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NCat killer spreads panic in US  
NCat Fancy: Surviving Abuse by Arden Moore
NCats 'farmed for skins in EU' 
cats are being farmed for their skins in the European Union
NAnimal Mutilations: What we don't know 
Detailed descriptions of mutilations and curcumstances, Animal behavior, etc
NAnimal Mutilations Again Subject Of Investigation 
NTo Boldly Spindle and Mutilate Clyde Lewis 
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NCat Mutilations On The RIse
NLocations Of Suspected Cat Mutilations 
Incidents of suspected cat mutilations in Denver metro area between June 2002 and June 2003:
NHSUS Adds to Reward, Offers Assistance with Cat Mutilation Case  
NSomebody knows' 
No suspects, but cops say humans linked to 37 cat mutilations
NAurora Cops In Cat Case
collaborating with officers in Utah, where 11 cats have been mutilated the past year
NProfiler Joins Cat Mutilation Task Force 
Team Tries To Find Answer to Year-Long Problem
NMore Dead Cats Found In Denver Area 
NPolice Will No Longer Report Details Of Cat Mutilations 
NWildlife expert to analyze cat cases 
NMutilated cat cases rise to 39 
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NMysterious Valley Homepage Chris O' Brien   

Staff Sgt. Ray Kelleher of the Salt Lake County Animal Services Department poses with a map that pinpoints the locations where mutilated cats and one dog have been found.

N Cat Mutilations May Be Related        Friday, July 19, 2002
The mutilation of a cat in the Avenues this week may have been the second such incident in the neighborhood in the past two weeks, animal services officials said Thursday.     After hearing the story of a 7-year-old neutered male cat who was found mutilated Wednesday morning, an Avenues resident called Salt Lake County Animal Services to report he had found a dead cat near his home a couple of weeks ago, said Temma Martin, animal services spokeswoman.     The cat, which did not belong to the man, had been gutted and decapitated, and the man thought it had been attacked by another animal, Martin said. He disposed of the body, which he said looked like it was cut open from the side.     The man lives in the area of J Street and 600 North, Martin said. The mutilated cat found Wednesday was near H Street and 500 North. A hole larger than a tennis ball had been cut into its side, and its intestines had been removed and set beside the body. Its heart was missing, authorities said.     The two cases sound "similar enough" to be linked, Martin said Thursday.     The Humane Society of Utah is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible, said Gene Baierschmidt, the society's executive director. Also, a Taylorsville couple stepped forward Thursday to add $500 to that reward. Steve Russell is offering the reward with his wife, Sarah.     Anyone with information on the case can call county authorities at 743-7045, or John Fox, cruelty investigator for the Humane Society of Utah, at 261-2919, Ext. 210.

N Salt Lake City, Utah             
Since May 2002, seven mutilated cats - only the front halves left behind - have been reported in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first week of November, a resident found the front half of an "adult orange tabby" in a cemetery. Right behind the cat's front shoulders, a precise, bloodless cut had severed the rest of the body which was missing.
  Temma Martin, spokeswoman for the Salt Lake County Animal Services, told reporters, "Whether it's a predator or a deranged person, something is getting people's cats. You just never think it's going to happen to you. It's too dangerous to let your pets wander. This needs to be taken very seriously."
$6,500 Reward Offered - Salt Lake City

To report information, call:
Utah Humane Society  801-261-2929  EXT 210
The Utah UFO Hunters email: utahufohunters@earthlink.net
Salt Lake City Police Department Detective Keri Sanders   799-3000    799-3464
Salt Lake County Animal Services 269-7499
Salt Lake City, Utah Animal Mutilation Cases Reported Between July 2, 2002 and July 5th, 2003:

1) May 14, 2002, cat.  Throat cut.
2) July   2, 2002, cat. Head and organs missing
3) July 17, 2002, cat. Hole cut in left side, organs missing
4) July 18, 2002, cat.  Hole cut in right side, organs missing
5) July 21, 2002, cat.  Front half found, organs missing
6) July 25, 2002, cat.
7) Oct, 17, 2002, dog.
8) Oct. 28, 2002, cat.  Back half found, organs missing
9) Nov,  7, 2002, cat.  Front half found, organs missing
10) April 23, 2003, cat. Back half found, all upper organs missing
11) June 30 2003, cat. Front half found, organs missing
12-19) Sept 4 2003, multiple cats found decapitated, paws cut off, & arranged in a pentagram.
In Salt Lake City, the Humane Society of Utah sent a letter to the city's police chief in March urging that he have investigators question accused Elizabeth Smart kidnapper Brian David Mitchell about a string of cat killings.
The letter cited Mitchell's proximity to the neighborhood where some of the killings took place, the fact that the mutilations "indicated a ritualistic or cultlike motivation" and Mitchell's alleged past cruelty to animals.
The theory proved wrong when investigators discovered Mitchell was out of the state when three of the cats were killed.
Despite his skepticism, Lockwood said it is possible a person or people are responsible for the cat mutilations.
"I wouldn't rule it out," he said. "I think it is possible that some of these are attributable to people. I think it is extremely unlikely that an individual or a group of individuals are cruising between Denver and Aurora and Salt Lake in search of cats - that's extremely unlikely."

The Mysterious Cat Mutilations Continue
The condition of the mutilated cats are such that a "predator" killing is highly unlikely.
Police warning people in the area to keep their pets indoors
NMore Cat and Cow Mutilations: Colorado, Utah and Missouri 
Since the end of May 2002, the bodies of five domestic pet cats have been found here in various states of gruesome, deliberate dismemberment
N Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrests in Cat Mutilations 
NReward In Mutilation Case  
well ... this one can't be blamed on foxes. multiple cats found in Ephraim Sept. 4/03 laid out in a pentagram.
"That's the one thing we never had in the Avenues case, is any clear human involvement."  said Temma Martin, spokeswoman for Salt Lake County Animal Services.
NFoxes Killed Cats, Task Force Says  N Video on KUTV 2 
Evidence shows pets fell prey to den of hungry predators
{ So Foxes can make surgical cuts and drain blood? The Predator theory just dont explain what is going on here. What predator, fox or otherwise leaves half its kill, time and time again?  worldwide?                .......UUFOH }
NUtah, Colo. Investigate Cat Mutilations 
NSame Person Mutilating Cats in Two States? 
A Utah State University professor said that whoever is responsible for recent cat mutilations in Denver and Salt Lake City could present a danger to humans as well. "Very clearly, people who have this history are much more likely to be coming in contact with the criminal justice system and are more dangerous to human, welfare as well," said Frank Ascione, a professor in the department of psychology and adjunct professor in family and human development at USU. (Herald Journal, 07/05/03)
NCat Mutilations in Avenues Area News Release - June 4, 2003
Frank Ascione, a Utah State University psychology professor, has done a lot of research on the link between animal cruelty and human cruelty. The link isn't always there, he found, but three out of five times people convicted of animal abuse end up being arrested for other, more serious crimes. (Deseret News, 07/06/03)
NPolice in Two States Probe Cat Mutilations  "I think evil is word for it. Not sick. Evil."  
NSalt Lake City Police Probe Cat Mutilations  FOX News - Jun 25, 2003  
NStates team up on cat mutilation cases 
NPolice investigating possible tie to other cat mutilations  
11 cats have been killed and mutilated in Salt Lake City. Cats have been found with holes cut out of their sides or the cat's entire front or back missing. Some cats were decapitated, others gutted.
N40 Small Animal Mutilations in Denver and 11 in Salt Lake City 
NCat found mutilated; total at 11 www.sltrib.com 
NExpert: Wildlife the likely culprit 
Coyotes, foxes, owls could be responsible
NGruesome Cat Killings Mystify Authorities in Denver, Salt Lake City 
NMutilated Cats Draw World Attention www.rense.com
NUtah, Colo. Investigate Cat Mutilations 
NSalt Lake investigators seek cat mutilation clue 
NDenver Cat Killings Similar To Utah's 
NNinth Cat Mutilated in Avenues  
NCat and Dog Mutilations in Salt Lake City; $6,500 Reward
© 2003 by Linda Moulton Howe
NAnother Cat Is Found Mutilated in SLC's Avenues Neighborhood  Salt Lake Tribune
The cat's head and front legs were missing, also its heart may have been removed.
NCat Mutilations Begin Again in the Avenues  Apr 23, 2003
Cat Mute
the killings continue..
Utah cat mutilations
NMore Mutilations in Utah!
We will be working with several researchers and organizations in our investigation on the Salt Lake City Cat Mutilations  We would like to possibly compare the cat mutilations with other cases, mainly Cattle Mutilations. We would also like to be informed of any future occurances of mutilations and examine the animal/s to make comparisons to other mutilation cases. (cuts, burns, traces,etc.) if possible. We hope to be of assistance or offer another view into this ongoing investigation. We offer our services to this cause and hopefully end the bizarre killings in the Ave's of Salt Lake City
This Investigation is included in a new video documentary
'The Unknown Zone'

N> Reward is now up to $8,500.00
N> Now in contact with the 'Investigator in charge.'
  Lt. Troy Wood Field Supervisor / Special Investigator for
Salt Lake County Animal Services.
N> 6/26/03 The Humane Society of Utah is not the lead agency in the cat mutilation investigation.   The lead agency is Salt Lake County Animal Services, assisted by the Salt Lake City Police Department.  You should direct any inquiries to those agencies. 
Thank you, again, for your inquiry. Sincerely,
John Paul Fox   Chief Investigator  (jfox@utahhumane.org)
N> 6/26/03 Your message was forwarded to me from John Fox at the Utah Humane Society. I applaud your efforts in researching the incidents of cat mutilations here. I am forwarding your request and comments to Detective Sanders & Captain Dencker that are in charge of these incidents.Peggy Call, Crime Analyst  SLCPD, UT
N> Investigators in Salt Lake City discovered an animal den at the top of a street where half the killings and mutilations occurred, said Temma Martin, spokeswoman for Salt Lake County Animal Services.  She said investigators are trying to determine what animal lives or lived in the den and if it is connected to the case.
"We are constantly back and forth between looking at humans and animals," she said
N> Only three of the 19 cats had known owners
Mutilated Half Cat
We have to start asking ourselves if this person is capable of doing this to a human victim.
Maybe they're desensitising themselves with cats
Temma Martin, Salt Lake County Animal Services
Photo courtesy of Denver ABC 4 TV News
UPDATED: 10/18/2005
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