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Note: This letter was originally written on June 5, 1987 for an English professor at Weber State College (now a university.)    This was updated during January 1996 and again in August 2002.   The additional material is from memories that were left out of the original version due to length limitations on the report.     This version is provided to expand on the details of the "encounter."    It does not add any information that was not already known at the time but does add some topics that have happened after the initial report.

This is a story concerning missing time and how it changed my life.    There are two and a half hours that I can not account for in my life.   The circumstances surrounding this missing time caused me great fear and an obsession with math that I did not have before.     The fear lasted for years and the obsession still continues to this day.

The "encounter" occurred in the fall of 1976 and I believe that the exact date was Friday, September 17.    Because of the busy schedule I had and the fear associated with it, I am not positive which week it occurred.    I was working as a Computer Operator in Boise Idaho doing three 12 hour and one six hour shift per week.    This gave me three and a half days off every weekend.    My father owned a potato farm in Atomic City Idaho (50 Miles West of Idaho Falls) and the harvest was in full swing.    So every weekend I would travel from Boise to Atomic City to help out with the harvest.

I got off work at seven n the morning on the days I went to the farm.    So, my schedule was to go home from work, sleep until five in the afternoon, get up, eat and leave Boise by seven in the evening.    This allowed me to arrive at my parent's farm by the time that they were going to bed, which was generally a little before eleven.    On this particular occasion I stopped at a pizza place and ate dinner, then I bought two cans of beer for the trip.    I was on the road by 6:50 and figured that since the trip took less than four hours, I would make it there between 10:30 and 10:45.   The sun had gone down and there was twilight at that time.  However, I knew that most of the trip would be spent in the dark.

There were two routes that I could take to the farm.    One was to take Interstate 84 to Mountain Home and then get off on State Highway 20 and follow it East (216 miles.)    This was shorter and more scenic, but had a canyon stretch that slowed my speed down to about 30.    The other route was to continue on I84 to Bliss, then turn off on State Highway 26 and go east from there (224 miles.)    Although this was longer and more boring, I could keep up my speed and get there in about the same time.    I decided to take the second route for a change of pace.

Shortly after I left the I80 (now I84) freeway and got on highway S26, I finished the first beer and threw the empty on the back floor, as I have always done.     As I neared Shoshone, the night seemed unusually dark and scary.    There was no moon, no street or car lights in sight and I couldn't see the stars while driving.   This was normal night desert driving, except I felt that I was being watched or followed.  I was used to this drive and had never felt this way before.   I seriously thought about stopping at a bar in the next town of Shoshone just to have some contact with other people.
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When I arrived in town, everything seemed normal.    The bar had its usual crowd and no one had followed me into town.    I felt better and decided to keep going so I wouldn't get to the farm too late.     After driving through Shoshone, I opened the second beer and increased my speed, knowing that I could drive the 80 miles from Shoshone to Arco without seeing the police.    In fact, although I passed through two small towns on the way to Arco, it was normal to travel that road at night without seeing any cars at all.    It was just before I got to the next small town of Richfield that things began to get mysterious.

I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched.   This was not a typical feeling of being watched, but one that had fear attached to it.   I thought this fear was ridiculous because I could see that there wasn't anyone on the road for miles ahead or behind me.    I drove into Richfield and, as usual, there wasn't a person to be seen anywhere.     There is a Mormon church there which often had dances or other activities on Friday night.  I sincerely hoped that there was something going on that night.    As I drove past, the parking lot lights were on at the church, but there were no cars parked there.    I felt disappointed and thought about pulling off on a side road to see if anyone would drive by.   Since I didn't want to act paranoid or waste time, I just kept going.

After leaving Richfield, I brought the car up to 5 miles over the speed limit, about 70 mph, which did not stress the car for the road.   However, every time I passed a dirt road I would think "should I pull off here?"   I felt that the answer was "no, because it is too close to town to stop."  At some point out of Richfield I heard a clear loud voice in my head.  It was similar to what a voice sounds like when you're wearing headphones, that is, it seems like it's right in the middle of your head.   It was much louder than the radio, very clear and a mans voice that asked; "HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO
GO ON A M . . . ."      The last word was one that I had never heard before.   I started with an "M" sound and had four syllables.   I understood the word to mean a spaceship or flying saucer.    With the left hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and the right on the beer can that was between my legs, I loudly replied "YOU BET!"     Then I looked up through the sunroof to see if I could spot the ship.    That was the last time I felt "normal" for a long time.  

The next thing I knew, I was sitting very upright in the seat, with my hands on the 10 and 2 o'clock position.    I had amnesia and couldn't remember who I was, where I was, where I was going, or why I was on the road.    It was total confusion.

I thought about stopping.   But for some reason the thought of this terrified me.   I then thought about turning around and going back.    However, there were no visible lights in any direction and I reasoned that I must be going in this direction for some reason.    So I continued on in the direction that I was headed. After a few minutes I remembered my name and that I was a Computer Operator who lived in Boise.    As I became more aware of more things, I became very frightened.    I was still totally lost and traveling through a black world which my headlights inadequately tried to light up.    I passed a speed limit sign.  This was a sign of hope and civilization, so I decided to hurry on to the next town to find out where I was. 

  It was then I noticed that I was only going 40 miles per hour and that I needed to shift gears to get up to highway speeds.    So I shifted from 3rd gear into 5th gear and started traveling at 70 mph down a road that I had no idea where it went.  After a few minutes I was getting used to driving again and I finally remembered that I was somewhere in the Western United States.  

After driving for what seemed like hours, I finally arrived at Cary, which is 23 miles from Richfield.    When I saw the town sign, everything came back to me in a flash.    Needless to say, this was very up-setting.   It was nice to remember who I was, however I felt like my mind was falling apart.  As usual, there wasn't a soul to be seen in Cary (Pop. 300 in 1976) and I decided to drive on to Arco.

In Arco there was a drive-in where I could stop to get something to drink or eat and at least collect my wits.    I looked forward to this stop and began to relax.  For the rest of the trip, I was trying to figure what the voice was I had heard and what had happened.  But still, the darkness terrified me and I was afraid that I wasn't going to make it to Arco.

It was when I got to Arco that I first began to suspect that something was really wrong.    If I was on schedule, I should have arrived around 10:15.     Normally there is traffic on the streets and the drive-in's are fairly busy.    This time, the streets were completely deserted and the drive-in's were closed.    I assumed that I was running late and that the city had "rolled up the streets" for the night. 

For a Friday night I thought that it was odd to drive through Arco and not see any police.    Since I still felt very confused, I decided to go on to Atomic City and try to figure it out the next day.    As I got to the edge of Arco and began to head out into the desert again, I became very frightened.    It seemed like it was all I could do to keep from turning around and getting a motel room.

However, the desert ahead was not so empty this time.    I remembered that the rest of the way would soon be traveled by workers who were changing shifts between the  Swing and Graveyard periods at the Atomic Energy Test Facilities (as it was called back then.)    So, breaking down on the next stretch of highway would mean that some help should be on the road.   Also, the lights of the nuclear test plants in the distance seemed calming.

So the fear made no sense.  Except for the "lapse of memory" everything seemed OK and was logically explained.    I would be home soon and in the company of loved ones.    I sped on through the night, trying to ignore the evening and looking forward to a good nights sleep.

When I got to my parents place in Atomic City, the lights were out and they had gone to bed.    This bothered me, because they knew I was coming and usually waited up for me.    "Oh well" I thought, things happen.  After parking and getting out of my car, I typically straightened myself up so that I looked somewhat presentable to my parents.    This time my shirt tail had not pulled out as much as usual.    This may seem like a minor thing, but at the time I felt that it was rather significant.  

At first I thought that I had tucked my shirt in after stopping for a "rest stop."  Then I remembered that I didn't stop at all during the trip (which was normal.)   This didn't make sense.   I finally decided that I must not have squirmed around as much on this trip and that's why my shirt was not so rumpled.    My hair was combed and I looked all right, so I started for the apartment where we stayed.  When I went inside the apartment, my feeling of everything being "OK" was soon to be shattered.

I went inside and looked at the wall clock to see how late I was.  I  expected a time around 11:00, but instead it was 1:25!    I couldn't believe it!    I looked at my wrist watch, for the first time on the trip, and it too read 1:25.    My head began to "spin" from the conflicting information that was boiling in my head.    Then, I felt stupid for not checking my watch in Arco.    I wondered why I didn't check it more often as I usually do on these trips.      Confused and upset, I gave up trying to figure it all out and went to bed.    This turned out to be a waste of time.

Every time I went to sleep I had nightmares about being kidnapped by spacemen and woke up scared to death.    My bed was a temporary fold up type which was used for visitors.    It was located under the front view window and next to the front door.   I was terrified that "they" would smash through the window or door and carry me off to who knows where.    I thought about hiding under the bed, or locking myself in the bathroom.  Since neither one of these was practical, I stayed there and prayed that I would be safe.

The next morning I went out to my car to get rid of the beer cans.   I was only able to find the one that I thrown on the back floor.    I never litter, so I couldn't figure out what had happened to the second beer can.    It then dawned on me that I had never finished the second beer.   It had just "disappeared" sometime during the "experience."    This bothered me and made me wonder what had really happened the night before.

I wanted to tell someone what had happened to me.    I tried to tell several people what I thought happened.    I wanted to tell my parents, my sister and her husband, Co-workers, and anyone in town.   I became very afraid.  So afraid that I felt that should I mentioned it to anyone, the "aliens" would come back and take me away "for good!"    It turned out to be four years before I had the courage to tell someone about it.

That day was very long to say the least.    Farming is hard work and to do it on little sleep makes it very tough.    In one sense I was grateful for the work, because it kept my mind off the nightmare from the previous evening.    Normally I would go to work out in the field on one of the harvesters.  For some reason, the thought of this terrified me.  Luckily, I was assigned to work in the potato cellars.  They are large structures made of telephone poles, bales of straw and covered with dirt.  I felt nice and safe working in there, knowing that the aliens couldn't swoop down and pick me up.  But still, I had a great fear that I would be sent out into the field by myself at night to take care of some problem.    I was very relieved that this never happened!   

I felt that I would drop off to sleep in a second on the next night.    I was bone tired and so sore that I didn't even bother to shower.    I did fall right to sleep, only to be woken up repeatedly by the nightmares.    The terror that I felt again caused me to consider hiding under to bed or in the bathroom.  The second day on the farm was very long.    My mother noticed that I was not doing well and inquired as to how I was.   I explained that it was due to the odd hours as a computer operator and all the other working circumstances involved.    On the third night I slept like a rock and didn't have any dreams because I was so exhausted.

The next day, I worked in the morning and then left around noon, to get back to Boise in time for sleep and then the graveyard shift.    I left the farm early enough so that I could travel back the way I came and arrive in Boise before it got dark.    I did get to Boise before dark, but I didn't take the planned route.

I had followed the route back that I had taken on that "fateful" night.    I came to Cary and stopped to reconsider if I really wanted to take the same road back or past Sun Valley.    It was difficult, but I wanted to go back where I was.    So, I headed south on S26.    I got about 100 feet past the Cary town limit when, out of fear, I slammed on my brakes and stopped in the middle of the road.    I pulled off to the side of the road to let myself calm down.    After a few minutes I started down the road again.  After a couple of blocks I became so frightened that I pulled over again.  I finally decided that I could not go that route (for safety and fear reasons) and that I had to turn around and take S20.   

I have tried to taking road S26 several times.    But every time I tried, whether from the East or the West I become terrified and had to turn back.    Finally in 1993 I was able to go back and look for the site where I had stopped.    However, the road had been re-graded and I couldn't find where I left the highway.    There were also many dirt roads for hunters and fishermen that made it even more difficult to locate where I had stopped.    However, I did camp out in the area and did not have any problems.

Anyway, I arrived in Boise with no problems and went to bed to get some sleep before my graveyard shift.  I had trouble sleeping because of more nightmares.  When it came time to go to work at midnight, I found that I was terrified to go out to my car.  I was very scared going to work and took the most well lit streets to work.  I finally felt safe when I was locked into the computer room at work.  This cycle went on for almost two months before the feelings faded away and things felt like normal. 

I have always been bothered by the nightmares that I'd had.    After all, if I had been on a spaceship, it was because of my own volition.  They asked me if I wanted to see it and I accepted; so why was I afraid of being kidnapped?    I began to seriously feel that I had been on a spaceship and meet some beings from another planet.    Then I felt angry because "they" didn't let me remember it.    I felt like some child who had accepted an offer of candy from a 'dirty old man in a car' and wound up being abused.  So, this ends what I can remember from a conscious mind, the rest of the story is from nightmares and dreams that bothered me for years.  Dreams of UFO's and aliens that I'd never had before that night.

The Dreams Remembered

I began to think about my dreams from that night more often.  It was hard not to, they had become a tremendous bother to my daily activities.   I like to sleep and dream lucid dreams, where you are asleep but you know you're dreaming,   I have had lucid since my late teens.  With lucid dreams you can generally identify the parts of the dream that come from real people, places, experiences and those parts of the dream that are made up by your imagination, no matter how wild the dream.  It is from these re-occurring dreams and nightmares that I tried to piece together what had happened that night.  Since these dreams lasted for years, very frequent at first then tapering off, I had much to think about.   

There are re-occurring parts of the dreams that stand out from the others.    It wasn't about being kidnapped and it seemed to be about things that I was "allowed" to remember from my "visit."  And there was one thing that I was "not allowed" to remember but caused me horrific nightmares.  This is ironic of course, since my memory of the whole event was "cleared."  In any case, out of all of the dreams and nightmares that I've had, I never did get a clue as to how I got on or off the "craft."

What I best recall it was this:  I wake up lying on a small bed that was recessed into the wall.    I sit up, turn and put my feet on the floor, so that I am sitting on the edge of the bed.    I notice that I am in a small room, about 6' by 10' that is brightly lit from the ceiling (the whole ceiling was the light) and is all white.    There is a counter on the right end of the room and a door with no handles on the left end.  The room is completely bare.

The door slides open and there is a man, about six feet tall with reddish hair standing there.    Although no words were spoken, I understood that I was to go with him for my 'tour' of the ship.    I get up and go through the door into a narrow hallway and turn right.    It is very dimly lit and I can't see very much.    However, I did see another man who is a little shorter than the first with darker reddish hair standing further down the hallway.    He gave me a very disdainful look, then turned and walked down the hall, which curved off to the left, until he went out of sight.    The look was so disdainful, that I felt bad about being there.    We then went down the hall a few more steps and turned left into a "control room."  I was walked through the control room to get to some other part of the ship.

The control room does not have any lights on and hard to see what's in there.    It was roughly shaped like a half circle and approximately 20 feet across.  I walked across the front of the room with the consoles on my right side.  There was a console that ran around most of the way on the outside portion of the room.     There was another smaller curved console that was in the middle of the room and faced where I walked.  Both consoles had colored lights on them that seemed to be about the only source of light.  The height of the consoles seemed very short for normal people.

On the far left end (my left) of the large console and against the back wall was a three dimensional map, about a cubic yard in size, with colored lines running through it.    I wanted to know where we were and where they were on the map.    It was pointed out that I did not know what the map meant and that the two points would be meaningless.    So I was not shown any details about the map.

The "front" side of the room had two areas that come to mind.    One area was black, and I couldn't make out any details about it.    It seems as if it was either a black wall or a wall with storage cabinets built into it.    The other area was lit up and brings up confusion when I think about it.    There seems to be several fuzzy images associated with that area.    Sometimes I think that it was a glass window separating the control room from a "machine" room.    Other times it seems that it was some type of viewing screen with a view of a machine room.    Thinking about this "machine room" brings up thoughts about the interior of the ship which are insignificant and changed with each dream. 

The one image that has affected my life more than any other from the dreams was their source of energy.    I can't recall its exact location, but this particular image kept coming back to me very clearly.    It was stored in a metal sphere, a little larger than a yard in diameter.    This was sitting on the floor and was either recessed in the wall, or located on the edge of the "saucer."    The sphere had two windows in it.    They were shaped like rounded triangles, with their bases at the 'equator' and curving up towards the top of the sphere.  It appears to be made out of something that looked like stainless steel.    I looked through the windows and saw what appeared to be a shiny metal sphere inside that is spinning at an incredible speed.    It also appeared to be fluid, as the surface changed slightly as I watched it.    It could be best described as looking like a spinning ball of mercury.

I understood that this was some type of pure energy that was completely self contained.   It reflected every type of energy (with gravity being the most critical reflection for flight) that meant that the ship did not suffer from the effects of inertia when it was in flight.

I desired to know more about this energy.  The answer surprised me and started a quest that I have been pursuing on and off since that night.   The answer was that our mathematics are 'wrong' and unable (or too complex) to deal with the understanding of these energy fields.    While this wasn't the answer that I really wanted, it started both an interest and pessimism with mathematics that I did not have before.    I spent the next 10 years trying to come up with a "new" mathematics system.   

I did finally come up with a new math system.   However, it needed a tremendous amount of work to complete it.    Also, I found that I was not that great of a mathematician and that it would be nearly impossible to get the mathematical world to even look at it.    A few years after I developed a rough concept for my math system I read about "String Theories".  This theory matched my system.   So, out of frustration I threw out my notes during one of my moves.    Some times I have regretted this and occasionally work on it because my system is simpler.  But, I don't think society has lost anything by my giving up. 

The following section was left out of my initial report because of some fears that I had at the time (hence the title of the report.)  And to be honest, these fears make it very difficult for me to want to do night watches for UFO's today.  I love camping, but for four years after the encounter I never went camping at all.  And to this day I still try to avoid open areas where these craft may land because of the fear and terror that occurred.  This is part of what drives my fears and I believe occurred before I "woke up" in the small room.

I am strapped in a reclined chair with my legs, arms and head restrained.  The room is dark and I can only see the 'doctors' from the chest down..  What they are wearing changes with the dreams, but I am not afraid.   I hear a small whirr, like a small motor, and feel a needle poke me at the base of my skull.  I understand that they want a "small sample".  Since I'm not afraid of needles, I want to cooperate and figure it won't hurt too much.  But then the needle hits the skull and it starts to hurt like hell.  The needle goes deeper into the skull and I realize that this is a really big needle.  I start screaming; "IT HURTS, IT HURTS, GET IT OUT" over and over.  I struggle hard to get free and pull my head off of the needle. 

Then reality comes back.   I am either woken up by someone I live with who has come into my bedroom to wake me up and find out what I am screaming about.  Or, I fall out of bed in my attempts to get away and wake up.  Or, I wake up in a cold sweat leaning against the wall at the top of my bed where I tried to get away.    The last time this occurred was in 1999.


Besides the above encounter, there were two other events that caused me to wonder about what happened that night.    A few months later, I was at my parent's farm in Atomic City when there was a brown-out.    Since we were located 25 miles out in the desert this was not unusual.    What was unusual was the curious fact that along with the drop in power there was a strong sense of fear and a falling or sinking feeling.    For some reason, I immediately panicked and thought that the extraterrestrials were coming back to get me.    I wanted to run and hide!    But, it soon passed and everything was back to normal.    My parents commented on how spooky the brown-out was (which they usually ignore) and didn't seem too upset by it.    So, I figured that it was just my imagination and tried to forget about it.  But it still shook me up quite a bit.

The following summer, a similar brown-out occurred in Boise, where I was living with two roommates.    I had gotten off work at 11:30 at night, then gone home, cooked dinner and was just sitting down to eat when it happened again.    The lights dimmed, and there was that same fear and sinking feeling.    This time, I decided to go outside and look for a spaceship or something.    However, my sleeping roommate began to scream in his sleep.    He had seen active combat in Vietnam and did this occasionally when he had nightmares about Vietnam.    About this time, the radio went off the air and I just sat where I was, frozen with fear.

After about half a minute, the lights came back to normal.    My roommate stopped screaming and the radio station came back on the air.    The radio announcer was talking about the scary brown-out and was asking for people to call him.    He wanted anyone to call in, make a request, talk or anything, just so someone would call.    The phone rang, and it was my other roommate who was at work as a night security guard.    He said that there had been a scary brown-out at work and that he wanted to talk to somebody.    So, I wound up talking to him for almost half an hour.

This time I knew that it was not just me that had the same scary, sinking feeling.    And to me, it was associated with whatever happened during the night of the 'encounter.'     I really don't know what occurred.    But if it happens again, I'm going to try to get outside and look at the skies.   If, I'm not scared to death again.  

I have never been hypnotized concerning the 'encounter' and this is all that I am able to 'recall' from that night.    I don't remember leaving my car, or getting on and off the ship.    I do know that they asked me to go on their ship and I accepted knowing that I would probably be put through some tests.    But in retrospect, I would never do it again.    I would also suggest that if anyone has a chance to go on a spaceship that they say "NO" and try to get away from them.

I also don't know whether their interest in us if just casual or if they have some specific plan in mind for us.  However, I feel that "they" are watching and except for treating us like lab rats that they have little regard for us.

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Still Afraid from an Encounter with Lost Time
By:  Don Rogers
August 3, 2002
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