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Haunted Ranch Hijinx

SAUCER SMEAR Volume 50, No. 2
February 5th, 2003
  JOHN ALEXANDER, till recently associated with Robert Bigelow's NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Science),
writes to Karl Pflock as follows:
"...As for the Utah ranch, as far as we know, most of what George Knapp reported did happen. I don't believe he had any personal experiences. The phenomena have been around that area for decades to centuries. Several of the key events happened with our staff present. I suggest that we are dealing with a precognitive sentient phenomenon. That means it (whatever it is) seems to know when and how you are observing, and even what analytic steps will be taken. We frequently had events occur, but rarely what was expected, nor did it follow a pattern that we could discern. Certain events that we can verify are nothing short of bizarre!..."
SAUCER SMEAR Volume 50, No. 1
January 5th, 2003
  Thanks to the kindness of our Contributing Editor, we have obtained 27 pages of extreme weirdness regarding Utah's "haunted ranch", which was bought a few years back by billionaire Robert Bigelow of NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Science). The material we have is mainly a two-part article written by George Knapp, the well-known Las Vegas newsman and UFO investigator.
Knapp is one of the very few people who have been allowed to set foot on said property, which was formerly owned by a couple named Terry and Gwen Sherman. (They usually go by the pseudonym Gorman, for some reason.) The Shermans sold the property to Bigelow for a hefty price, mainly because of the endless paranormal events that have allegedly occurred there in recent years.

  Indian legends are involved in all this - the so-called Skinwalker, or Shape Shifter, which can supposedly change its form at will. This is shockingly similar to parapsychologist George Hansen's concept of the Trickster, though we are not claiming that Hansen either invented that term or that he participates in said Tricks!

On the "ghost ranch" there are animal mutilations, UFOs, creatures not found in any zoo or textbook, and bizarre psychic manifestations that cannot be put into any known category. We would call the whole mess 3 1/2-D - which of course explains nothing!

  One of our favorite yarns from this 27-pager is the incident that occurred the very day the Shermans moved onto the ranch. It might be called The Case of the Bullet-proof Wolf. Sure enough, an apparently tame wolf appeared, but it soon went after a calf in a nearby corral. Sherman eventually shot the wolf at point-blank range with a .357 Magnum, with no apparent effect. Altogether he pumped six shots into the animal, but all it did was casually trot away across a field. Egads!
SAUCER SMEAR Volume 48, No. 6
June 25th, 2001
"Dr." Williard ("Wild Bill") McIntyre, formerly head of the MARCEN saucer research group in Maryland back in the 1970s, got back in touch with us by phone late one night recently, after having disappeared off the radar scope for quite awhile. He claimed that scientists working for NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) at their "mystery ranch" in Utah, recently had a "Vision" in which a spaceman came down from Upon High and told them about the joys of Free Energy. Coincidentally, McIntyre happens to live in California, which is currently in the midst of an energy crisis.
Unfortunately, in conversation with your editor, it turned out that McIntyre had not even heard of Dr. John Alexander, who is closely associated with Robert Bigelow, the wealthy Las Vegas real estate tycoon who funds NIDS. This makes us wonder if McIntyre knows what he is talking about!

  Thereafter we phoned John Alexander, whom we know fairly well, and we were not surprised to learn that he had not heard of any such event at the "mystery ranch" or anywhere else. John, who calls himself "Discrete Project Scout" (whatever that means!) for NIDS, told us of two weird events that occurred at the ranch 2 or 3 years ago. One was the really gory mutilation of a newborn calf in broad daylight. The other was a night scene in which a group of supposedly reputable observers (unnamed) saw an entity crawl out of a lighted area near the ground, and walk away. Examination of the spot revealed no footprints or other clues. Egads!...
SAUCER SMEAR Volume 44, No. 10
November 15th, 1997
  We are amused at reports that ever since Robert Bigelow's National Institute of Discovery Science bought a supposedly haunted ranch in Utah last year, the weird phenomena at the ranch have ceased! No more UFOs, cattle mutilations and dog-killing "balls of light" such as were experienced by the previous owners. Did these former owners make it all up?; or is it that the Mysterious Forces don't like John Alexander, the Institute's "director for scientific liason", formerly known for his expertise in non-lethal weapons? Or maybe Alexander is hiding recent phenomena from the panting public? Inquiring minds want to know what is going on (or not going on) here!...
SAUCER SMEAR Volume 44, No. 1
January 10th, 1997
....We are fascinated by the story, mentioned briefly in our last issue, of a "haunted ranch" near Fort Duchesne, Utah. The former owner, named Terry Sherman, claims that during the 18 months he was there, he saw several types of UFOs, witnessed lights emerging from circular "doorways" in midair, had three cows mutilated and several others disappear, and found unusual soil impressions and circles in flattened grass in a pasture.
When millionaire Fortean investigator Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas, Nevada heard about this, he met with the Shermans and negotiated to buy the ranch for about $200,000, for investigation by his newly-formed National Institute of Discovery Science. Some people believe that the ranch may be a "window" area into another dimension - sort of like Gulf Breeze, Florida; Pine Bush, New York; and Sedona, Arizona.

One of the people involved with Bigelow in this venture is our old pal John Alexander, the semi-mysterious non-lethal weapons expert. He now has some sort of shadowy role in the Bigelow organization, but neither he nor Bigelow are willing to give out details of just what they are up to. Stay tuned!...

credit: Saucer Smear
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