came down to my shop and asked me not to ever do that again.  As for Alicia, I have only seen her once since high school.  She was in town and came in for an oil change.  When we saw each other we both said, "We really saw that didn't we? I haven't seen her since and have no idea how to find her.  I don't mind if you post the story. .........................
........  I'll see if I can find someone who knows where Alicia is living these days.  One of the guys lives in Rock Springs.  I'll talk to him.  I would kind of like to hear your story. ........R
> UUFOH I only have one more question, Did you see a beam hit your car? Feel a beam hit your car?
if so describe.  Dave
Your report form is great. (I would include a category for lights shining down on things.)
> I didn't see or feel anything.  When I floored the accelerator the engine roared that big throaty wide-open 4-barrel sound and jumped right up to 40mph.  It kept on roaring but that was fast as it would go.  We were getting plenty of horsepower.  The transmission wasn't slipping. I checked
the shifter to see if I had it all rapped out in first gear, but that wasn't the case.  It was in drive.  I checked to see if I had the park brake on. That wasn't the case.  They were holding me back, but I couldn't see anything doing it.
I read your Wolf Creek account.  After hearing my story, do you think we were looking at the same thing?  I have lots of questions. The big one is why are there so many sightings in the Uintah Basin?  They are here for a reason.  Since our big resource is oil or hydrocarbon in one form of another, I have to assume that it has something to do with energy or lubrication.  I doubt that their noiseless engines need lubrication.  It must have taken a great deal of energy to light up that hill to the point that it would glow, not to mention the risk of exposure to the public eye so near a populated area.  There has to be a payoff involved, and that payoff has to be greater than their expenditure.  The balance sheet works the same no matter which star system you come from... Maybe. .........R
> UUFOH Actually the object I seen in Wolf Creek was more saucer shaped than triangle, the descriptions are different. but 30+ years apart they might have upgraded....
  Might have to do with the fact, its one of two mountain ranges in the world that run east - west?
> I'm going to try hard to give you a better description of what the object looked like, because a simple statement like "triangle shaped" is misleading. Triangle shaped implies flat surfaces with sharp pointed corners.  It wasn't either of those things.   Actually I could not tell the exact shape because the outline was obscured by the fuzzy glow it emitted.  For the same reason I could not describe it as saucer shaped, although it might very well have been.  A better way to tell you what it looked like would be to say it's profile was generally triangle shaped without sharp points.  It was not as tall as it was long.  It was glowing an eerie green color, which made appear fuzzy. The best was to describe it would be to say it looked just like your Wolf Creek pictures, same shape, same fuzzy outline, and same color.  Next time you come to Vernal bring your photos or slides and we'll talk about it.  We can also go out to Yellow Hill and see where it happened.  If you want to we can drive over to Lapoint and recreate the whole event.  ,...........R ----
UUFOH Thanks R--------- for submitting your story and report -    
UUFOH Director, Dave Rosenfeld

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