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Utah Weirdness

   I've had some pretty weird experiences in your state. In 2002 I had bought a new Saturn Vue and decided I would break it in driving to Las Vegas-(I live in Lincoln,NE). We had stopped for gas the first town coming in on I-70 on the Utah side where we were told by the woman at the counter "look out for the animals". When I asked her what kind of animals-she wouldn't say-so I didn't think much more about it. Until we started in the mountain pass-that's when we came across this animal-It was standing in the middle of the road. I can tell you what it wasn't but I can't tell you what it was. It was a tall animal with horns coming from it's head at an odd angle-(not elk,moose,or bighorn sheep). And it had stripes. It wasn't afraid of traffic- as we had to go around it-it just stood there. We turned on our high beams trying to figure out what it was---as I said I've never seen the likes of it before or since. I had started wondering if maybe this animal could be a mutant since the Utah/Nev line is where alot of nuclear waste has been buried.  
  Well needless to say ever since that night, everytime we come close to Utah we have strange things happening to us.
At first my boyfriend and I thought it was just coincidense but .....we have been followed by persons unknown to us, It started when we were staying at the Salt Lake City KOA , having a tent you can see things in the shadows at night--there were people in the trees , around us-right u say but this is at like 3 AM-and yes u can see them as plain as the nose on your face-first we thought it was the homeless that were in the trees to stay out of the eyes of the law-but then we realized it wasn't. When you look at them through binoculars you see them as military dressed in ghillie suits. We stayed at the SLC koa for 2 weeks and this can be verified--Then 1 day we went to Emigration canyon sightseeing- I thought since they ski there in the winter it would have a decent campground in the summer- however we were not alone there - I'm not talking about "normal" people who enjoy the outdoors but other people playing military games dressed in ghillie suits, black helicopters( one almost landed on top of us) etc. of course we were spooked-so that next day we went to wells to go gambling-- now talk about some weird stuff - coming back from Wells we decided to leave the beaten path---there's a flying J truckstop along I-80 and the salt flats there a state road that runs parallel to it we took that road going South. We were followed by several jeep wagoners - don't tell me they had a sale on them-- I cant tell you the exact route we took- but we went through a town called Ely, and came out at a town called Delta-- along the way we had black helicopters following us-- it was just us and them-- I have many pictures to prove this is what I saw- They can do things with this black helicopter that you wouldn't believe--they can produce holograms on the hood of my Saturn that resemble a laughing face-a flying bird and make you think that there's a vehicles behind you at night with no headlights on-in fact these lightless vehicles can light up like fireflies and then go black--I believe that without the helicopter they can't navigate- the helicopter is there eye in the sky.
I believe that that night we saw the animal in the road  we had driven into some kind of test. I believe that I am under constant surveillance by whoever was conducting this test even now. I also know for a fact that when I travel where ever I go "they" go with me. I have picture of them in Ga,Fl,Wy,Tn,Ks, and here in NE. I'm not sure who or what they are-or let alone what they want---I believe that because I've taken pictures and have proof of "them" that this is what has kept us safe. I will find a way to send these pictures to you- so you too can see these things I speak of--I have scoured the Internet for answers and have come up empty handed----I am planning a trip to Boise Idaho May 5 and would even bring them to you if I knew how to find you--
I believe that there are other people out there as normal as I--- that also has had experiences much like mine--I know that they are military but what I don't know is the why. I don't use drugs and I haven't had a drink for over 15 years- so your guess is as good as mine.....any comeback would be appreciated---hell I don't even know if you'll receive this e-mail......so any response would be great----I feel at time like I'm loosing my mind but pictures don't lie----
thanks for letting me tell my story

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Utah Weirdness
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