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Alien Dave Does AM - FM Radio
about UFO and Alien Activity in Salt Lake City, Utah
"The Wolf Creek Incident" & Paranormal happenings and the Olympics
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Updated: 10/7/2005
BBC -  London,  94.9 FM
Aired Monday, 2/11/2002 7:34 PM Utah, Local Time
Alien Dave was interveiwed in a 10min spot on BBC,London 94.9 - About the Strange goings on and UFO-Paranormal happenings in Salt Lake City.
They Talked about Utahs UFO Ranch and its Vortex or Interdimentional Portal located at the ranch, as well as Bear Lake's Lake Monster Sightings, Ghost activity,The Balls of Light Seen by Alien Dave at the 1996 Crop formation, And the predicted SLC - UFO Fly -by to happen the 21st. they wrapped it up with a little about the Olympics and made some Humour about the people here.
This was Alien Dave's first Radio appearance.
" I think it went well, it was fun, and a great opportunity to let people know about the  UFO/ Paranormal activity here in Utah and the Salt Lake Area"
............."Alien" Dave Rosenfeld
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New Rock - WTPT 93.3 FM , Greenville, South Carolina
Aired, Tuesday 2/12/2002,   5:38AM Utah, Local Time
KSFN Hot Talk 1140 AM The Johnson and Tofte Show
Greg in the Morning Buzz -100.3 FM WBUH Rock 101 WGIR -
Aired, Wednesday,2/12/2002   7:45 AM Utah, Local Time

The Early Show, Santa Barbara, California WTYZ
Aired,Wednesday, 2/13/2002,   9:45 AM Utah, Local Time
GROUND ZERO with Clyde Lewis 1080AM KOTK
Aired, 2/16/2002,   11:00 PM to 2:00 AM Utah Local Time
"Incident at Wolf Creek Canyon"
Talked about Alien Dave's Wolf Creek UFO encounter and the Canyon of Dreams UFO encounter. Abduction experiences, the Alien Hybrid connection, Utahs Uinta Basin and it strange happenings, Utahs UFO Hotspots, Bigfoot, The predicted UFO ET mothership to possibly be seen on the 21st. Utah as the New Area 51, Dugway Proving Grounds, with a suprise call-in by Mark Woody! way to go Mark.
"Clyde Lewis Rocks. you the man, it was an honor to be on your show, thanks for the exposure, It was great, any time Clyde, we miss you here in Utah, Keep up the great show and dark Music! Love it man" ........Alien Dave

Incident at Wolf Creek Canyon

Utah is home for the 2002 winter games and is also home to many paranormal events that have yielded fascinating proof. Salt Lake City is where Ground Zero made its debut in 1995. Through the years Ground Zero has been a part of several investigations from ghost hunting to the reports of a Vortex at the Sherman ranch located in the Uintah basin. The ranch is now owned by Robert Bigelow and is now used as a scientific research facility. "Alien" Dave Rosenfeld recently made news regarding his knowledge of the basin's most active UFO spots. Dave Rosenfeld is the Director of the Utah UFO Hunters, Co-sponsor for SLC MUFON and has photographed many UFOs in Utah, video taped one UFO in 1998 over Down town Salt Lake City. He Investigated the 1997 Smithsfield Crop Circle, Interacted with the Crop circle light phenomenon in the 1996 Crop circle.

He has also snapped photographs of some of the most remarkable UFOs that have been seen in Wolf Creek Canyon located in the Uintah Basin. The Uinta's have also been known to be a haven for alleged alien bases and many Bigfoot sightings.

David captured this Amazing photo
where he also claims that he experienced lost time.
He will be on ground zero to tell you about the Utah UFO's this Saturday!
Such as Unknowncountry's "Dreamland" - "Ground Zero" and more.....
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