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Ryan Layton, Comments
on the revised Path of the Skinwalker part1 in UFO Magazine's April /May issue 2003
Wolf on Ranch 3/27/2003

   When Terry managed to see a piece of flesh with fur, on the 5th or 6th shot at point blank range, he said that it smelled like rotting flesh.
      A possible scenario hypothetically could happen with a Sasquatch being shot as well as they`re flesh or body emits a rotting flesh stench as well.   Possibly from glands, because the scent has been quite powerful even from some distance.
    There  could probably be more than likely some same characteristics namely being para-physical -interdimensional ...thus explaining why the wolf is seemingly unaffected or not mortally wounded or killed. The same kind of similar reports have been reported concerning the Sasquatch.
     What seems surprising as that the Wolf allows the Shermans to be in such close approx, even allowing them to pet the {Para _Physical}  mystery dimension animal.  Under typical circumstances, because of the different dimensional vibration the Wolf  must be functioning on , just the very close approximity , let alone close enough to pet  would cause a vibrational or electromagnetic disturbance in the Shermans" or any humans or animals in this dimension if the same parallel apply's here as it does in "Sasquatch" cases.
     Where in almost all cases Humans & animals are repelled even when a visual or positive identity is not achieved or observed. Which seems to be far exceeding just size intimidation, physical characteristics,  & pheromone or scent having such a flight or fright effect. I maintain that it far exceeds these factors. It seems compelling to me in the many cases that I've been involved in including animal & human that there are factors that could be psychic projection & telepathy from Sasquatch to witness has been experienced in many of the cases.  Also a strong electromagnetic type projection that causes the flight or fright response.
     In nature a horse or dog will relax up after the threat of a cougar or bear has passed, not in the case of the Sasquatch experience the animal can quiver and shake for hours long after the presence!  Why is the trauma so severe & longlasting?
     Again I must somewhat conclude it is much more complicated and complex than size intimidation,Pheromones ETC....      So in summary the wolf  exhibits some parallels with a Sasquatch shooting where as they amble off mostly  unaffected only to be tracked  with disappearing tracks, or dematerialize in plain view, such as with Terry's experiences also countless other cases...of these Paraphysical mystery animal creatures { need to clarify in the case of Sasquatch however we are dealing with a highly psychic being with extremely incredible characteristics}.
    Also in summary the parallel of the rotting flesh smell both the wolf -other mystery animals, also the Sasquatch.
It is still interesting that the wolf allowed the Sherman's to pet it with out them experiencing , physical, emotional, psychological repulsion.
    Thought you would be interested in these theory's and observations concerning this line of thought and deductible reasoning.
    BTW  I have investigated & interviewed    2 people out of a cabin area in Lava Hot Springs Idaho who have seen at close proximity with the muscular heavy, low to the ground, long red bushy tale, with large spots on it, on there cabin porch , it chased one of the witnesses inside the cabin early 90s.  This was in conjunction with some UFO Disc flyovers ..bright lights in a small cabin area.....the hyena is related to the UFO presence also there is bigfoot activity in the area, also questionable military personnel have been seen close by in the canyon areas.
   Well thanks for listening, hope this is of some value in evaluating the Ranch and other related anomalous events.      .... Ryan Layton
3/31/03 RE: Wolf On Ranch
Interesting, thanks Ryan.
Ryan Layton, comments
UFO magazine article on "Ranch"  3/22/2003
      Just finished reading George Knapps article...."Path of the Skinwalker". Which I thought was excellent. However there are several events & sighting types that were never reported to me, by the Sherman Family.
      Which we did cover were numerous accounts of the said events , incidents, experiences, visual sightings & so forth. Raked over the coals if you will.
       I find it strange that Terry did not cover some of these same things with me, as I was led to believe he had briefed me on the particular outstanding situations.
       For example, he knew of my involvement & great interest & background in Sasquatch research & investigation & yet nothing of numerous [  9ft creatures resembling Sasquatch were ever revealed to me, other than the individual he had a visual on in the pasture from the house, several hundred yards in distance, using his binoculars or his hunting spotting scope.
    Furthermore, namely the Wolf & the accompanying dog like species description- hyena...bulky muscular mystery animal. Incidentally I have done an investigation in the Lava Hot Springs vicinity in Idaho, where witnesses saw such a description "Hyena like on the porch in after it pursued the individual, with large strange looking spots on it.  Also the Exotic multiple colored birds was never discussed. These are just some particular notables, nothing about the 4 bulls in the trailer. There are more examples, but you get the point. Surely Terry Sherman would of revealed & briefed me on these many items as well.
    Just as a reminder, & a necessary point to highly consider. I addressed some extreme cutting edge questions & inquiry & yet none of the above, miscellaneous other material was not revealed, yet it appears in George Knapp's articles.
     Something does not seem to quite jive here, and I would not be that easily convinced that he {Terry Sherman } would have deliberately or by even by some kind of oversight  kept this information from  me.
          In all respects, Ryan Layton    
3/31/2003 Ranch
Colm & George
  Thanks for your e-mail reply. Just a quick note. On a location such as the "Ranch" there usually are also Big black cat sightings {Panther like} & Big black dog sightings. I feel that these Entity-paraphysicals would be manifesting themselves as well there at the "Ranch".
   It does seem if memory serves me correct that Terry did observe a Black panther type presence there on occasion at the "Ranch"....{No recall on BBDs however]
  Just another piece of consideration in evaluating the many aspects of "Data" concerning this valuable portal, seemingly GEO-Ley Line epicenter location.
3/31/2003 RE: Ranch
  I don't remember hearing anything about weird Big Cat sightings, but there were so many things that were told to me during my visits that I may have overlooked it.  I know that a real-life mountain lion was seen there because
I saw castings taken from its pawprints. And I believe I was told about a calf mutilation that occurred years ago, one that was likely done by a lion, based on the condition of the carcass.
           George Knapp
Ryan Layton, comments
RE: "Ranch" 4/01/2003

  Another comment of concern, regarding the Large dark being that pushed through the worm hole or dimensional doorway like tube. Presuming that specific characteristics were not conclusively positively identified  by Sherman and Nids personnel through night goggles, other than just torso, arms legs Etc...approx height , As I remember you saying on Rense 6 ft to 8 ft.
  Unless particular specific Sasquatch anatomical characteristics were not noted, Cone or sagital crest shaped cranium, particularly long arms in relationship to Torso, compact neck , massive torso, red glowing eyes ETC
  It occurs to me that the entity could possibly be something different namely a reptilian being would also have or could have as has been noted & confirmed extreme height 7 to 9 ft range, which are also interdimensional. I have been told of such encounters here in Utah.
  Or then again possibly a total unknown if all that is observed is morphous, black , dark , large 7ft to say 9 ft possibly? With no apparent distinguishing physical details.
  If I were  to postulate or take an educated guess, I would more than likely favor the Sasquatch hypothesis over the other assumable two possibility's.  It would seem that this is a means {TUBE} that they can be transported back & forth, in addition to dematerializing in stride or on the move.
  This could also explain the so called { Predator type ]  form , not fully solid or dense, swarming swiftly over the unknown person {MEDITATOR} & then in much Sasquatch like character and vocal cord capacity & capability bellering out the large volume sound { Like a bear] that apparently could be heard for hundreds of yards. Very much in Character with Sasquatch capability.
   Again thanks for following  & listening to this line of reasoning &theoretical analysis.      
                                                over & out , Ryan
Man, this guy won't quit.
Did you go on the Rense radio show recently? If so, I wish I had known so I could tune in.
        George Knapp
Ryan, did Colm go on the Rense show sometime recently? And is he responding to your emails
        George Knapp
        I was referring to an August 98 show, I believe it was. Yes he responds, I quite like that Lad, I. respect what he's doing. He's a valuable microbiologist & scientist.  
     Hear your going to speak at Rachael ? memorial weekend? May try to attend that , if so , lets have a chat at the cafe.      later R
I plan to be at Rachel to help out Joe and Pat. Don't know what I will speak about, but certainly ,if you are there, we can talk a bit.Yes, Colm is a great guy... and an honest researcher. Do you happen to know if there is a transcript or tape of the Rense show? Sorry, but I don't really follow the program. Perhaps I should.
        George Knapp
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