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"... one of the greatest acts of political and moral courage in history ..."
Re :  Obama Not a Fan Of Outer Space
                                        No Fan , No Vision , No guts, No constitution.
                                                     A speech to change history 

To :scholars of "The Presidency and UFOs", others,

These thoughts are prompted upon media accounts indicating that presidential hopeful Barack Obama
would slash NASA's budget. He also seems doubtful about a return to the moon or going on to Mars.
Judging by the current public record of virtually all the entrants , not one is enthusiastically backing
new bold space ventures.

Had todays daring deficient led in 1960's, the space age would have been still born and we would
never have had JFK's daring to go to the moon.

However , one man or woman  , can still change history, as the following example will indicate.
No current presidential aspirant has even remotely shown true leadership. Not  one. Not one has shown 
real awareness of the impasse facing the planet. Not anyone publicly, nor in private forum, that has
been witnessed and reported even indirectly. Not one will risk even raising the possibility of anything remotely close to the scale and magnitude of the long UFO cover up. Not one will speak publicly of the divided reality our culture strains mightily to separate.

Not one cares more for integrity and truth versus election. If a seeker for the oval office , suddenly
were to value truth more than electoral success,  it would change history forever. For this brave
conclusion would demand action. That valuation, so at odds with the public myth , would demand personal action and public statement.

It would require putting ones political career , sacred honor , into the crucible of history. Done decisively , it would also yield a political bounty and reward that would be unimaginably great. 

It would be one of the greatest acts of political and moral courage in history given the moral vacuum it would occur in. Such an event would create a global sensation, and surely would invite ;  heaping scorn, merciless ridicule ,  and  accusations of threats to national security , if it went beyond mere vague conjecture , of the theoretical impact of external threat, as a past president spoke of.

If an entrant in the presidential race were to stride to a podium somewhere without equivocation and
hesitation, without ellipsis or euphemism , loudly proclaim the basic following facts, with expressive

  "The speech I'm about to deliver tonight is long,  long overdue.  It should of been given
    decades ago. It should have been delivered by someone , with conscience, out of direct  
    experience  in high office, in violation of secrecy oaths, for the secrecy in this matter ,
     has gone far beyond  the oath to constitutional rule. It requires bold remedy, for
     those behind this secrecy have treated the constitution  like a scrap of worthless paper ,
     and the president of this United States as a hired hand.

     It is a shameful reality that in all the  past six decades of lies and deception , no one
     has even been close to stating the cold bold truth.
     This severe truth at it's core is quite simple. The great majority of the governments
     of the world cooperate and conceal the great majority of the off world visitation
     taking place, from many extraterrestrial   worlds, taking place all over our planet,
    Yes, tiny trickles of less sensitive cases,  tiny morsels to distract and obfuscate
    the primary reality, that we are visited on a massive scale, and that all the major
    powers on this planet know this ---- and they conspire and cooperate to hide this.

    That also many space craft have been retrieved and that this resulting scientific
    and technological harvest has been greedily hoarded and hidden as well. This
     reality, which some advised to not mention . must be mentioned for it is part and
    parcel of the motives behind the secrecy, for this hidden harvest will be profoundly
    threatening to the present structure and order of our world---for these are tools of
    of such protean power they can remake our world.
    The genesis of this long secrecy was well intentioned and even justified for a short
    interval, but that habits born of wars and cold wars subverted and corrupted in a
    long progression resulting in a great ruinous undermining of our Republic's foundation and
    it's ethos. It's lies and loss of presidential and legislative governance has weakened
    our basic premise, that the common citizen must be informed on common reality
    to make informed decisions and know the available options for election of our
    public servants and leaders.    

    This entire matter urgently requires opening both of government archive and record. It
    requires the lifting of the curtains of comedy and open public discussion , it will
    necessitate a great public and private educational effort. It will require formal redress
    and inquiry by congress and other investigative bodies.

    Most of all, it will require millions who have privately witnessed or experienced this
    reality to speak openly of their often quiet; suffering , confusion, and questions, which
    had no recourse or avenue of expression. A great debate is long overdue. A debate
    which needs to span this globe.

    If begun, we will have taken the first steps into a new unimaginably larger vista, one
    of cosmic dimension and promise. I hope I have begun that process tonight by this

    That beginning will require the ending of   a long era of lies, distrust and deception,
    That new start requires that this speech be not political sacrifice but rather a single
    act, which will unleash a tide of sunshine so cleansing and illuminating, that my
    speech will be barely noticed in the brighter light of a new day and promising

This speech will be given, in one form or another.

It could happen tonight.

VINCE WHITE JAN 8 2008.                      
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