UFO Up Date: Info? On 'Branton'
Dear ;

I am an abductee who has experienced suppressed encounters with grays and humans throughout an underground system that spans the western base of the Wasatch-Rocky mountains in Utah.

I've had "altered state" contacts with the humans who live within the underground system, those who I refer to as the "Melchizedeks". These are members of a metaphysical lodge with connections to the deep initiatory levels of Mormonism, Masonry, the Mt. Shasta/Agharti network, Mayans, Sirius, Arcturus, Saturn, etc. They had formerly maintained cautious territorial treaties with the branch of grays/reptiloids that are native to the underground levels, and the reptiloids took advantage of this agreement in order to infiltrate their society.

Between 1979 when the Dulce and Groom wars broke out leading to the take-over of "our" joint operational bases and 1989 when the reptiloids/ grays took control of the Alternative-3 bases on Luna and Mars, several of the Melchizedek bases were also attacked as the reptiloids/grays turned on these native subterranean residents. During the two-year period when the executive branch of our government broke relations with the Grays following the Dulce-Groom wars, the intelligence community split into two factions: the American-Navy backed COM-12 agency which no longer desires interaction with the Grays, but seeks to maintain contact with the Pleiadeans instead and is fighting to preserve Constitutional government; and the Bavarian-CIA backed AQUARIUS agency which seeks to maintain contact with the Grays, etc. in that they are depending on their mind
control technology, abductions and implants to impose a joint human- alien fascist "New World Order" dictatorship.

Between the Archuleta Mesa of New Mexico (the main headquarters of the malevolent Reptiloid forces) and Death Valley in California (below which lies the main headquarters for the benevolent humanoid forces) there are several bases where things are "out of control". These consist of huge cavern systems linked together via artificial tunnels... with main "bases" below
Deep Springs, CA; Mercury, NV; Dugway SW of and Granite Mt. SE of Salt Lake City; Page, AZ; Creede and also the Denver International Airport in Colorado, etc.

The benevolent humanoid Federation forces involved are from the Andromeda and Pleiades constellations, and also Tau Ceti, Vega Lyra, Procyon, Wolf 424, Alpha Centauri, etc. The malevolent Reptiloid Empire forces are from Draconis and Orion, and also Epsilon Bootes, Zeta Reticuli II, Capella, Polaris, etc.

Both sides have more or less been at a state of war or truce for centuries however in recent years the "war" has been escalating, and has raged more or less through Arcturus, Bernards Star, Altair Aquilla, Aldebaran, and especially Sirius-B where Pleiadean humanoids, Draconian reptiloids and joint "collaboration" forces are currently at war. The epicenter of this war is now gravitating to the Sol system where the Draco-Orion forces are using Nemesis (a "Dark Star" beyond our system in the direction of Orion yet closer than Alpha Centauri, a protostar which was not quite large enough to ignite into a star and instead became a nearly invisible frozen planet about the size of Jupiter). Nemesis has been sending planetoids to earths vicinity which are actually hollowed carriers which have served as staging bases for the Grays' abduction, implantation, mind control programming, mutilation, and infiltration agendas in collaboration with a network of secret Bavarian-based societies. These planetoids have been here since at least 1953 when two of them took up geosynchronous orbits around earth simultaneously, which led to the CIA's contacts with the Grays and the subsequent landing at Muroc-Edwards AFB in 1954 and the resulting GREADA54 treaty. It is interesting that an anonymous source in the Ames Research Center confirmed that the asteroid Geographos (the one the Clementine probe was going to intercept and on which it was going to "test" an SDI particle beam disintegrator) had made at least 12 course alterations in the period of 6 months.

You should also keep an eye on Hale-Bopp comet, which is ejecting spiral jets of dust from its interior at 17 day intervals, when in reality normal "comet" halos are produced by solar winds blowing gas and ice off the SURFACE. In addition to this I have heard that Hale-Bopp has made at least 4 course-alterations, one of them being a 70 degree turn. This is interesting when you consider that at least one photo nicknamed the "eyes of Hale-bopp" clearly shows TWO cometary cores.

You are correct in that there is a "war" of sorts taking place in this part of the galaxy, however I thought you might be interested in knowing some of the details of the conflict based on the information that my "sources" have led me to.

Sincerely; Branton